Club Activities – Publications, Shows, Social & Educational Events

Club Activities

Various Events and Publications

The club puts on events and produces publications for its members and other interested parties each year. Most of these are regular annual events which members enjoy. Contrary to what some people will say the events are not just for and about ‘showing’ and there is something for all members. It is not compulsory to attend an event and many members remain in the club purely for the club magazine and handbook but many members choose to enhance their Bernese experience by coming to at least one event every year.

The ‘something for all’ principle is demonstrated massively by the largest, in terms of numbers of people and dogs attending, which are the two Garden Parties, one in Spring and one in the Autumn. These are a sort of huge Bernese Festival with no show activity, just loads of Bernese owners having fun by taking part or working their dogs or just watching other people and their dogs doing this. There is a lovely friendly relaxed atmosphere at the Garden Parties and they are a great place for people interested in the breed to come and see the dogs just being family dogs and sharing the experience of a great day out with their families.

There are club shows of course, 1 Championship Show and 2 Open Shows, where you can also meet owners and dogs and talk about queries you might have.

There is also a biennial Swiss Party to raise funds for Rescue by having a great day out courtesy of Stephen and Aileen Nesbitt opening up their property for us.

The club also produces several publications, the annual handbook, 2 magazines a year all mailed direct to members, or initially issued and distributed at events to reduce postage, as well as occasional items such as the Champions Book.

We also have occasional educational events and the club AGM which is the member’s chance to hear reports from the Officers and Committee and share their thoughts on how the club should be run and contribute to rules and policy discussion. We always include Crufts in the events list for each year as well because the club has a presence at the side of the Bernese ring where people can buy items from our club Bernershop as well as pick up the latest mailing which always includes the new handbook for that year being available for the first time.

Details of all these events can be found on this web site or will be sent out to members either in hard copy or email depending on their stated preference.

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