Committee Statement

With regard to the current comments from Sandra Gatward, Glynis Sawyers and others on social media, the committee would like to issue the following statement.

All committee appointed positions are reviewed annually in the committee meeting following the AGM. This year, following normal practice, when the position of Rescue CoOrdinator came up, two people wished to be considered and a vote was held. The committee appointed Fiona Hallam by a majority democratic vote.

Unfortunately, there was confusion around the exact delivery of this message which has been explained to Sandra and Glynis and an apology given. The committee decision, when officially delivered to Sandra and Glynis, had been to keep them in post until 16th May after the Swiss Party and the date of Sandra’s, already given, resignation from committee. However, their actions, for example changing the message on the Rescue phone line to say they were no longer dealing with club rescue, appeared to be those of people who had resigned with immediate effect. When asked to clarify their position no reply was received. After a while awaiting a reply, a further message had to be sent asking Sandra to clarify her position by a time deadline, as the club needed to know the status of its rescue operation. This message had to say that if she didn’t reply then the club could only presume she had resigned with immediate effect and did not want to wait until 16th May. No reply clarifying matters was received so the club had no choice but to presume they had both resigned from Rescue with immediate effect and was finally able to be clear with its information. The appointment date for the new Rescue CoOrdinator, Fiona Hallam, has therefore been brought forward.

This big decision to change the occupiers of these roles was by no means a sudden or an easy one and came at the end of a lengthy period of a variety of difficulties going back several years which the committee had been unable to resolve with Sandra, despite many attempts to do so. It is not the committee’s intention to have a public debate on these matters as we cannot see how this will benefit anyone or improve matters, but everyone should remember there are always two sides to every story. Additionally, Sandra has suggested she has taken the case to the Kennel Club for an investigation so it would be proper and normal practice to make no further comment on matters until any such investigation is completed. The committee welcomes any proper review into this affair by the KC and will happily co-operate with such a process.

Sandra and Glynis have been serving Rescue for twenty years and the club for even longer. Out of respect for them the club has no intention of releasing details of the problems we have had. The committee are very sad that Sandra has been unable to address the problematic issues and this has been very disappointing and frustrating, but has eventually forced us to take these decisions. This should not detract from the appreciation of, and thanks for, the service Sandra and Glynis have given to the club and the breed over many years.

Overall the committee is very sorry that matters have to come to this conclusion. Whilst the committee feel they have many valid reasons for their position the details of committee business have to be kept confidential in order for it to function properly.

BMD Club of GB Committee