Club A3 Non Breed Specialists Judges List

2020 List of Bernese Mountain Dog Judges fulfilling the following criteria.

b) Non Breed Specialists

The requirements to be considered for inclusion on this list are:

(1) a minimum of 7 years’ judging experience in any one breed (to include 5 years’ in BMDs); 

(2) to have judged a BMD breed club show; 

(3) to have judged a minimum of 60 BMD classes over a wide geographical area; 

(4) to have judged a minimum of 150 dogs; 

(5) to have awarded CC’s in at least one other breed; 

(6) to have preferably attended a breed judging seminar and passed an examinations/assessments where applicable.


Mr R KinseyWillow Manor.Swineshead Bridge. Lincs. PE20 3PT01205820010