BMD Cruciate Survey – Closes End of January 2022

The first question this survey aims to understand is, just how prevalent are cruciate ligament problems among Bernese Mountain Dogs in the UK?

So, it is equally important for us to understand the number of Bernese who have not suffered from cruciate problems as it is for us to know more about those who have. Anecdotally some people say it is very common whilst others have never encountered it so the first vital thing to try and clarify is which of these two extremes is the most representative of the whole breed therefore the more people respond the more representative any conclusions will be.

With this in mind we ask that the SHORT AND SIMPLE FIRST SECTION OF THE SURVEY FORM IS COMPLETED BY EVERY UK BERNESE OWNER OR FORMER OWNER, accounting for all of their Bernese ever owned, irrespective of whether or not they experienced Cruciate issues. This will help to add true context, in terms of overall population, of how widespread the problem actually is.

For those who HAVE experienced Cruciate Ligament issues in their Bernese at any time we ask that you please continue through the remaining sections of the survey giving as much information as possible for each affected dog individually.

Closing date for submissions is now 31st January 2022.

The online questionnaire, download links and further information about this survey are available from HERE

Thank you very much.

Steve Green

BHI & BMD Breed Health CoOrdinator