2021 Championship Show



2020 Championship Show  – Saturday September 25th 2021

We were delighted to finally bring you our 2020 Championship and Limited Obedience Show albeit affected by COVID by being outdoors with just a few less activities and a slightly reduced Obedience activity. Club and Show Secretary Karen Bird had everyone organised into an efficient team and the day ran through smoothly without any hitches.

In the current climate we were delighted and extremely grateful that Royal Canin agreed to continue their generous sponsorship of our event with donations for every class winner and Specials for the principle winners. For more details of their products visit the Royal Canin website


Priors Marston Sports and Social Club


Our Championship Show Judge was Sarah Peacocke and our Limited Obedience Show Judge David Peirson.

Entry Details

Dogs: 112  Entries: 111  Obedience: 13. NFC: 10


BHI & SH Testing

With grateful thanks to Dr Richard Irvine, the club was delighted to again be able to offer reduced rate Histiocytic Sarcoma predictive Testing at this show. 19 dogs were tested taking advantage of, not only the much cheaper rate, but also assistance with paperwork and the general process collated by Emily Green and several demonstrations of the HSIMS database system were given through the day by Breed Health CoOrdinator Steve Green.

The testing and information was available at the new BHI stand where you could also  buy or order exclusive BHI merchandise, such as the fridge or car magnets shown above, to help support Bernese breed health projects.

More general information on this disease and links to further reading can be found on the ‘Histio’ page of this web site


Berner Shop

The club’s shop did a roaring trade on its second outing after almost two years much helped by the option to pay cashless with cards and phones.

Camping and Caravanning & Evening Social Event

A relaxing evening with like minded dog lovers was held on the Friday evening before the Championship Show and most of the campers staying over for the week-end came and joined in a lovely light hearted event with pizzas and a quiz provided by Fiona Hallam. This was also an outside event.


Some Thank Yous

There is much hard work from your committee that goes into all of our events but we could not provide the successful events we do without lots of  help from partners and family members of committee and other volunteers who give up often significant amounts of their time, both on the day or before and after, for the greater good of the event.

We would particularly like to thank Jeanette Green for all her work providing the refreshments, ever reliable David Robertson for all his help over several days setting up and clearing away as well as car park duty, Andy Hallam who, as well as being Captain grass in the build up to the event, spent most of the day helping to serve food and drink, Peter Thompson for all his help with the Bernershop, Michelle and Owen Copeland for helping in the car park and with the big clear up, John Hughes for helping with the car park, Sam Avery who co-stewarded all day in the main ring and Paul Gardner who took all the photos of our winners for us. Other people gave up time to help us and we are very grateful for all contributions.
There was a great raffle table and we would also like to thank everyone who kindly brought a contribution.


Club President presents the personalised judges commemorative plate to Main Show judge Sarah Peacocke


More reports, photos and updates will appear here soon but you can see all photographer Paul Gardner’s photos , (as well as photos from all our other events), via this link. Please be reminded that you can click on any photo to see the photo and start a scroll through process or click on the play arrow near the bottom right corner of the top photo to launch a slide show. As usual if anyone has any issues with any photo featuring them or their family members please email our webmaster.


Show Results Main Winners

Championship Show judged by Sarah Peacocke


(right) Best In Show

& Dog CC Winner

Carole Hartley-Mair and Julie Baldwin’s Tjofselinas Chirac (imp Swe)

(left) Reserve Best In Show and Best Opposite Sex

& Bitch CC Winner

Di & Page Spencer’s Padiky Starr Studded Skye JW

(right) Best Puppy In Show

Julie Baldwin & Carole Hartley-Mair’s Auseire Come and Go (AI Naf Taf)

(left) Res Best Puppy In show and Best Minor Puppy In Show

Shandy Brides’ Kernow Hubble Bubble


Best Veteran in Show

(right) Best Veteran Bitch in Show Joanne Sutton’s Ch Bernsteph Dior Remember ME JW ShCM

(left) Best Veteran Dog In show Olga Vaychkus and Arunas Vaickus’ Flintas Kalnu Suo at Berneroso ShCM (Imp Lt)


Reserve DCC

Shandy Bridges’ Kernow Troublue

Reserve BCC

June Miles’ Jaybiem Pheobe The Won

Judges Report by Sarah Peacocke

Thank you to the officers and committee of the GB Club for the invitation to judge this friendly and well-run show.  Also thanks to everyone for such a lovely entry with some really nice Bernese to judge.  On the whole temperament was excellent.  I had two bad mouths, but my biggest concern was movement.  A lot of dogs are very wide in front and behind we have back legs crossing so the near hind tracks with the off fore.  Gay tails were prevalent with tail set high. There were also some short tails.  Just my opinion from many years in the breed, but I’m sure we are judging smaller dogs and bitches across the breed, so when one towards the top of the standard comes forward we think it’s too big.  I don’t feel that’s the case!  A big thank you to Mark and Sam Avery who were terrific stewards and guided me well, and to all the committee who provided me with a much-needed lunch and lovely scones with cream and jam.


Minor puppy dog (2 entries, I absent)

1 Mrs B Harry’s Gorsebern The Great

A 7-month-old puppy with a lovely shape and nice type.  Some brown coat over top of head and ears at the moment, but this is likely to go as the puppy coat changes.  Good depth of chest, level topline and moved soundly. Good rear angulation, correct tail carriage, dark eye and soft expression.

Puppy dog (4 entries)

1 Baldwin and Hartley-Mair’s Auseire Come and Go

A 10-month-old puppy with a lot of maturing to come, but good shape, dark eye, pleasing expression.  At the moment quite leggy and a little narrow in front for me, but good hind angulation, level topline, nice croup, moved well. Best puppy dog

2 Mrs R Johnson’s Bern Haus on OKA Hero

Another 10-month-old puppy with a lot of maturing to do.  Less finished thanmy first dog, slightly straighter in angulation.  But moved week, head is developing well and nice expression

3 Mrs B Harry’s Gorsebern The Great

Junior dog (7 entries)

1 Miles’ Jaybiem Only Making Plans

Well-boned 14-month-old dog with straight front and good depth and width of chest.  Good angulation, good movement, a dog that strode out well around the ring with his ‘runner’.  Liked his head shape, dark eye and expression.  Correct length of neck and showed well

2 Atherton’s Valentinn Vom Durrbachler Wald

15-month-old dog that I’m sure is one for the future.  Good outline, out of coat today and fades away a little from the end of the ribs at the moment.  But when fully mature I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of him.  He moves well, has good angulation, and just lost out on overall maturity today, although he is a month older than my winner.

3 Cooke & Stevens’ Tickbern Yardhand

Another 15-month-old boy with lots to like.  Has a lovely head and expression, little narrower in front that the two placed ahead of him.  Good shoulder placement, slightly straighter in angulation and moves a little close behind.

Yearling Dog (4 entries)

1 Cotton’s Shirdees Greatest Showman at Jukesbern

Showed well, standing looked very well constructed, didn’t disappoint when examined. 22-months-old and a little long in loin for me, but was strong and sturdy with good bone, good angulation, well-rounded croup with level topline.  Good masculine head with correct eye colour and shape.  Good length of neck with correct shoulder placement

2 Wakeland’s Kernow Yester Years at Bramikdal

19-month-old boy similar in type to my class winner.  Strong bone, shown in good coat, balanced on the move.  Strong male head with deep stop and flat skull, good dark eye and expression.  Good depth to chest, well-muscled for age, another one to watch.

3 O’Tooles’ Fortonpark Talk of the Town

20-month-old dog with good bone who moved well. Less mature than the two in front today but good straight front end construction, good shoulder placement, well sprung ribs, movement a little close behind and a little ‘bum high’ at the moment.

Novice Dog (4 entries)

1 O’Tooles’ Fortonpark Talk of the Town

2 Austen’s Kernow Blue Mist

At 19-months-old a little lighter in frame than the winner.  Good dark colouring, nice overall shape, moved close behind

3 Copeland’s Szarhegyaljai Fifty-Fifty

At just over 3-years-old a slightly more mature dog but one needing more time.  Had good deep and wide chest. Correct top line and croup but slightly loose movement in front and close behind.  Overall nice shape of dog when standing.

Graduate Dog (5 entries 1 absent)

1 Flanagan’s Collansues Jen’s Son

Liked this dog as soon as I saw the line-up in this class.  At 2 ½ years old a nice stamp of dog who showed well with a lot of presenced, moving round the ring with ease and drive, striding out well in front with drive to the rear.  Good balance, nice head and expression, correct eye colour and shape.  Good neck with correct sloping shoulders in great condition and shown in excellent coat. Another to watch as he gains in maturity.

2 Akehurst’s Kernow Loving Pledge

3-year-old boy with a stronger head than the class winner, but a little narrow in front, not such a deep chest, and not such a good mover.  Would have liked a little more hind angulation and shortness in loin.  He moved closely behind today and also toed in at the front.

3 Hughes’ Waldershelf Cubby Ad Astra

18-month-old dog, lighter tan than either ahead in class, level topline and good rear angulation, moved close behind.

Post Graduate Dog (4 entries, 3 absent)

1 Hallam’s Napoleon Vom Durrbachler Wald at Waldershelf

4-year old mature dog, uneven face markings but did not detract from a good masculine head with good stop and flat skulls.  Eyes dark and almond shaped, expressive. Good bone, straight front, correct neck and shoulders.  In heavy coat. Good width and depth to chest, level topline.

Mid Limit dog (4 entries, 1 absent)

1 Miles’ Jaybiem Modus Operandi JW

A very typey male at 3 1/2 already showing good drive front behind and reach at front.  Level topline, good bone and lovely deep broad chest.  A good neck with strong head, good stop and furrow, lovely dark, almond shaped eyes and deep stop. Good shoulder angulation, well sprung ribs.

2 Flanagan’s Collansues Magical Spell

Same age as my class winner.  Another lovely type with a strong head and lovely expression.  Broad and deep chest, good bone, but wasn’t quite so good as my winner on the move.

3 Cotton’s Billy No Mates at Jukesbern

This one at three didn’t have quite the strong masculine head of my first two.  Shown well with presence in the ring, well balanced with good bone. Good bone, tight feet, compact body

Limit Dog (2 entries, 1 absent)

1 Bridges’ Kernow Troublue  Res Dog CC

Lovely 3 year-old boy, well balanced and typical of the breed type I like.  Good bone, masculine head with strong muzzle and pronounced stop.  Expressive dark eye.  Lovely front with deep wide chest, level topline and shown in full coat.  Good angulation, covers the ground well and has good bone.

Open Dog (5 entries)

1  Hartley-Mair and Baldwin’s Tjofselinas Chirac Dog CC

Loved this boy from the moment he came into the ring.  Embodies every trait that a Bernese should have, according to the standard that we judge to.  Only 2 1/2 years old but great type, mature, in great coat and his hind movement was the best of the day.  Alert with great masculine head, dark tight eyes, correct stop and flat skull.  Deep and broad chest, good shoulder placement, level topline with rounded croup.  All in the right proportions with good stifle angulation.  Was delighted to discover I had awarded him his third CC, so subject to KC confirmation he will be a new champion.

2  Griffiths, Orme and Miles’ Jaybiem With N’WithoutY’ Zeus JW

Similar in type to my winner, 5 years old with a lovely head and expression, well handled.  In good coat and condition, broad, deep chest, moved well.  Good hind angulation, giving drive as he moved round the ring.

3 Cooke and Stevens’ Tickbern Vagabond

A 4-year-old boy slightly lighter in bone and smaller than 1 &2 but a lovely typical Bernese shape overall with good chest, well-sprung ribs and correct shoulder placement.  Level topline, carried tail a little high and with slight kink. In good coat.  Rear angulation not quite as good as the two ahead of him, and he moved a little close behind, but overall another lovely picture. Good length of neck and strong head with flat skull and correct almond shaped dark eyes.

Champion Dog (3 entries, 1 absent)

1 Bridges Ch Kernow Troubadour JW

Lovely strong, 5-year-old boy who is the full package.  Broad and deep chest, good angulation, lovely head and expression. Moves well and with drive.

2 Johnson’s Ch Bern Haus On Oka Great Champion for Gorsebern

A 2-year old boy that needs time to matures.  Nice head and expression, lighter in frame and type than my winner.  Moved well if a little close behind.

Veteran Dog (4 entries 1 absent)

1 Sutton’s Flintas Kalnu Suo at Bernaroso ShCM (Imp Lt)

8-year-old dog showing no sign of his age.  Well boned, moved well.  Felt he was the complete package with deep broad chest, good angulation front and rear, good head and expression and excellent bone.  Level top line and well-rounded croup.

2 Hughes’ Ch Waldershelf Causing Kaos ShCM

Slightly younger at 7 1/2 but another lovely type with kind expression, correct eye shape, flat skull. Level topline with good angulation.  Strode out well

3 Hyland’s Charmsway Adventurer

Another lovely strong dog 8 ½ years young.  Little smaller than the ones ahead of him, but again super hear and expression and put together well.



Minor Puppy Bitch (7 entries, 1 withdrawn)

1 Bridges’ Hubble Bubble

7 month-old puppy currently a little on the small side. Overall good shape and construction with a shapely head developing.  Level topline and good angulation, moved true.  Will be interesting to see how she develops.

2 Jeffries’ Esslinbern Curtana Mercy

Has good bone, don’t believe she will be a big bitch, moves closely behind, another with a nice feminine head

3 Peter’s Peggy Sue of Pennygillam

One difficult to judge as jumping around, but nice type with level topline and moves soundly.  Could do with some ringcraft lessons so she shows herself better!

Puppy Bitch (no entries)

Junior Bitch (8 entries, 2 absent, 1 withdrawn)

1 Watson’s Stepdashar Spring Blossom

A better size of bitch, just 16 months old.  Nice and typey with her head still to develop.  Movement was good.

2 Vaychkus and Vaickus’ Bernaroso Born to be Queen

A nice typey bitch at 17-months-old with good bone, and shape.  Well-boned, deep and wide chest. Angulation good but didn’t move quite as well as my class winner

3 Small’s Malindibeach Armarni Rose

Smaller bitch overall.  Another one 17-months-old.  Lots still to develop, nicely balanced, should be a nice type when finished

Yearling Bitch (6 entries, 1 absent)

This was one of the best classes on the day and any one of my top three bitches could change places on another day

1 Green’s Waldershelf Can’t Ignora

This is a super bitch with still a lot to come.  Lovely feminine head, dark eye and kind expression.  Good front and shoulders, well balanced throughout and moved well.  Has good bone, with wide and deep chest.  She’s a lovely type and I’m sure will do a lot of winning as she develops, just 19 months at the moment.  Well presented and shown.

2 Miles’ Jaybiem Modus Vivendi

Very close decision between this and my winner.  Compact bitch with correct proportions, another with a lovely head and good expression, level topline held on the move, good angulation and moved well with handler

3 Gifney’s Sennen Understandably Wicked at Seanri

Big thank you for bringing this lovely bitch all the way from Ireland.  Loved her type and proportions.  Again, a super true to type head, dark almond shaped eye, shown in good coat and hard condition.  Lost a little to the two in front on hind movement, but a pleasure to judge three bitches of such quality.

Novice Bitch (6 entries, 1 absent, 1 withdrawn)

1 Richards’ Durraachler Von Zambrra Jasmin at Dacfolke (Imp Pol)

A 3 ½ year old bitch starting to mature nicely.  Another nice feminine head with dark eye.  Good angulation, length of pastern and deep chest.  Well sprung ribs, Moved well.

2 Peter’s Bernetreville Westwood

A smaller bitch than my winner at 2 years-old, but nice type with correct markings.  Kept a level topline on the move.

3 Small’s Malindibeach Armarni Rose

Graduate Bitch (5 entries, 1 absent)

1 Flanagan’s Collansues Jen’s Dark Angel

Another lovely typey bitch.  Moved well, good front end placement and correct angulation

2 Griffiths, Orme & Miles’ Jsybiem Iris I was with Utwo

A slightly bigger bitch (taller) but correct type and shape with good bone.  Moved well

3 Copeland’s Matera Summerlin South

Overall a nice bitch, just lost on slightly wide movement in front and close movement in front. A little on the heavy side today!

Post Graduate Bitch (4 entries)

1 Flanagan’s Collansues Pot of Gold

A 3 ½ year old bitch who fills the eye when she enters the ring.  Lovely typey girl with good movement, feminine head and kind expression.  Correct front and rear angulation, deep and broad chest, correct pasterns, well sprung ribs and good loin.

2 Bests’ Tamarbern Tia Mkira Abjess

Another nice bitch with plenty of white but this doesn’t detract from her feminine head.  Dark almond-shaped eye, kind expression. Good bone, moved well.

3 Flaxman’s Nelstepbern Madamoiselle

Well put together 3 year-old-bitch needs some more time to fully mature.


Mid Limit Bitch (6 entries, 1 absent)

1 Miles’ Phoebe The Won

This bitch caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring.  Correct in type with good movement.  Shown in full coat and hard condition.  Deep and broad shest, great shoulders, level topline held on the move, feminine head with flat skull, dark eye and lovely expression. Lots to come from this one. Res CC

2 Baldwin’s Fortonpark Look Whos Talkin

Again a lovely type, younger than my winner with more maturing to do. Only 18 ½ months old but looking promising at this point.

3 Goodyear’s Just One Kiss

Another feminine bitch.  Didn’t move as well as the two ahead of her, but nice type and good construction overall.

Limit Bitch (8 entries, 1 absent)

1 Head’s Cullumbern Valencia Millermead JW

At 2 ½ years old showed well, good reach of neck, good furrow and flat skull, deep chest, good shoulder angulation, stands straight, lovely expression, best mover in the class.

2 Flaxman’s Glanzberg See The Sun

A 5-year-old bitch moved well, nice overall type.

3 Weston’s Bernfawr Jonquill

A 4-year-old bitch, again a lovely type, good angulation throughout.

Open Bitch (5 entries, 1 absent)

1 Spencer’s Padiky Starr Studded Skye JW

A lot to like about this one. Good size and lovely type overall.  Feminine but strong.  Moved the best in a good class, lovely front with deep and broad chest, very feminine head of lovely shape with flat skull, dark almond-shaped eyes and kind expression.  Shoulder angulation correct leading to good movement and great forelimb placement.  Well-sprung ribs with good loin and rounded croup.  Stifles correct, good length of tail carried well.  Bitch CC

2 Hartley-Mair’s Meadowpark Touch of Class

This bitch is sure to do a lot of winning, a lovely type not quite as compact as my winner.  Again, a lovely feminine head and level topline.  Moved well.

3 Goodyear’s Harvestbank Indian Summer ShCM

A four-year-old bitch, again a lovely type, good bone and overall structure.

Champion Bitch (3 entries, 1 absent)

1 Akehurst and Bridges’ Ch Kernow All My Loving

A lovely 7-year-old champion bitch showed herself so well today and moved straight and true.  Strong girl of great type with everything in the right place.  A pleasure to judge.

2 Sutton and Davenport-Willis’ Ch Nelstephbern Dior Forever

Again a cracking bitch but today was very wary of being handled, hence her second placing.  Good overall construction, feminine but strong, lovely head and expression, shown in lovely coat. Moved well.

Veteran Bitch (4 entries, 1 absent)

1 Sutton’s Ch Bernsteph Dior Remember Me JW ShCM (Imp LT)

At 8 ½ years of age a lovely veteran bitch very pleasing to the eye.  In good coat, moves well, lovely head and expression, good shoulder placement, broad and deep chest, level topline held on the move.  Really lovely to judge one of our ‘oldies’.

2 Akehurst and Bridges’ Ch Kernow All My Loving

3 Marsden and Robertson’s Trudaleaze Majik Potion

A 7 ½-year  old bitch not in full coat today but good angulation throughout, correct head and sound on the move.

Limited Obedience Show judged by David Pierson

Club President Steve Green presents the souvenir personalised plate to Obedience judge David Pierson

Introductory Dog or Bitch (0 entries)


Pre-Beginners Dog or Bitch (2 entries)

1st Round’s Collansues Wildest Dreams

2nd Akehurst’s Kernow Loving Pledge


Beginners Dog or Bitch (6 entries 1 absent)

1st Collansues Lexi’s High Flyer of Delphinia

2nd Round’s Collansues Wildest Dreams

3rd Copeland’s Trudaleaze He’s Fab You Lous

4th Akehurst’s Kernow Loving Pledge

5th Copeland’s Szarhegyaljai Fifty Fifty


Novice Dog or Bitch (5 entries 1 absent)

1st Brown’s Staubach Mjosa von de Wald of Delphinia

2nd Small’s Malindibeach Armani Rose

3rd Small’s Malindibeach Boodles of Fun

4th Brown’s Collansues Lexi’s High Flyer of Delphinia


Junior Handling Association judged by Lianne Marsden


6-11 years (1 entry)

1st    Camilla Rose Vachykus


12-16 years (0 entries)


Top Working Dog

In each normal year the club offers the annual Grand Prix Trophy for the top working dog at all of our events for the year. This year we were unable to give out trophies due to the COVID regulations and the loss of one Garden Party meant the number of events was restricted but we still identified the Top Working Dog combining all the Working events at  the Autumn Garden Party and our Limited Obedience show today.

When the points were added up the top dog was Phina with Keith Brown, seen here with President Steve Green.

The second dog, Trio, was also worked by Keith and in third place was Debbie Morgan’s Shadow.