Welcome to the sub section page showing all the Dogs and Bitches who have ever won CCs (up to and including the 2019 club Championship Show).

The first list simply gives all the CC winners, sorted into columns of dogs and bitches and ordered by the number of CCs they have won and then in straightforward alphabetical order when the numbers are the same. There have been 289 different dogs who have won the 1089 sets of Bernese CCs given out to date and 328 bitches.

The second table shows how those CCs are distributed amongst the dogs and bitches, e.g. there are 4 dogs who have won over 20 CCs but only 1 bitch with more than 18 CCs. Much closer are the dogs and bitches on 2 CCs at 33 and 35 respectively. Most of these are no longer active but a few of them will be currently shown dogs still hoping to get that prized 3rd CC.

Please note these tables will only be updated periodically so may not be completely up to date at any specific time, these tables both include wins up to and including the BMDC of GB Champ Show 2019.

RankingName of DogCCs RankingName of BitchCCs
1Meadowpark High Class Ch541Monalou Nelly Pledge Ch JW53
2Carlacot Fido Ch342Shirdees Star of Wonder Ch18
3Forgeman Footpad Ch303Meadowpark Whispers Breeze Ch17
4Viking's Dark Billy Majigs Ch264Tickbern Miss Chief Ch16
5=Fortonpark Its Otto Ch195=Athersbern Peronelle Blush Ch15
5=Meadowpark Vertigo Ch195=Jemma's Winter Jasmine at Liskarn15
7Manisla Ebony Dusk Ch175=Lots O'Love from Meadowpark15
8Annealdon Emperor Ch168=Bernsteph Miss Dior13
9Hillbank Danny Boy Ch148=Temeraire Penny Black of Crensa Ch13
10=Fernpark Monduic at Oldberne Ch1310=Bernalpen Welsche Ch12
10=Nellsbern Valentino1310=Collansues Brigitta Ch12
10=Shirdees Love Me Do at Cullumbern Ch JW ShCM1312=Bernfold Dawn Chorus Ch10
13Bernfold Star Jupiter1212=Folkdance at Forgeman10
14=Bernemcourt Sirocco Ir Ch1112=Materabern Disco Diva Ch10
14=Fortonpark Frankie Goes To Meadowpark Ch1112=Meadowpark Just A Dream Ch10
14=Jaybiem Utwo Ch JW ShCM1112=Monalou Fanny Craddock Ch JW10
14=Wardleyhill Beanoble Ch1117=Alyngarn Amourette Ch9
18Glamrock Telegram Sam Ch1017=Meadowpark Living The Dream9
19=Bernsteph Versace at Bernmast919=Alphanova Shenzi Ch8
19=Drumman Neat 'n' Sweet At Ursine Ch919=Brick Kiln Matilda8
19=Newkasbern Dambuster Ch919=Coliburn Ria ofTremywyddfa8
22=Black Jack at Shadybower Ch819=Daneberg Sealed With a Kiss Ch8
22=Collansues Buildin Bridges At Bramikdel JW Ch819=Forgeman Fancy Free at Mixbury Ch8
22=Collansues Mexican Dream819=Hildrek Jonquil Ch8
22=Katelyn Wake of the Storm819=Meadowpark Likely Lady of Margand8
22=Kernow Rock Star Ch826=Bernemcourt Enchantment Ch & Ir Ch7
22=Monalou Irish Spirit826=Bernsteph Dior Remember Me7
22=Monalou Jess for Me at Bernfold Ch826=Daneberg Kiss and Tell in Parracombe Ch7
22=Tarncred Puffin Ch826=Fortonpark Dutch Delight Ch7
30=Annealdon Dark Dazzler Ch & Ir Ch726=Fortonpark Sheilablige Ch7
30=Bernmast Magic Memories726=Meadowpark Perfect Blend Ch7
30=Clashaidy Nordic Fire726=Millwire Forever Esperance Ch7
30=Duntiblae Dark Protector Ch726=Pia v Nesselacker of Glanzberg7
30=Fero v. Buetigen of Glanzberg at Bernfold Ch726=Wardleyhill the Isles Queen7
30=Lacelaw Statesman Ch726=Welshbern Bonesig Brenna Ch7
30=Patrick De La Galea at Bernervalley (Imp) Ch & Ir Ch736=Belinda von Lehnwaldi of Glanzberg Ch6
30=Sir Stanley from Meadowpark Ch736=Bernark's Precious Ruby with Bernsteph Ch*6
30=Torralbaz Dazzleon Days Ch736=Collansues Honeymoon Ch6
39=Caromarda Sleepwalker Ch636=Collansues Hush A Bye Baby Ch6
39=Denfast Cosmopolitan636=Dagill Solitaire of Rase6
39=Duntiblae Classic Design of Graburlynn Ch636=Glanzberg Narimba Ch6
39=Dynamite van't Beertjes Hof of Glanzberg Ch636=Glanzberg's Helvetia6
39=Gillro Gentle Genius Ch636=Husheen Ballertrina of Meadowpark6
39=Holzern Lord of the Ring at Jaybiem Ch636=Kisumu Belle Fleur of Forgeman6
39=Inchberry Maximillian636=Majanco Gallina Ch6
39=Jaybiem Innu Endo Ch JW ShCM636=Shirdees Bobbie Dazzler Ch6
39=Monalou Dutch Courage Ch636=Tarncred Tearose Ch6
39=Schonbar Easter Edition Ch636=Temeraire Tender Tymes Ch6
39=Tarncred Tarquin of Temeraire Ch636=Tickbern Never Say Never Ch6
39=Welshbern Cefyn at Jaybiem Ch636=Timberlog Toccata Ch6
51=Bernemcourt Fascination Ch/Ir Ch JW551=Alphanova Zazu Ch5
51=Chivas v.d. Wiedewa at Cotshill Ch551=Beevor Ballerina of Stirleyhill Ch5
51=Duntiblae Dark Avenger of Forgeman551=Bernsteph J'Adore Dior Ch JW ShCM5
51=Duntiblae Forgeman Fusilier551=Carlacot Amalia5
51=Forgeman Freelance of Meadowpark Ch551=Carlacot Peggy Sue5
51=Glamrock Graffiti Artist551=Carraigbern Miss Alice Ch/ Ir/Int Ch5
51=Jumbo von Waldacker at Coliburn551=Choristma Bliss Ch5
51=Kernow Beau Son Ch551=Cotshill Savannah Ch5
51=Kernow Something551=Countess of Crensa Ch5
51=Lujento Heyhobart with Welshbern Ch551=Dishep Oh Vienna at Kernow Ch5
51=Meiklestane Black Benjamin551=Forgeman Folksong of Tarncred5
51=Meiklestane Dark Ace551=Fortonpark Frankly My Dear5
51=Pollingfold Boxing Boldre Ch551=Fortonpark Kentee Early Morning Ch5
51=Tangyachates Beachcomber Ch551=Inchberry Spangled Banner5
51=Tarncred Tom Tom551=Jaybiem My My My5
51=Transcontinental Boy of Clenraw551=Matera's Dizzy Lizzy Ch5
67=Abbeycott Alfa Star Ch451=Meadowpark Living My Dream at Fortonpark Ch5
67=Arrowmeet Chieftan Ch451=Monalou Little Miss Swiss Ch5
67=Bernfold Woodiedoit Ch451=Snoanda Angel Eyes Ch5
67=Bernolyn Its Beano Surprise Ch451=Tarncred Mutzi of Choristma Ch5
67=Blu of Dunroban Ch451=Tickbern Flipperty Gibbet from Harvestbank Ch5
67=Buganeezee Loch Hope Ch451=Torralbaz Posh Persuasion Ch JW5
67=Collansues Black Magic451=Vellbern Japanese Queen5
67=Collansues Secret Bridges451=Vellbern You Japanese Gem Ch5
67=Crensa Trafalgar of Dalsetter451=Ways and Means at Meadowpark5
67=Delhurst Dark Eagle451=Yndiana Du Bois Bernois at Waldershelf Ch5
67=Duntiblae Dark Viking477=Begaville Gypsy Ch4
67=Elnside Huggy Bear Ch477=Buganeezee Ben Chonzie4
67=Elnside Silent Thunder at Ursine Ch477=Carlacot Flame Ch4
67=Elnside The Legacy at Ursine Ch477=Choristma Jungmutzi4
67=Fordash Fearless of Glanzberg477=Clashaidy Designer Genes Ch4
67=Fortonpark Star Galaxy477=Duntiblae Dark Pleasure4
67=Gillro Jack Flash of Manadori477=Early Dawn of Feorena4
67=Harvestbank Achernar JW477=Elnside Fatal Attraction4
67=Hayfell Beech Ir Ch477=Fortonpark Chasing Dreams4
67=Kernow Special Branch477=Harvestbank Fields of Gold4
67=Meadowpark First Class for Fortonpark477=Hollyanne Arrikarra Santee4
67=Meadowpark Lancelot Ch477=Kernow Patience Rewarded Ch4
67=Meadowpark Sugar Daddy Ch477=Meadowpark No Regrets Ch4
67=Monalou Thru 'n' Thru477=Millermead Eternal Dream Ch & Ir Ch4
67=Monalou Whats It All About ShCM477=Monalou Perfect Recipe Ch4
67=Northmeadow Black Knight Ch477=Nellsbern Liaka at Highwell Ch4
67=Purleypot Bochaz477=Tarncred Kleine at Timberlog4
67=Senetta's Sixten477=Walchwill Classie Lassie4
67=Tarncred Bullfinch Ch477=Welshbern Taran4
96=Alpenspirit Pure Pleasure for Arvella (Imp Can)396=Allado Dark 'n' Delicious3
96=Alyngarn Adversity Ch396=Alyngarn Amonterosa3
96=Annealdon Excaliber396=Athersbern Affinity3
96=Branbern Royal Garter vis Meadowpark Aust Ch396=Barlein Auf der Heide3
96=Branbern Special Knight Aus Ch396=Bernalpen Ketje Ch3
96=Carlacot Genesis at Nellsbern Ch396=Bernfold Back to Ziggy at Shadybower Ch JW3
96=Choristma Einselmutz396=Bernfold Miss Molly3
96=Choristma Monch of Vindissa396=Bernfold Winter Breeze Ch3
96=Chyburne Classy Luka396=Bernsteph Betty Barclay to Millermead3
96=Clenoja Fido's Prince396=Bernsteph Chloe3
96=Coliburn Owen at Blumental396=Carlacot Bracken3
96=Collansues Snow Patrol396=Carlacot Carefree Kate3
96=Crystal Star396=Carlacot Heather3
96=Dark and Handsome at Ursine396=Carraigbern Emily grey at Desulyn3
96=Desulyn Guy Fawkes396=Collansues Marta Ch3
96=Drumboneth Donard396=Daneberg Prelude To A Kiss Ch3
96=Duntiblae Midnite Morse396=Daneberg Remember Me of Mavanne Ch3
96=Dustiny Dominic at Ursine396=Forgeman Footsteps Ch Ir Ch3
96=Dyami vom Burgseeli396=Fortonpark Frankly My Love Ch3
96=Ebnet's Mojo Am Can Aust Ir Ch396=Fortonpark Future's Magic Ch3
96=Elnside Mayo Spirit396=Fortonpark Sez I'm Classy3
96=Elnside The Grandmaster396=Gillro Gypsy Majic3
96=Elnside The Lion King of Margand396=Glanzberg Japonica With Jaybiem3
96=Fortonpark Country Lover via Meadowpark396=Glanzberg's Edelweiss of Manadori3
96=Fortonpark G'Day Bruce396=Greddoch Katie's Lucky Lady3
96=Glamrock Ballroom Blitz by Glenbrienz ShCM396=Harvestbank Chantilly Lace JW ShCM3
96=Glanzberg Cellist of Glenbrienz396=Hillbank Hello Dolly3
96=Guiness Record from Christofland to Fortonpark (Imp Cze)396=Jaybiem Burli Shassi JW3
96=Jaybiem Hebetheone for Nellsbern396=Jaybiem I Kea3
96=Jaybiem In Clement396=Jaybiem Invu JW3
96=Jaybiem's Billy the Kid396=Jaybiem Polyanthus Ch3
96=Kernow Masterpiece396=Jaybiem Voodoo at Potterspride3
96=Kernow My Way for Jaybiem396=Kernow All My Loving3
96=Kernow Ohso Special396=Kernow Waltz at Oldberne3
96=Korinti Duke396=Kinelarty Star of County Down Ch Ir/Ch3
96=Matera's Ready Teddygo396=Kisumu Bonne Esperance of Millwire3
96=Meadowpark Early Embargo at Legecium396=Kyleburn Night Adventuress of Millermead3
96=Meadowpark Sensation396=Kyleburn Night Song3
96=Meadowpark The Brigadier396=Lujento Della-Roma3
96=Millwire Double Blank of Frebren396=Lujento Zeta Zuccini3
96=Monalou Baxter the Future*396=Majanco Loretta at Duntiblae Ch3
96=Monalou Dutch Connexion to Geruth396=Markeila Amazing Affair with Duntiblae3
96=Monalou Razzle Dazzle396=Matera's Sweaty Betty3
96=Monalou Secret Edition Ch396=Meadowpark Beach Blend at Tangyachates3
96=Monalou Secret Pledge396=Meadowpark Captivation Ch3
96=Norfoot Libberton396=Meadowpark Kissin' Cousin3
96=Parracombe Lunar Fire396=Meadowpark Our Olive3
96=Sargas av Milkcreek396=Meadowpark Picture Perfect3
96=Shirdees Continental396=Meadowpark Special Lady Ch3
96=Tangyachates Merry go Round396=Meadowpark Sweetest Thing at Jaybiem Ch3
96=Tjofselinas Z Daimuz at Fortonpark (Imp Swe)Ch JW396=Mixbury Modern Millie of Meadowpark Ch3
96=Waldershelf Causing Kaos396=Monalou Arctic Queen3
96=Xonel van't Pachtof396=Moonbach Seranade Ch3
149=A Star is Born From Burgseeli296=Murora Almost An Angel3
149=Bernsteph Louis Vuitton ShCM296=Nellsbern Elsa3
149=Bryniago Vermillion Mars296=Nellsbern Ilsa3
149=Caprima Centurian296=Nellsbern Sabella3
149=Carlacot Jupiter296=Sitzendorf Scrumptious at Duntiblae Ch3
149=Coliburn Napoleon at Halesbern296=Tangyachates Sea Breeze3
149=Denfast Discovery296=Tarncred Troika Ch3
149=Drumman Man O' Peace296=Tickbern Becky Brown of Alisnobern Ch3
149=Duntiblae Dark Dexter296=Tickbern Dolly Daydream of Denfast Ch3
149=Duntiblae Dark Geordie296=Tickbern Naughty But Nice von Richenbern3
149=Fox v Grunenmatt296=Torralbaz Designer Diamond3
149=Gillro Gambler296=Troublesome Lass Ch3
149=Glanzberg Playboy of Clenraw296=Waldershelf Happy Hattie3
149=Greddoch Brennan Ir Ch2162=Annealdon Diadora Ir Ch2
149=Hollyanne St Nicholas of Mavanne2162=Bernfawr Dulcet Tone2
149=Inchberry Aramis At Drumbroneth2162=Bernhaus Sweet Witch2
149=Jaybiem Dickie Beau2162=Bernsteph Remember Me JW2
149=Jaybiem Itri for Shadybower JW2162=Chesterwood Lugnaquilla2
149=Jaybiem Joe Bloggs2162=Choristma Lucilla2
149=Jaybiem Y'Euben Chozen JW2162=Clashaidy Stormy Dusk Over Millermead JW ShCM2
149=Kyleburn Night Roisterer of Holzern2162=Coligny Crystal2
149=Mapleridge The Dark Knight at Bernervalley2162=Daneberg She's Out2
149=Mavanne The Likely Lad2162=Duntiblae Dark Vesper2
149=Meadowpark Double Ex2162=Durrbach Amethyst2
149=Meadowpark Early Exodus2162=Dustiny Fleur De Lys2
149=Meadowpark Pavarotti2162=Elnside My Girl Too2
149=Millermead Happy Lad2162=Glanzberg Liberty2
149=Rickath Northern Lights2162=Halesbern Smartie Pants2
149=Vellbern Samouri Warrior2162=Holzern Gypsy Magic2
149=Vellbern Samurai Warlord2162=Inchberry Dawn Beauty at Drumbroneth2
149=Welshbern Merl Baillie of Scobern2162=Lady Laura2
149=Welshbern One Vision at Scobern ShCM2162=Lintock Simply a Lady by Meadowpark2
149=Westmains Topogeejio2162=Meadowpark Breezing On2
182=Alex v Buhlikofen of Hildrek1162=Meadowpark Early Election2
182=Alpengeist Black Knight1162=Meadowpark I'm Special2
182=Alyngarn Amarillo at Alphanova1162=Meadowpark Special Blend2
182=Barancourt v d Weyenberg Int Ger Dan Ned Ch1162=Monalou Dutch by Design at Torralbaz2
182=Baronbern Spellbinder1162=Monalou Prim 'N' Proper at Torralbaz2
182=Belynken My Boy Hardy1162=Nellsbern Lauren2
182=Belynken Rebel Rouser1162=Odette Poppy v. Vieraugler2
182=Bernalpen Sylvaner1162=Shadybower What a Lady2
182=Bernavia Tumbling Dice1162=Shirdees Miss Congeniality2
182=Bernemcourt Liv'n On A Prayer1162=Siansela Louisa's Alpine Sky Ir Ch2
182=Bernfold Halloween Rudy1162=Tarncred Kind of Hush2
182=Bernmast Magic Morning1162=Thorsker Itz Snojoke Itz with Jaybiem2
182=Broels Imperial1162=Trudaleaze Majik Potion2
182=Buganeezee Ben Dombail of Graburlynn1162=Welshbern Sweet Lady at Judabern2
182=Buganeezee Ben Macdui1162=Werlwind's Celtic Dream For Carraigbern2
182=Cafridas Kinetic Kentucky King No/Se/Ger/Int Ch1197=Alegria van't Stokerybos Fr Ch1
182=Carlacot Luther1197=Alyngarn Another Star at Kellywyth1
182=Carlacot Nero1197=Alyngarn Awardstar1
182=Charmsway Adventurer1197=Annealdon Early Eclipse Ir Ch1
182=Chesterwood Beenoskee Boy1197=Ardenbridge Buds Of May1
182=Clashaidy Carex1197=Ardenbridge Porsche1
182=Clynymona Falken1197=Arrembec Intrepid at Trudaleaze1
182=Coliburn Echo1197=Arvella Bronwyn1
182=Coliburn Truce1197=Arvella Jenna1
182=Coligny Colossus1197=Bernalpen Sbrinz1
182=Cornwellian Celtic Cross With Shirdees1197=Bernfold Blue Atlantic at Jaybiem1
182=Cornwellian Galadariel at Pollingford1197=Bernfold Future Is Amazin1
182=Cotshill Rainbow Warrior1197=Bernfold Halloween Pumpkin at Tickbern1
182=Danmelad Midnight Rebel1197=Bernfold Spring Blossom1
182=Delphinia Apollo1197=Bernmast Magic Melody1
182=Devael Loud N Proud van Der Wold1197=Bernolyn Beau Brodie1
182=Dingo De Froidville1197=Blue Aira Bernenskie Ranczo (imp Pl)1
182=Doremis Lolvo Kid1197=Bramblecroft Magic Moonbeam1
182=Drumadaw Crofter1197=Carabaz Rubinas Sky at Timarabai1
182=Drumadraw Challenger1197=Cherrymount Christobelle1
182=Drumadraw Rumblethump1197=Choristma Donnamutzi1
182=Duntiblae Brave Protector of Otherton1197=Clashaidy Alice Blue Gown von Kleintatzen1
182=Duntiblae Dark Cormorant1197=Clashaidy Nidelva Flowing of Balahunz1
182=Duntiblae Dark Defender1197=Coliburn Bea1
182=Duntiblae Dark Fortune1197=Coliburn Ember1
182=Duntiblae Dark Target1197=Coliburn Nadja1
182=Duntiblae Dark Tarquin of Temeraire1197=Collansues Heart of Gold1
182=Emerson van't Stokerybos *1197=Collansues Rock a By Baby1
182=Feorena Loud n Proud JW1197=Collansues Rocky Romance1
182=Firelight Shadow1197=Craiglock Soda Pop Ir & Int Ch1
182=Flintas Kalnu Suo At Bernaroso 1197=Cullumbern Roman Toga1
182=Forgeman Fedora1197=Daneberg Designer Label1
182=Forgeman Forester1197=Denaca Hello Goodbye1
182=Georgeous Mc-Gregor Vom Rummelsbach NL & Multi INT Ch1197=Denaca Lady Madonna1
182=Glanzberg Olex of Jesterbrook1197=Denfast Femme Fatale1
182=Glanzberg's Kavalier of Senbreeze1197=Drumadraw Carefree1
182=Habibi van't Stokerybos Lux Ch1197=Drumman Bluffe1
182=Heino Van't Stokerybos Lux Ch1197=Drumman Elsasong1
182=Hillbank Texas1197=Duntiblae Dark Rhani1
182=Holzern Xs All Areas1197=Duntiblae Designer Gear of Markeila1
182=Inchberry Great Bear1197=Duntiblae Designer Label1
182=Jason of Exmoor1197=Duntiblae Midnight Affair1
182=Jaybiem In Lieu1197=Dustiny Ampola1
182=Jaybiem Mi Lord1197=Elnside Funny Girl1
182=Jaybiem Modus Operandi JW1197=Elnside My Girl1
182=Jaybiem Stan Innovation JW1197=Esslinbern Gadaboot Grace1
182=Josalyn Forever Friends1197=Fernpark Morisette at Briarbridge1
182=Joshamar Buffalo Bill1197=Forgeman Floraldance1
182=Just Enjoy van't Stokerybos Lux Ch1197=Fortonpark Arriva La Diva1
182=Kernow Golden Wonder1197=Fortonpark It’s a Star1
182=Kernow Something Perfect1197=Fortonpark Lilly's Delight1
182=Kernow Troubadour JW1197=Fortonpark Molly Malone1
182=Korinti Royal Rogue1197=Fortonpark Sheilado1
182=Kyleburn Night Quintillion1197=Gillro Gadabout1
182=Lyjon Drazicks Boy Ch Int Ch1197=Glamrock Follow The Leader1
182=Manadori's Top Hat 'n' Tails1197=Glanzberg Cherry Blossom of Eiger1
182=Margand the Wanderer1197=Glanzberg's Karina of Hildrek1
182=Matelot from Meadowpark1197=Hayfell Bramble of Macanto1
182=Materabern Good Friday1197=Hiska von Nesselacker1
182=Matthias vom Durrbachler Wald at Waldershelf1197=Husheen Diamonds Forever1
182=Meadowpark Just Class1197=Illisia Z Krainy Zeusa1
182=Meadowpark Secret Blend1197=Inchberry With Love to Macanto1
182=Meadowpark Talk About Class1197=Jaybiem Blooming Better1
182=Meiklestane Dark Adventure1197=Jaybiem Full bloom1
182=Millermead April Storm1197=Jaybiem It Aster Be1
182=Monalou Drewmeister of Alachard1197=Jaybiem Petunia at Hillbank1
182=Monalou First Class Mail1197=Jaybiem Primrose1
182=Monalou Just Call Me Oleg1197=Judabern Saphire Star1
182=Monalou Lucky Lucan for Glenbrienz1197=Katelyn Storm in a Teacup at Daneberg1
182=Monalou Russian Ambassador1197=Kenaro Sea of Dreams1
182=Monalou Solomans Trust1197=Kernow Can-Can at Halesbern1
182=Monalou Space Cowboy1197=Kernow Let It Be at Cullumbern JW1
182=Nellsbern Casablanca1197=Kernow Rock Legacy1
182=Nellsbern Lasso1197=Kernow Summerlove at Bernfold1
182=Norfoot Kinniel1197=Kernow Typsy Gypsy at Lujento1
182=Oldberne Haratian Ode1197=Kinelarty Norsk Starstruck1
182=Purleypot Brandy1197=Korinti Floella1
182=Shirdees Jumping Jack1197=Kyleburn Night Harmony1
182=Shirdees Mr Jingles at Glorybern1197=Kyleburn Night Illusion1
182=Sitzendorf Able Nelson1197=Liskarn Love in The Dark1
182=Sitzendorf Odin of Graburlynn1197=Lujento Genoa Name1
182=Snoanda Mr Bojangles1197=Manadori's Good To Be Alive1
182=Snoanda Rock Adoodle Doo of Emberfay1197=Manadori's Musical Madam1
182=Snowstorm of Penningham1197=Manadori's Star Dreamer1
182=Southcourt Quebranto PT/E/CH/I Ch1197=Margand Samees Echo1
182=St Fillans Marksman1197=Margand Sapphire Blue1
182=Stirleyhill Simply Simon of Meadowpark1197=Matera's Spin That Record for Etterbern1
182=Tarncred Timpanist1197=Meadowpark Dark Temptation1
182=Tourneil Goshawk at Severnside1197=Meadowpark Early Edition1
182=Vikings Dark Bilbo Baggins at Majigs1197=Meadowpark Natalie1
182=Walchwill Collossus at Glanzberg1197=Meadowpark One Lover1
182=You're Good But I Am Better Berno Vega1197=Meadowpark Regulation1
182=Zorbha van't Stokerybos1197=Meadowpark Royal Blend1
197=Meadowpark Touch of Class1
197=Millermead Geneva Blue1
197=Millwire Chantilly Lace1
197=Molly van't Stokerybos Lux/Bel Ch1
197=Monalou Betty Boop at Blumental1
197=Monalou Dutch Affair1
197=Monalou Express Delivery to Glamrock1
197=Monalou Sensible Sybil1
197=Nellsbern Vanta1
197=Nellyvill's Just Dropped In To Bernemcourt Ir Ch1
197=Oakstor's Dark Evening Bloom at Kernow1
197=Popsiebern Costa Packet1
197=Pownall Prima Donna of Temeraire1
197=Queen of Clubs1
197=Rainbow Alpien Slenis (Imp )1
197=Sanmarwell Coco1
197=Save Dallas Kiss For Jaybiem1
197=Schonbar Cinzano1
197=Schonbar Easter Empathy with Santaria1
197=Shadybower Black Magic1
197=Shadybower Dawn Beauty at Bramikdel1
197=Shirdees Black Coral1
197=Sitzendorf Truly Scrumptious1
197=Snonda Truly Scrumptious1
197=Stirleyhill Ice Maiden of Scobern1
197=Tickbern Enjoy The Moment1
197=Tidespring Dancing Queen at Forestburn1
197=Timberlog Tribute to Kleine1
197=Tjofselinas UK Ella Rose for Meadowpark (Imp Swe)1
197=Torralbaz Caol Ila1
197=Torralbaz Diamond Princess1
197=Torralbaz Private Dancer1
197=Walchwill Maid Marion1
197=Waldershelf All About Edna1
197=Waldershelf Ethels way at Padiky JW ShCM1
197=Welshbern Myfanwy1
197=Windlenell Cassandra at Camlais1
197=Windlenell Jade1
197=Yatelin Edition1

This second list simply shows how the CCs awarded to date break down across the dogs who have won them. It therefore highlights the big winners and helps to put their achievements in perspective and also shows how many dogs win one or two CCs without ever getting to win that significant third to give their Champion title. In fact comparing dogs and bitches in this respect the figures are remarkably close with 49% of dogs winning at least one CC never going on to make Champion and 51% of bitches.

Dog CategoryNo. Dogs Bitch CategoryNo. Bitches
Dogs with More than 50 CCs1Bitches with More than 50 CCs1
Dogs with 31 to 49 CCs1Bitches with 31 to 49 CCs0
Dogs with 26 to 30 CCs2Bitches with 26 to 30 CCs0
Dogs with 21 to 25 CCs0Bitches with 21 to 25 CCs0
Dogs with 20 CCs0Bitches with 20 CCs0
Dogs with 19 CCs2Bitches with 19 CCs0
Dogs with 18 CCs0Bitches with 18 CCs1
Dogs with 17 CCs1Bitches with 17 CCs1
Dogs with 16 CCs1Bitches with 16 CCs1
Dogs with 15 CCs0Bitches with 15 CCs3
Dogs with 14 CCs1Bitches with 14 CCs0
Dogs with 13 CCs3Bitches with 13 CCs2
Dogs with 12 CCs1Bitches with 12 CCs2
Dogs with 11 CCs4Bitches with 11 CCs0
Dogs with 10 CCs1Bitches with 10 CCs5
Dogs with 9 CCs3Bitches with 9 CCs2
Dogs with 8 CCs8Bitches with 8 CCs7
Dogs with 7 CCs9Bitches with 7 CCs10
Dogs with 6 CCs12Bitches with 6 CCs15
Dogs with 5 CCs16Bitches with 5 CCs26
Dogs with 4 CCs29Bitches with 4 CCs19
Dogs with 3 CCs53Bitches with 3 CCs66
Dogs with 2 CCs33Bitches with 2 CCs35
Dogs with 1 CC108Bitches with 1 CC