Club AGM 2022

The Annual General Meeting of the Club returned to a live format for the first time since 2019 this year and was held on Saturday 2 April at Claverdon Church Centre, Warwickshire.

13 members, including 9 committee and Officers, were present and when available minutes will be available for paid up members of the club on request from the Secretary. The changes to the constitution approved by the meeting cannot come into force until approved by the Kennel Club in the coming months.

Any further information can be obtained from the Hon Secretary Karen Bird via email to

The links to the agenda and details of the proposals put forward are left below for information purposes.

Agenda – includes address and time.

The proposals put forward for the AGM to discuss and vote on are summarised on the AGM Agenda at Item 12. However, due to the lengthy wording of some of them, for convenience they are provided separately here rather than as part of the agenda itself.

12.1 Honoraria Proposal

12.2 Membership Rates Proposal   &   12.3 Junior Age Proposal

12.4 Outline Proposal for Constitution Changes

Details of Constitution proposed changes

12.5 Discontinue Club Trophies Proposal