2021 Autumn Garden Party

1971 – 2021

Sunday September 5th

Autumn Garden Party 2021

‘Build it and they will come’ is a phrase that might sum this Garden Party up. We decided to go ahead and planned for this week-end when COVID restrictions were still significantly restricting society and it was still something of a gamble to arrange it. However I think we can safely say that the gamble paid off! This had to be our largest Garden Party ever at Priors Marston Sports and Social Club following on from the largest Open show we have had in years the day before and the largest evening event we have ever had at the Garden Party on the night in-between. Our first events for almost 2 years certainly demonstrated our club members and others are ready to get going again, …. and also strongly emphasised that most of your committee are two years older!

A massive thank you to everyone who came and supported our event and contributed to such a successful day.

What an intense and busy week-end it turned into and keeping things going in the unpredicted heat on Sunday was extremely hard work at times and there are some very, very appreciated people who stepped in to help to prevent us being overwhelmed and the event would have been very different without them. Many of the committee and their associates worked hard in the kitchen all day and we have to give special mention to Simon Gould who spontaneously gave up almost his whole day to cook burgers and sausage for the large numbers we had to cope with.

For those who have asked about her, the lady who collapsed on Sunday afternoon and needed the ambulance is recovering well and big thanks to the people who stepped forward to help, especially Katie, a nurse, and partner Ben who stayed for over two hours to assist.

Thank yous, reports, results and more photos will appear here in the days and weeks to come as they become available and as we are able to post them, so please keep coming back to this page as it builds.

With thanks to those responsible, to give a little flavour of the event here is a link to a You Tube video of the event including drone footage which was taken well into the afternoon when many people had left.


For a look at lots of great photos of this event and the previous evening’s ‘Pre Garden Party, Party’, please look at the Autumn GP gallery on our  Smugmug pages   Please note there are still many more photos to be added to this gallery so keep revisiting our site. Please be aware you can click on the ‘play arrow’ in the options near the bottom right of the top picture on the page to generate a slide show of all the images or just click on any photo to be able to scroll through them all at your own pace.

As always if anyone has any issues with any photo featuring them or members of their family please contact web@bernese.co.uk

Results and Reports

One important and often under mentioned aspect of the Garden Parties is the Character Testing and the KC Good Citizens Assessment that takes place and is provided as a service to Members. The former is a recommended good practice for breeding dogs by the Club’s Code of Ethics and the latter is a long established part of the Kennel Club’s drive for well behaved dog’s and responsible owners. Places sometimes have to be limited due to demand so it is essential to book in advance and priority is given to Bernese but other breeds can sometimes be accommodated. Both events are assessed on the day by qualified independent assessors who give up their day to assess our breed and, as always, we are grateful to Jude Brendon and Gill Culliford for fulfilling these roles today.

Seeing as these are the first results available they can have a well deserved first billing for a change!


There are three grades given, Excellent, Pass and Fail. Anyone with a (very rare) fail should think seriously about breeding with such a dog if that was being considered.



Chippis Diamonds Wish – Ms Lesley Messih & Mr Brian Hill

Cullumbern Milano JW – Karen Bird

Kernow Blue Saphire – Mary Houghton & Sheila Hartwell

Kernow Loving Pledge – Emma Akehurst

Tamarabern Tia Mkira Abjess – Jackie Best

Trudaleaze He’s Fab You Lous – Michelle & Owen Copeland

Waldershelf Magic Mabel  – Dr Rich Irvine & Mr Paul Forrester

Waldershelf Can’t Ignora – Mr S Mrs J & Miss E V Green

Waldershelf Much Love Martha – Mr S Mrs J & Miss E V Green



Bernaroso Born to be Queen  – Olgan Vaychkus

Khaleesi Z Deikowej Doliny – Kristiana Milune


Kennel Club Good Citizens Testing

Two levels were offered today, Bronze and the next level of Silver, and dogs simply either pass or fail at each level.



Nora – Waldershelf Can’t Ignora – Steve, Jeanette & Emily Green

Barnaby – Trudaleaze Hes Fabulous You Lous – Michelle Copeland

Merryn – Bruce Hellingsworth

Mia – Belle Owen

May – Owen Copeland

Onyx – Chris Heap

Teddy (BMD Cross) – C. Munnerley

Honey – Millermead Welsh Honey (W. Cardigan Corgi) – Heather Head



Barnaby – Trudaleaze Hes Fab You Lous – Michelle Copeland

Nora – Waldershelf Can’t Ignora – Steve Jeanette & Emily Green


Find out more about the KC Good Citizens scheme here

Some dogs did not give registered names and sometimes the owner’s names are those bringing them through the test and will not necessarily exactly match the recorded owners. All are Bernese Mountain Dogs unless otherwise stated.


The Main Ring

The Main Ring with the variety of events held in it is, in many ways, the focal point of the Garden Party. This event saw the Main Ring under the new stewardship of  Fiona Hallam assisted by Paul Edwards on camera duties. Lianne somehow found time to help them out as well and together things ran quite smoothly considering the amount of people present. Many people commented on what a great job Fiona did on the microphone and there certainly seemed to be a friendly and happy positive vibe coming from the very busy ring all day. Well Done Fi.

We are very grateful to Paul who was conscripted at a late stage to help with photography and did a brilliant job. You can see or link to his photos from this page to see for yourself and more photos will appear.

Main Ring Judge Jayne Adams seemed to be having a good time in there but kept up the fun levels for everyone, especially in the cuddles class where things were beginning to go a bit too far at times! Jayne set the tone for the day when she asked for it to be announced that the judge likes gin, I’m not sure if she realised we would broadcast it and I daren’t ask if anyone gave her any gin!

Scroll down this page or more results from the Main Ring.


by Jayne Adams

What an honour it was to be asked to judge the novelty classes! We’ve attended many Garden Parties over the years and entered lots of the classes, but who knew it’d be so hard to choose from all the wonderful dogs!!  Each and every one were gorgeous and I wish I could have given them all a rosette!!  Many thanks to Fi, Lianne and Oliver for helping me throughout the day, we had such a laugh, and also to Paul for taking some lovely pictures.  Despite it having been announced that I liked gin (only the odd one, of course!!) I can confirm that only one competitor attempted to bribe me……..and with the offer of a crate of gin, what could I possibly do????

I have to take this opportunity to thank the Committee for all the hard work they put into organising these events – you really do an amazing job and I for one massively appreciate all that you do.


Beautiful Boys

1st Teddy with Tom Philpott-Clark     What a handsome young man with a lovely head.  He just took everything in his stride – definitely a credit to his owners

2nd Hercules with Amir Boroumund    I loved the ‘look at me’ expression on his face

3rd Brigg with Pam Jones

4th Toblerone with A J Parker

5th Bernie with David Stevens


Gorjus Girls

1st Tia with Jackie Best    Lovely girl in fab condition, such an attentive look in her eyes!

2nd Boodles with Steven Small  Ah Boodles, loved the pretty freckles

3rd Armarni with Sue Small

4th Elsie with Sarah McTighe

5th Ruby with Judith Hardy


Dog with the most appealing eyes

1st Quincey with Bernhard Lindenau  Quincey caught my eye (excuse the pun!!) straight away – been there, done that and bought the t-shirt

2nd Buffy with Camilla Rose Vaychkus definitely had the pick me eyes!

3rd  Shelby with Derek Jones

4th Monty with Finlay & Jacob Jones

5th Nugget with Sarah McTighe


Best Cuddle  Now this was by far my favourite class…….

1st  Heidi with Joe Beasley  Well what can I say, the pictures say it all!  Heidi gave the best cuddles I’ve ever had (don’t tell my 3 I said that!!!), there was no way I was getting away with just a paw……she had to make sure I was laid flat on my back so she could lay on me to cuddle and kiss!!  Clear winner!

2nd Bernie with David Stebbings   Definitely a close second!  You really can’t beat Bernese cuddles!

3rd  Inka with Justin Davis

4th Armarni with Sue Small

5th Boodles with Steven Small


Waggiest Tail

1st Peggy Sue with Judy Harris  Such a happy girlie whose tail never stopped wagging!

2nd Bobby with Katie Jones  For a small boy, he can certainly wag that tail!

3rd Lottie with Izzy Mitchell

4th  Sven with Ollie Wenn

5th Bear with Beverley Harry


Best Smile

1st  Ralfie with Aimee Lobban  Wow, what a big infectious smile that reached right to his eyes!

2nd  Heidi with Liz Beasley  Another lovely smile showing her sparkling teeth!

3rd Bailey with Bev West

4th Bailey with Bev Harry

5th Sam with Helen Easter


Dog most like it’s owner

1st  Teddi with John Cantrell  What can I say….this was by far the clear winner, the outfit was a perfect match!  Must have been rather warm in the sun though!

2nd  Monty with Finlay Jones  Another fabulous match, with sound effects too!

3rd Lulu with Ellie-Rose

4th  Taya with Karen Reeves

5th Bobby with Katie Jones



Lots to say or Best Barker or noisiest dog or even the funniest!

1st  Noodle with Sean Jones  This was obviously Noodle’s favourite class and thoroughly enjoyed himself once he got started!

2nd  Bobby with Katie Jones  Another one who had plenty to say and made me laugh

3rd  Nala with Rosie Nichol

4th  Alba with Kirsty Broadbent


Junior Handler 6 – 11 years

1st Mayba with Una Tsui  Great effort despite Mayba wanting to leave the ring!  Very well done getting her attention back on you!

2nd  Buffy with Camilla Rose Vaychkus  Lovely handling and a great rapport between them

3rd  Penny with Noah Fall

4th  Belle with Katie Jones


Junior Handler 12 – 16 years

1st  Belle with Oliver Jones  Despite standing alone in the class, Oliver showed Belle off to perfection and it was easy to see the friendship these two have


Best bad hair day – dog or human

1st Monty with Jacob Jones  The saying ‘dragged through a hedge backwards’ came to mind when I saw this duo!  Very funny!

2nd Penny with Noah Fall Definitely looked like a good brush was needed!

3rd Bobby with Katie Jones

4th  Buffy with Camilla Rose Vaychkus


Best brace or trio – of dogs

1st  Brigg & Dessa with Pete Jones  Clear to see this pair were the best of friends, so lovely to see

2nd  Willow & Holly with Barbara Mays  Sweet girls who were very happy to be together

3rd  Phoebe & Peggy Sue with Malcolm Peter

4th  Buffy & Flint with Camilla Rose Vaychkus

5th  Albert & Baloo with Kirsty Broadbent



Best Party Trick

1st  Hercules with Amir Boroumamd  Very impressive counting!

2nd  Noodle with Emily Young  Great performance!

3rd  Holly with Jane Barnard


Best 6 Legs

1st Lulu with Ellis-Rose  Lovely set of legs, colours and markings identical!

2nd  Monty with Finlay Jones  Perfectly matched legs!

3rd  Kalfi with Lewis

4th  Buffy with Camilla Rose Vaychkus

5th Teddi with Sheila Cantrell


Judges Favourite  Definitely don’t tell my 3 about this class, as they all think they’re my favourite!!

1st  PeggySue with Barbara Peters  What an absolute poppet with a kind face, I could quite easily have taken her home

2nd  Teddi with Sheila Cantrell  Gorgeous boy with a loveable character

3rd  Buffy with Camilla Rose Vaychkus

4th  Freya with Dani Andrews

5th  Holly with Barbara Mays


Every Garden Party has working events in the form of Agility, Obedience and of course Carting. Points are awarded for places in these competitions and these are collated to give a Best Overall Working Dog of the Day. This year several levels of the tie break procedure had to be used to award Top Dog to Shadow owned by a delighted Debbie Morgan who just shaded Sandras Hallam’s Fizz into a very close 2nd place.


More Photos, Results and reports will appear on this page when they become available.

Working Carts

Each Garden Party hosts a full set of Working Cart classes organised by the Working Cart Group managed by Di Crawshaw and Chris Handley. Beginners are welcome to come and learn about the course and try their dogs in a cart subject subject to the first draft procedure. Handled correctly most Bernese take to this very easily and prove to be natural carters and once assessed as up to an appropriate level are awarded their First Draft accompanied by a good bag supplied by the club. This event saw ten new carters given their First Draft award although some had gone home on Sunday afternoon when the awards were given out.

Happy First Draft receivers with their ‘newly competent’ carting dogs

If you have a Bernese and are interested in carting why not come and make contact at the next Garden Party and give your dog a go, equipment is provided and you will enjoy working with your dog doing what he or she was meant to do. From completing First Draft many dogs move quickly and smoothly onto the first level of the Beginners course and enjoy it so much they are soon asking the question, “Where can I get a cart?”.



Tobi – 7 years – Sheila Cantrell

Tess – 7 years – Margaret Bailey

Bollinger – 8 years – Belle Owen

Hugo – 7 years – Robert Yarker

Phina  – 7 years – Keith Brown

Norman – 8 years – Chris Handley

Florence – 7 years- Debbie Morgan


The Working Cart classes were judged by Andy Smith, except for his own scored round judged  by Di Crawshaw


Beginners Working Carts

1st      Paddy          Rebecca King         125 points

2nd     Bond           Chris Handley        122 points

3rd     Libby           Rebecca King         121 points

4th     Mia             Belle Owen            120 points

5th     Lola             Chris Handley        119 points

Barnaby & Michelle Copeland were not placed but they did gain a pass on their first cart course having done 1st draft this weekend. Two other first drafts also did very well.


Intermediate Carts

1st      Rosie           Elaine Spalding      166 points

2nd     Ted             Rebecca King         163 points

3rd     Shadow       Debbie Morgan      160 points

4th     Fizz            Sandra Hallam       159 points

5th     Bramble       Andy Smith           156 points


Advanced Carting Course

1st      Torin           Di Crawshaw          215 points


Medals Advanced Working Carts

1st      Phina           Keith Brown          244 points

2nd     Norman       Chris Handley        236 points

3rd     Florence      Debbie Morgan      212 points


We were very grateful to the ever reliable Babs Munson for stepping in as a late replacement for our original judge. As usual guided practice and training was available throughout the morning with the competitions being held in the afternoon. This is Babs’ report.


Well hello again everyone and thank you to all of you who came over to try your paws at agility. As usual the weather was kind to us but that did mean that it got very hot midday for the dogs to safely run, which is one reason we had a lunch break, the other was that I was hungry.

It is always wonderful to see the wide range of abilities from total novices to those that complete the course so effortlessly. Sometimes we (the Royal “we”) get one that is such a novice professional. What I mean by that is a youngster (6 months old) who seemed to naturally know what to do and wasn’t phased by anything she was asked to do. Lottie I look forward to seeing you again at another Garden Party because you are an absolute star.

I must say thank you to Lianne and the committee for allowing me to come and get my annual BMD “fix”, to my sister. Lesley, who did a sterling job with the paperwork and to James, who has grown into a wonderful kind, thoughtful young man who was an immense help in setting up the course and picking up poles.

Our final results were as follows:-

All breeds

1st Sue Brown with Delta with a clear round in 35.46 secs

2nd Bruce Hellingsworth with Rayna  2 faults

3rd Sue Small with Delta with 4 faults.


BMD Beginners

1st Debbie Morgan with Shadow clear in 50.32 secs

2nd Elaine with Rosie clear in 56.01secs

3rd Izzy with Lottie clear in 1min 14.57 secs

4th Lesley with Ali with 2 faults

5th Bruce with Merryn with 4 faults


BMD Novice

1st Tai with Mayba clear in 40.23 seconds

2nd Sarah McTighe with Anya 4 faults

3rd Sandra Hallam with Fizz 8 faults


I must also mention Tai, with Mayba, whose daughter was so keen to have a go and did a sterling job and listened to tips she was given. I do think this could be a pairing well worth watching at future events.

Thank you again to you all and I hope to see you all again in 2022


Babs Munson


Judging obedience for us for the first time today was Loryn Oliver who said she really enjoyed the week-end she spent with us.

Have A Go:

1st       Trio             Keith Brown

2nd      Lyra             Debbie Buck

3rd      Florence      Debbie Morgan

4th      Shadow        Debbie Morgan

5th      Barney         Karen Wheeler



1st       Glory            Bruce Hellingsworth

2nd      Boodles        Sue Small

3rd      Mia              Belle Owen

4th      Indy             Sherry Round

5th      Merryn        Bruce Hellingsworth


Future Stars:

1st       Fizz             Sandra Hallam

2nd      Lilly              Sue Maddox

3rd      Burley          Aileen Barnard

4th      Georgie        David Maddox

5th      Phina            Keith Brown



1st       Delta            Sue Brown

2nd      Burley          Aileen Barnard

3rd      Lilly              Sue Maddox

4th      Gucci            Sue Small

5th      Georgie        David Maddox

Main Ring Results

Judged by Jayne Adams


Beautiful Boys

1st      Teddy         Tom Philpott-Clark

2nd     Hercules      Amir Boroumamd

3rd     Brigg           Pam Jones

4th     Toblerone    AJ Parker

5th     Bernie         David Stevens


Gorjus Girls

1st      Tia              Jackie Best

2nd     Boodles       Steven Small

3rd     Armarni       Sue Small

4th     Elsie           Sarah McTighe

5th     Ruby           Judith Hardy


Dog With The Most Appealing Eyes

1st      Quincey       Bernhard Lindenau

2nd     Buffy          Camilla Rose Vaychkus

3rd     Shelby        Derek Jones

4th     Monty         Finlay & Jacob Jones

5th     Nugget        Sarah McTighe


Best Cuddle

1st      Heidi           Joe Beasley

2nd     Bernie         David Stebbings

3rd     Inka            Justin Davis

4th     Armarni       Sue Small

5th     Boodles       Steven Small


Waggiest Tail

1st      Peggy Sue    Judy Harris

2nd     Bobby          Katie Jone

3rd     Lottie          Izzy Mitchell

4th     Sven           Ollie Wenn

5th     Bear            Beverley Harry


Best Smile

1st      Ralfie          Aimee Lobban

2nd     Heidi           Liz Beasley

3rd     Bailey          Bev West

4th     Bailey          Bev Harry

5th     Sam            Helen Easter


Dog Most Like It’s Owner

1st      Teddi          John Cantrell

2nd     Monty         Finlay Jones

3rd     Lulu             Ellie-Rose

4th     Taya           Karen Reeves

5th     Bobby          Katie Jones


Lots To Say 0r Best barker or noisiest dog or even the funniest!!

1st      Noodle        Sean Jones

2nd     Bobby          Katie Jones

3rd     Nala            Rosie Nichol

4th     Alba            Kirsty Broadbent


Junior Handler 6 – 11 years

1st      Mayba         Una Tsui

2nd     Buffy          Camilla Rose Vaychkus

3rd     Penny          Noah Fall

4th     Belle           Katie Jones


Junior Handler 12 – 16 years

1st      Belle           Oliver Jones


Best Bad hair Day – dog or human!

1st      Monty         Jacob Jones

2nd     Penny          Noah Fall

3rd     Bobby          Katie Jones

4th     Buffy          Camilla Rose Vaychkus


Best Brace or Trio – of Dogs

1st      Brigg & Dessa                 Pam Jones

2nd     Willow & Holly                Barbara Mays

3rd     Phoebe & PeggySue         Malcolm Peter

4th     Buffy & Flint                  Camilla Rose Vaychkus

5th     Albert & Baloo                Kirsty Broadbent


Best Party Trick

1st      Hercules               Amir Boroumamd

2nd     Noodle                 Emily Young

3rd     Holly                    Jane Barnard


Best 6 legs

1st      Lulu                      Ellie-Rose

2nd     Monty                  Finlay Jones

3rd     Kalfi                     Lewis

4th     Buffy                   Camilla Rose Vaychkus

5th     Teddi                   Sheila Cantrell


Judges favourite

1st      PeggySue     Barbara Peters

2nd     Teddi          Shiela Cantrell

3rd     Buffy          Camilla Rose Vaychkus

4th     Freya          Dani Andrews

5th     Holly           Barbara Mays


Decorated Carting classes

Our Judge with the unenviable task of judging the Decorated Cart Classes was Jean Hellingsworth. These classes are often the most entertaining of the day as we marvel at the ingenuity and work of the carters with their Swiss costumes of interpretation or the given theme.

Her comments are incorporated below.


Thoroughly enjoyed judging the carts. A real treat after so long without.  It did get very hot in the afternoon, so thank you for all that entered. Apologies if I have got the names wrong!

Swiss Theme

1st      Norman & Lola with Chris Handley

2nd     Florence & Shadow with Debbie Morgan

3rd     Tess with Margaret Bailey

4th     Lulu with Elaine Worrall & Ellie-Rose

5th     Tobi with Sheila Cantrell

All beautifully turned out with lovely decorations.


Fancy Dress – Superhero’s

1st      Tobi            Sheila Cantrell – Batman

2nd     Norman       Chris Handley – Iron Man

Wonderful, so impressed with these two – amazing amount of work gone into the displays and very well-behaved dogs.


Best Carting Turnout

1st      Tobi            Shiela Cantrell

2nd     Mia             Belle Owen

3rd     Hugo           Robert Yarker

Well turned out – very smart.


Our last to be mentioned set of events in the Main Ring are our Parades which are spread through the day’s programme. Our usual ones are Rescue, Veteran and Puppy but this year, due to the absence of any chance for our puppies to show off last year we added a Junior Parade for the class of 2020 to play catch up and get their chance in the limelight. The Veteran and Rescue Parades are particularly popular as the dog’s stories are told and we can publicly thank our Rescuers and appreciate our Golden Oldies. For the puppies, and to a lesser extent the Juniors this year, it is a chance to be the centre of attention and receive some valuable socialisation with attention from a stranger.

We thank everyone who brought their dogs into our Parades today and, in absolutely no particular order whatsoever, here are the names of the dogs that took place in our each one.


Rescue/Rehome Dog Line up

Berni, Mabyn, Roxy, Folly, Burley, Rosie, Cody, Otto, Ruby, Bella, Rhumbha, Shelby, Tessa, Bolly & Mia



Tango, Loki, Keeva, Norman, Riley, Dessa, Burley, Bolly, Lottie, Mako, Florence, Quincey, Tobi, Tiger, Tess, Phoebe, Phina, Mayba & Belle



Fraggle, Ronnie, Teddy, Ruby, Bear, Morse, Nellie, Doug, Teddy, Lottie, Ginny, Marti, PegguSue, Arthur, Gus, Monty, Edie, George, Hercules, Teddy & Jive


Junior Parade 

Pixie, Maverick, Rafferty, Barnaby, Floyd, Daisy, Sam, Bernie, Holly, Bobby, Baloo, Eddie, Bobby, Bailey, Luna, Nora, Penny, Bailey, Otto, Armarni, Phoebe, Fenn, Mabel, Monty & Cody,