Champions Book

Announcement re the Club’s Champions Book, Volume VI

Long overdue as it is, the Club is currently working towards preparing the next edition of the Champions Book. This will include all Champions who gained their UK title between 2016 and the end of 2023 (58 in total).

Volume VI will be the last edition in the A4 glossy book format and we aim to have it available for sale by the end of the year (subject to receiving all the necessary information and photos from owners).

Your committee appreciate these are not cheap publications (the price is likely to be £10 each) and the price might deter some from buying. The cost of producing such a high quality publication without a definite market has led the committee to decide that all new Champions gaining their UK title after 1 January 2024 will instead feature on a dedicated page in the Club’s annual Handbook in the following year, in a similar format. Handbooks are of course exclusively issued to all paid up Club members free of charge.

If you are the owner/s of a UK Champion made up between 2016 and end of 2023 you will soon receive an email from the team producing the book (from asking you to:

  • send a photo of the dog in question, in a show pose and preferably without a handler in the photo; and
  • to complete a template detailing owner, breeder name/s, health test results (hips & elbows only), 5 generation pedigree, date of UK title and the dates and shows of all CCs/BoBs awarded

UK Champions made up in 2024 will receive a communication from the 2025 Handbook team slightly later this year.

If you would like copies of previous editions of the Champions Book, Volumes I, III, IV & V are available from the Secretary at £10 a copy ( Sadly, we no longer have any stock of Volume II.