2021 September Open Show

Saturday September 4th

Open Show and (Pre Garden Party) Evening Social Event

Priors Marston Sports and Social Club

Well our membership waited 21 months for a club event and then you get two in one day, followed by another bigger one the next day! It is fantastic to report that our Open Show and the evening event that followed it were both great successes. Our first two events for almost two years both drew good attendances and a great atmosphere endured at them both.

A massive thank you to everyone who came and supported our event and made it the great success it was.

We are also extremely grateful to Happy Dog for their continued and generous sponsorship of our Open Shows, especially in these difficult times.

Please visit their web site for more details of their products

Open Show – Saturday 4th September

This show was essentially in lieu of the club’s Open Show normally held in April near Sheffield, the last two of which have been lost to the COVID restrictions.


The final entry details for the show were: 79 dogs, making 90 class entries for Open Show judge Mick Taylor and 28 members awards entries for lunchtime judge Ashley Hickling, with 12 additional NFC dogs.

This was an excellent entry, our largest Open Show entry for years, so thank you to all exhibitors for supporting our decision to hold the show. Also big thanks to all the people who helped us stage the show, we all agreed that extra special mention should go to the fantastic effort of Simon Gould who put in the first of several sterling shifts on the BBQ providing hot food all day.

The weather was pretty perfect for our first outdoor Open for at least 35-40 years, if we have even ever had one – anyone know? Chelsea Hickling enjoyed keeping everyone in order as our show ring steward and did a wonderful efficient job all day.

More photos and more reporting info will appear here in the coming days and weeks so please keep revisiting.  A selection of the photos and Mick Taylor’s judges critique can be found below and many more photos are  accessible on this link.

Be aware that by clicking on the ‘play arrow’ near the bottom right of the top photo you can watch a slide show of the images or, by clicking on any photo, it will open it up and enable scrolling through at your own speed. As always if anyone has any issues or concerns with any photos of themselves or their family please email web@bernese.co.uk and they can be removed.

BIS Shandy Bridges’ Kernow Troublue, Judge Mick Taylor & Karen Bird’s RBIS Cullumbern Milano JW

BIS & BOS Joanne Sutton with Nelstephbern Dior Foreva

BPIS Peacocke’s Bobb vom Durrbachler Wald

BVIS Olga Vaychkus and Arunas Vaickus’s Flintas Kalnu Suo At Bernaroso  ShCM (IMP LT)

Although our planned special events have had to be delayed until next year this was the very first event of what still is our Golden Jubilee year. This of course meant important details to attend to, namely ……….. cake. Club President Steve Green cut the Golden Jubilee cake during the afternoon and everyone present was invited to enjoy a piece.

(Keep it to yourself but this was the first of many such cakes so if you attend any of our forthcoming events look, watch out for more cake! You may have even seen the second one the next day at the Garden Party).

LunchTime Activities

During the lunch break from the main show the usual Special Members Awards were held, giving exhibitors an extra chance to show for the effort of one attendance and an aspiring judge the chance to examine some dogs. These were followed by Junior Handling in two age groups. Our judge for both of these activities was Ashley Hickling and more details will appear when available.

Special Members Awards

Special Members Award Puppy

Special Members Award Junior

Special Members Award Post Grad

Special Members Award Open

Junior Handling

Junior Handling 6-11 years

1st Camilla Rose Vaychkus (aged 8)
2nd Anniella Korenzo (aged 10)
3rd Katie Jones (aged 9)

Junior Handling 12-16 years

1st & Best Junior Handler Sofia Gatland (aged 13)

Open Show Judges Report

My thanks to the officers and committee for the invitation to judge the club’s 50th Anniversary Show. It was a pleasure to judge at this friendly and well run show, and the weather was kind too. Temperaments were excellent as one would expect, mouths and presentation were also good, and with  a couple of exceptions, tail carriage was fine. Several exhibits were a bit close at the rear and this affected their movement, and I noticed a couple of marginally short tails.


PD (1). 1. Peacocke’s Bobb Vom Durrbachler Wald (TAF). 11 m, nicely proportioned and well boned for age. Shapely head with strength, nice eye and kind expression. Straight front, balanced angulation front and rear with good turn of stifle. Chest depth and width good for age. Coat and presentation good. Strode out well. BPD and BPIS.

JD (6,3 abs). 1. Miles’ Jaybiem Only Making Plans. Well boned 13 m youngster with good head shape, nice eye and expression. Straight front, good depth and breadth of chest for age. Well angulated front and rear. Coat progressing nicely. Strong hocks enabled him to move purposefully round the ring. 2. Manix’s Faithful Nero My Buddy At Northshore (Imp Pol). 12 m. Not the biggest, but all male with nice head and eye, soft expression. Strong neck, well boned with good depth of brisket. Moved true, but a little wide at front and a bit proud of his tail. 3. Copeland’s Trudaleaze He’s  Fab You Lous.

ND (6,2). 1. Peacock’s B Vom Durrbaclher Wald (TAF). 2. Miles’ J Only Making Plans. 3.  Round’s Collansues Wildest Dreams.

Not Bred by Exhibitor Dog (6,2). 1. Manix’s F Nero My Buddy At Northshore (Imp Pol). 2. Jakutyte’s RKF/RUS CH Constant Victory Esprit JCH RUS. Nicely boned and well marked 2y old. Head a little fine, but with nice eye and expression. Well off for bone and good depth of brisket. Level topline, well coated, moved well enough when settled. 3. Copeland’s T He’s Fab You Lous.

GD (3,1). 1. Wakeland’s Kernow Yester Years At Bramikdel. Promising 18m old with strong bone and good overall shape and balance. Masculine head without being coarse, strong muzzle, nice eye and expression. Straight front, good depth to chest, balanced front and rear angles. In excellent coat for age and well muscled. Good on the move. One to watch. 2. Manix’s F Nero My Buddy At Northshore (Imp Pol).

PGD (2). 1. Akehurst’s Kernow Loving Pledge. 3 y old of nice type in super coat and condition. Well boned with well shaped head, dark eye and kind expression. Strong neck, good shoulders with plenty of width and depth to chest. Complementary rear angulation. Level topline, strong loin, well muscled throughout, moved well. 2. Hallam’s Napoleon Vom Durrbachler Wald At Waldershelf (IMP NLD). Well coated, solidly built 4 y old with strong head and dark eye. Well boned with straight front, good neck and shoulders, well ribbed, strong loin and in hard condition. Not quite as positive on the move as 1.

LD (5) 1. Bridges’ Kernow Easy Rider. Nearly 3 y old and all male with strong head, dark eye, kind expression. Good front and shoulders, plenty of depth and width to chest, and noticeable forechest. Strongly boned, with balanced front and rear angulation. Well muscled, in good coat and condition. Moved true, but just a tad close behind.  Close decision over 2.  Miles’ Jaybiem Modus Operandi JW. 3 y old. Another typy male with well shaped head, dark well shaped eyes giving kind expression. Strong neck, good shoulder angulation, deep chest and well ribbed. Level topline, strong loin, moved steadily. 3. King, Green and Dedman’s  Parwizz Vom Durrbachler Wald At Arvella (IMP NLD).

OD (5) 1. Bridges’ Kernow Troublue. Well balanced 3 y old with strong, well shaped head, pronounced stop, strong muzzle, kind eye. Straight front with  good forechest and broad, deep chest. Well boned. Level topline, strong loin, nicely rounded rear. In hard muscular condition  with well bent stifles. In good coat, covered the ground well with a powerful stride. BD and BIS. 2. Bird’s Cullumbern Milano JW.  Nicely made 2 y male with well shaped head and dark, expressive eyes. Strong muzzle, enough neck. Balanced front and rear angulation, with good depth of chest. Level topline, strong loin. In super coat and condition. Can be a little untidy in front movement at times, but overall a quality dog. RBD and RBIS. 3. King, Green and Dedman’s Joseph Vom Durrbachler Wald At Arvella JW (IMP NLD).

VD/B (9,5). 1. Vaychkus and Vaickus’s Flintas Kalnu Suo At Bernaroso  ShCM (IMP LT).  8 y d . All male with well shaped head and dark, kind eye. Well boned and balanced all through with complementary front and rear angulation. Good depth to chest, level topline, well rounded croup. In hard condition, moved out well on strong legs. BVIS. 2. Marsden and Roberts’ Trudaleaze Majik Potion. 7 y b. Strong, but feminine head with kind eye. Well off for bone. Balanced front and rear angulation. Plenty of depth and width to chest. Level topline, well rounded rear, in good coat and condition. Covered the ground well with a smooth and easy stride. RBB. 3. Akehurst and Bridges’ Ch Kernow All My Loving.

MPB (4,1). 1. Bridges’ Hubble Bubble. Nicely put together youngster of 6m. Well proportioned throughout with good bone for age. Noticeable forechest and good depth of brisket for age. Shapely, feminine head with dark eye, and soft, but alert expression. Well muscled, true mover, keeping her topline well. BPB and BMPIS. 2. Milune’s Elegant Daeneris At Oberlandbern. Another well put together 6m baby. Beautifully marked, and balanced throughout. Nicely boned and well coated for age. Chest developing well. Rear movement just needs to tighten. 3. Peter’s Peggy Sue Of Pennygillam.

PB (3,2) 1. Milune’s E Daeneris At Oberlandbern.

JB (8,4). 1. Green’s Waldershelf Can’t Ignora. 17 m youngster of very nice type. Lovely head, nice eye and expression. Good front and shoulders with balanced rear angulation. Well boned, with plenty of width and depth of chest. Well marked, in good coat and condition, outmoved the others. Promising. 2. Vaychkus and Vaickus’s  Bernaroso Born To Be Queen. Another pleasing youngster of 17m. Nice head and expression. Well boned. Good overall conformation and balance. In good coat, well marked, nicely muscled, just not quite as positive on the move as 1. 3. Small’s Malindibeach Armani Rose.

NB (7,1) 1. Marsden and Roberts’ Trudaleaze Ain’t I Fabyoulous. 17 m youngster of good overall shape and balance. A bit narrow through at present, but maturity should address this. Well boned, with nice head and dark eyes. Chest deep. Nicely coated and well marked. Best mover. 2. Peter’s Bernetreville Westwood. 23 m young lady with balanced feminine head, nice eye and expression. Enough bone, straight front, adequate shoulder angulation. Nicely coated, moved true, keeping her topline well. 3. Small’s M Armani Rose.

Not Bred By Exhibitor Bitch. (5,3). 1. Best’s Tamarabern Tia Mkira Abjess. 3 y with strong but feminine head, dark eye and kind expression. Well off for bone and substance. Straight front, adequate front and rear angulation. Well ribbed, nicely coated, better mover of the two. 2. Copeland’s Matera’s Summerlin South. 2 y with nice head and eye. Well boned with ample depth to chest. Well coated, moved a little close behind, and could lose a couple of pounds to advantage.

GB (3) 1. Small’s Malindibeach Boodles Of Fun. Well balanced 2y old with nicely shaped head, dark eye and soft expression. Good bone. Straight front, adequate shoulders and rear angulation. Well ribbed , nicely turned stifles, moved well, but a bit slight in body. 2. Marsden and Roberts’ T Ain’t I Fabyoulous. 3. Jakutyte’s Raina Trispalve Guosta.

PGB (7,3) 1. Hundley’s Jesterbrook Apus At Calizley. Strongly built 3 y old , but feminine with it. Well shaped head with dark eyes. Plenty of bone, straight front, good depth and width to chest. Nicely angulated front and rear. Well coated, covered the ground well. 2. Best’s T Tia Mkira Abjess. 3. Small’s M Boodles Of Fun.

LB (8,2) 1. Westlake’s Jesterbrook Lovestruck. Well put together typy 4 y old, with well shaped feminine head, dark eyes, soft, sagacious expression. Amply boned, straight front, good depth and width of chest. Balanced front and rear angulation with nicely turned stifles and well muscled second thighs. Level topline, strong in loin, just had the edge in movement over the others. 2. Marsden and Roberts’ Tickbern Valincza Avec Vellbern.  4 y old. Nice type with sweet expression from dark eyes and well shaped head. Well off for bone, balanced angles front and rear. Deep, broad chest, strong in loin. Quality coat, just pipped on the move by 1. 3. Flaxman’s Glanzberg See The Sun.

OB (5,2) 1. Sutton and Davenport-Willis’s Nelstephbern Dior Foreva. 3 y old. Super bitch from all angles. Short coupled, well boned and strong bodied. Lovely head, eye and expression. Straight front, good forechest and ribcage, well angulated front and rear. Well turned stifles and short hocks. Quality coat, beautifully marked. Just lacked that  extra bit of sparkle in movement in the final challenges. BB and BOS. 2. Peacocke’s Jaybiem Love And Kisses. Another nice one. Larger type than 1 but balanced all through with nice head and eye. Plenty of bone and substance. Good depth to chest, level topline, strong loin, nicely coated, moved well. At just 2 years old surely more to come from this one. 3. Jakutyte’s Raina Trispalve Guosta.

Mick Taylor (Judge)

Information and guidance for our Championship Show


In these disrupted times the established ‘Pre Garden Party, Party’ doubled up as a ‘Post Open Show Party’ and many people attended all three events over a great Bernese week-end. Like the show the evening event was held completely outside  with plenty of hot food provided by your committee but served up with gratefully received help from several people who we have to thank but don’t think anyone will mind Simon Gould on the BBQ being singled out for extra special thanks warming food and heating the garlic bread putting in the 2nd of two cooking shifts.

After the food Emily Green had put together the entertainment, assisted by Fiona Hallam and her family of willing helpers with a well received staggered quiz and series of challenges including paper planes and towers made from marshmallows and spaghetti. As darkness fell some people drifted away to attend to dogs but many remained and laughter and ‘banter’ went on well into the night.


As people staying for Saturday evening will all be at the Garden Party the next day, the Pre Garden Party, Party photos have been included in the same gallery as the Garden Party photos and all can be seen from this link.   

There are still more to be added so please revisit.

As always if anyone has any issues or concerns with any photos of themselves or their family please email web@bernese.co.uk and they can be removed.

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