Bernese Breed Council Announcement



January 2022

It is with some sadness that the Bernese Mountain Dog Breed Council has decided to cease to exist.  For some years clubs have not been able to commit and this has not been a sudden decision but a pragmatic and inevitable one. Shortages of committee members, lack of new (younger), people coming forward and inexperienced organisers of activities mean many clubs, not just in Bernese, face a struggle to properly maintain their own activities and have no capacity free to support Breed Council protocols.

To avoid any speculation the Breed Council wishes to stress that the problems have been entirely about struggles with club support for the required processes of Council and are not related to disagreements or conflict between clubs. Relations between all the clubs have always been, and remain, friendly and it is expected this will continue.

A good degree of co-operation will be required in order to fulfill KC requirements across the breed and the clubs fully accept they will still have to engage with each other on certain matters. An up-to-date example of this is the KC’s introduction of the new Judges Education Programme, which, will require significant investment of time and effort by each breed club.

It is hoped that not having to comply with the required formalities of official Breed Council processes will help some clubs engage more with some of their obligations. The clubs represented at the final Breed Council meeting were very positive about the need for the clubs to continue to work together and there was optimism about future liaison between the clubs.


Steve Green (BC Chairman)                                                                                                Karen Bird (BC Secretary)