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Established 1971

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1971 -2021

1971 – 2021

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(latest 27th May) 


29th May 2021– The club is finally at a point where we are able to announce our revised 2021/2022 event plans. The ‘Golden Jubilee Events’ originally planned for September 2021 have been moved to September 2022 and there will be more details later in the year. Our Open Show from April 2021 has now been rescheduled for our early September Garden Party week-end which we are delighted to now confirm should take place. The 2020 Championship Show has now been re-scheduled for 2021’s date but all events will be subject to the restrictions in force at the time so proceedings may be significantly different to the normal. More details

Even if we cannot celebrate it properly until next year ……

2021 is our Golden Jubilee year.

Golden Jubilee Event Latest News

Publication of Club Magazine & Handbook 2021

The publication date of the summer magazine has been brought forward to help the club reduce postage fees and it will be sent out with the extra special Golden Jubilee handbook, hopefully in late April or if not, early May.

2021 Membership

All members who haven’t yet renewed are reminded that Membership was due on 1st January. Maybe you are someone who usually renews at Crufts, normally in early March, please make sure you either send in your subs or renew on line via this link, Membership Renewal

(This can also be accessed via the “Join” button above left, look for Membership Renewal a few lines down).


However well we are able to reflect it with our special events, the starting point of our special year and a key component that will be looked at for years and years, will be our celebratory 2021 handbook. This will be a biggest ever, bumper special edition with many extra features and contributions that will be seen by many, many people from all over the Bernese world and many more people than normal have chosen to be a part of it.

So, whether you have chosen to celebrate recent events or dogs or looked back at historical ones, the club sends a massive thank you to all those who have contributed whether as a regular or someone engaging with our special occasion as many have chosen to do.

Even in these days of multiple social media platforms there is no substitute for a hard copy, permanent, easy to look through, record which people will look at for years and years as the handbooks form a breed history. We are excited about our Golden Jubilee handbook and look forward to being able to publish it now the closing date has passed for submissions. We have work to do now to complete matters for the publisher and we look forward to when we can share this special book with our members.

For more details email the Editor Emily Green at

Specific Coronavirus Related News & Updates

6th April 2021 – It is with mixed senses of sadness and pragmatism that the committee of the BMDC of GB announce that we have decided to postpone our Golden Jubilee events scheduled for this coming September. (See more)

20th February 2021

Members will not be surprised to hear that at our virtual committee meeting today it was agreed we are unable to hold the Grenoside Open show, the Swiss Party planned for April nor the Spring Garden Party scheduled for 2nd of May. We may have an opportunity to reschedule the Open Show later in the year but cannot confirm this for a while yet.

It was agreed that we can still make no decision about our Autumn Garden Party scheduled for early September but we can hope to be able to hold some kind of (probably modified) event. Our Golden Jubilee events decision was also delayed for a later date.

We are sure everyone will understand these decisions and we hope we can welcome members to our events later in the year.

21st December 2020 

At a (virtual) committee meeting on 20th of December the committee agreed to just keep our options open for now on our planned events for 2021. Whilst there is just a little more hope that some of our 2021 events might be possible, the reality is that these are much more likely to be the ones later in the year. However, we agreed to postpone any decisions on our earlier events  until our next meeting in February.  We still plan to publish our special Golden Jubilee handbook for next year and still in March or maybe April, even though there will not be Crufts as the usual launch event. (Crufts is now scheduled for July 2021 with working Day on 17th).

9th September 2020  – 2020 AGM

At a (virtual) committee meeting on 5th of September it was agreed that in view of COVID-19 restrictions and the lack of any ‘urgent’ items put forward for the original agenda the club’s 2020 AGM would be rolled over and included in the 2021 AGM which hopefully will be able to be held at some point next year. The arrangements for this meeting will be subject to the normal notifications and invited membership involvement but the exact timing cannot be discussed until the COVID-19 situation has changed significantly and current judgement is that this will be well into 2021.

Unless no longer appropriate or superseded by a fresh proposal the proposals put forward to 2020’s AGM will be raised on the 2021 agenda subject to agreement from the originators and as always the AGM arrangements will be subject to any ongoing guidance from the Kennel Club.

2nd September 2020 – Royal Canin

The club has received an update from Royal Canin for anyone who still holds a voucher won at a show last year. “DON’T FORGET that you can still redeem your gift certificates won at shows sponsored by Royal Canin by contacting their Area Business Managers. All 2020 expiry dates will be honoured until 31/12/20.

To find out who the Business Manager is for your area, click here: Royal Canin”

Update 18th July 2020

Assessing the situation today and its most likely progress and advice about running events at venues like ours and numerous other factors the club has reluctantly decided to we have to cancel our December Open show for 2020. Like many other organisations this will mean we have lost a full set of  events for the year. We really hope to run a full set of activities next year for our Golden Jubilee year. We hope our members and their Bernese are able to enjoy the rest of the summer and stay safe. Thank you.

Update 13th May 2020

In line with advice issued by the Kennel Club today and in light of the ongoing situation the club has reluctantly had to cancel the Garden Party and Championship Show due to be held in September. We will keep members updated with any more developments but at the moment we can only hope to be able to run our Open Show in December but that decision is several months away.

The club magazine will be published and mailed out in the summer as usual.

Thank you and we hope all our members and their families continue to stay safe.

Update: 18th March 2020

No one will be surprised to hear that the club has sadly had to cancel all its events in the coming few months. The AGM, the Open Show at Grenoside, The Swiss Party and the Spring Garden Party will NOT take place. Any entries already submitted will be cancelled or refunded, see the individual postings for more details. The important thing is that our members stay safe and are able to look after their families and their dogs.

As our biennial event the Swiss Party will move to next year and the AGM will have to be rescheduled at some point but it is extremely unlikely that we will be able to reschedule the Open Show or the Garden Party in what may well become an extremely busy latter part to the year. We can only hope that things will have settled down and our September Garden Party and Champ Show will still be possible but it may be a good while before we will be able to confirm any event.

We wish all our members a safe Spring and Summer and hope we are able to see people later in the year when it is safe to gather together. Meanwhile our club Facebook group and this web site will remain active for updates when there are any.

Thank you for your support. Stay safe.

Our regular annual events include two open shows, one championship show, two garden parties and working days. All club members and interested parties are welcome to attend all club events and share our experience of our wonderful breed.

History, concerns, available tests and looking forward at the future well being of Bernese in Britain. Initiatives YOU can help with are detailed here and everyone with a genuine love for the breed will surely want to help make a better future.

If you just want a quick link to the Death Survey click here

Starting Carting: A happy carting dog at work is a joy to behold and a source of much pride and pleasure for its owners. Carting is our breed’s signature activity and a great spectacle to enhance any event. Bernese enjoy carting so why not find out more about how you could join in with the activity.

Essential advice and information about finding, choosing, training, living with and caring for a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Bernese come into rescue for many reasons but always through no fault of their own, our club’s Rescue Organisation helps to re-home Bernese in need.

Membership of our friendly, approachable club is open to anyone interested in Bernese Mountain Dogs and can be applied for on line via the link at the top (left) of this page.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is one of a group of four Swiss working dogs known as Sennenhund. Bernese Mountain Dogs were originally used by the weavers of Bern as a draught dog, and also employed in herding sheep and cattle to and from the mountain pastures. Modern Bernese Mountain Dogs are still harnessed to a light cart, which they enjoy pulling adding a colourful spectacle at club events and other occasions. All Bernese carry the traditional Swiss colouring of black and tan with white markings. The breed name is taken from the canton of Bern where they can be found on the streets but especially in the rural areas. Today the Bernese in the UK is a great family pet drawing attention with his appearance and affection with his character.

The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain is the largest and the oldest of the six UK Kennel Club affiliated Bernese Mountain Dog Clubs dating from 1971. The Club is a member of both the Bernese Breed Council and the Bernese International Working Group, an International Bernese Health committee, and as such is able to be involved in all general British Bernese developments. Membership of the Club is open to anyone interested in Bernese, you don’t even need to own a Bernese or be actively involved in showing or breeding Bernese, pet owners and simple breed admirers are equally welcome, especially if you are hoping or waiting for your first puppy. We are a friendly, approachable club and if you visit one of our events you will find people happy to talk to you about their Bernese experience.


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