Autumn Garden Party 2023




Sunday 3rd September (with the Pre Garden Party, Party the previous evening), held at the Hollowell Steam Rally Site in Northants

Well, let’s be honest, following the perfect weather of the day before for the Open show it was, overall, a little too much on the hot side for our one day Bernerfest but that did not prevent it from being a brilliant day. The programme was adjusted to allow for the heat as much as possible with a the more active events removed from the schedule and others curtailed or modified and with everyone appearing to be sensible with themselves and their dogs and taking advantage of the shady areas and the paddling pool, most of the planned activities took place and the event was another roaring success. With an expanded planning and management team delivering the event everything ran as smoothly as could be expected and, aside from the heat influencing affecting procedeedings a little bit, the whole day was another great experience for all those who attended.

Saturday evening’s pre Garden Party, Party was another success with a fish and chip supper, quiz, bingo and karaoke to pass a loud and happy evening.



We have to start with a thank you to all our members and other visitors who came and supported our event, whether taking part or just enjoying a Bernese day out. Without the participants and spectators we simply wouldn’t have an event worthy of the effort it takes to stage it. The Garden Party just generates its own lovely ambience and many people comment on the bonhomie that is almost tangible around the event.

However, the biggest thank yous, which can never be big enough, have to go all the non committee people who help to prepare the venue and then strip it all down again afterwards or ‘just’ help to deliver it on the day. Without all these absolutely fantastic helpers there just wouldn’t be an event for all the visitors to attend. When the organising sub committee arrive a week or so before, the venue is basically just a fairly bare field, no marquees or lights, no rings or catering nor tables and chairs nor gazebos nor event shelters nor shops, no mown areas, no equipment in place  etc etc If you enjoy the Garden Party then please pause for a moment each time and respect all the helpers. It was amazingly impressive that both marquees were down and put away on Sunday evening after the event so a big thank you to everyone who helped with everything. So, whilst there is always the sheer dread of missing someone out in such lists and accepting that there are far too many jobs to list every single activity in detail, the committee have broken the list down as follows………..


For their massive input; muscle, innovation and professional assistance:

Owen Copeland

Simon Gould

David Robertson

We just couldn’t do it without these guys.


Planning (subcommittee) and organising:

Di Crawshaw

Chris Handley

Malcolm Peter

Owen Copeland

Simon Gould


General help throughout the week’s build up and at the events, whether judging, stewarding, catering, marquee building and taking down, evening entertainment organising etc etc:

Colin Buck

Simon Gould

Beverley Gould

Malcolm Peter

Di Crawshaw

Chris Handley

David Walton

Paul Gardner

Sam Avery

Carole Waring

Jeanette Green

Raquel Walker

Nicola Whyte

Jean Whitehouse

Sarah McTigue

Wendy Sherwood

Keith Brown

Julie Love

Amrik Lai

Babs Munson and sister, Leslie

Joe – obedience judge (very last minute replacement)

Martyn & Pauline Bullock

Sandra & Richard Hallam

Ray & Liz Dedman

Tim Williams & Margaret Bailey

Carol Dunhill

Elaine Spalding

Ash, Katy & Ollie Jones

Andy Hallam


Reports and more photos of all the events will be posted here when they are received, and results of the classes will be added was soon as possible, so please keep returning for more updates as the page is built up.


Top Working Dog

Whilst, as mentioned elsewhere, the overall ethos of the Garden Party is not about winning but taking part, our breed is a working breed and there are working events running alongside all the colourful more obvious activities and points are collected to give an overall Top Working Dog of the day with one event from each discipline counting.

Our Top Working Dog, with a win in Carting and a win in Obedience, was Phina with Keith Brown.

Big congratulations to Keith and Phina who had announced this was Phina’s last event as a carting competitor




Just like the previous day’s Open show, proceedings were started with an early morning carting parade






Rescue and Veterans Parades

The ever popular Rescue and Veterans Parades went ahead during the morning, albeit both a little hastened due to the weather, and as always the dogs and their stories were much appreciated by the spectators who gave every one a warm reception and no doubt a few tissues were needed for both parades.



After the Rescue parade a short auction was held and the three lots raised £230 to be shared between  Rescue and Health. We would like to sincerely thank the multi-talented Donna Mulley for the generous donations which generated much interest.


Other Main Ring Events

Whilst the parades and the decorated carting classes are perhaps the ‘headline event’ in the main ring, the majority of its day is taken up by what are sometimes referred to as the ‘Novelty Events’. These are a series of friendly, informal, relaxed fun classes that anyone can enter with their dog, doesn’t even have to be a Bernese, and just be a part of the day. Whilst it definitely isn’t about the winning and all about the taking part, we do present rosettes to the top five in most classes so here are a list of winners and photos of some line ups. Our thanks go to Wendy Sherwood who, as our Judge  had the thankless and difficult task of sorting out the placings in each class. Keep scrolling down past the general Main ring photos for all the Main ring results and then the working class results and photos.



Class 1 – Most Handsome Dog

  1. Henry with Simon Gould
  2. Rand with Amie Lobban
  3. Jasper with Gosia Swieawska
  4. Joe with Karen Haywood
  5. Bollo with Kieron Webb


Class 2 – Prettiest Bitch

  1. Dolly with Lynn Bryan
  2. Lily with Katy Jones
  3. Izzy with Jess Mobley
  4. Tilly with Carol Davies
  5. Anya with Sarah McTigue


Class 4 – Dog With the Most Appealing Eyes

  1. Izzy with Jess Mobley
  2. Pumpkin with Wax Freedman
  3. Joe with Karen Hayward
  4. Rosa with Linda Dadd
  5. Oral with Nahla Dixon


Class 5 – Best Smile

  1. Anya with Sarah McTigue
  2. Lily with Katy Jones
  3. Izzy with Jess Mobley
  4. Letty with Samia Dixon
  5. Ralf with Amie Lobban


Class 6 – Waggiest Tail

  1. Letty with Samia Dixon
  2. Gracie with Becky Price
  3. Ralf with Amie Lobban
  4. Toby with Stephanie Knifeld
  5. Napa with David Spencer


Class 7 – Dog the Judge would Most Like to Take Home

  1. Izzy with Jess Mobley
  2. Joe with Karen Hayward
  3. Peggy Sue with Judy Harris
  4. Rosa with Linda Dadd
  5. Clinton with Evelyn Murphy


Class 8 – Dog Most. Like Its Owner


  1. Henry with Simon Gould
  2. Peggy Sue with Judy Harris
  3. Letty with Samia Dixon


Class 10 – Junior Handling 6-10 years

No Entries


Class 11 – Junior Handling 11-16 years

  1. Izzy with Jess Mobley
  2. Anya with Lauren Miller
  3. Letty with Samia Dixon
  4. Lily with Ollie Jones
  5. Napoleon with Katie Jones


Class 12 – Bad Hair Day (dog or human)

  1. Lettie with Samia Dixon
  2. Lily with Katie Jones


Class 13 – Dog in Best Condition

  1. Joe with Hayward
  2. Burt with Geoff Stelmach
  3. Izzy with Jess Mobley
  4. Orla with Samia Dixon
  5. Anya with Sarah McTigue


Class 16 – Best Brace or Trio

  1. Lilly & Napoleon with Katie Jones


Class 17 – Best Trick

  1. Peggy Sue with Judy Harris
  2. Bear with Sam Hall
  3. Izzy with Jess Mobley


Class 18 – Best Hello, Pawshake or Cuddle

  1. Skye with Lawrence Hardwick
  2. Cleo with Cheryl Sokel
  3. Bear with Tabby Hall
  4. Peggy Sue with Judy Harris
  5. Izzy with Jack and Jess Mobley


Main Ring Games

The usual Games session was curtailed and modified due to the heat with the races omitted for example, but the following events, with lower entrants than usual, did take place.



Top Biscuit Catcher was Bear with Tabby Hall


Winner of Musical Sits was Moshe with Annie New


Carting Classes

The usual carting classes were available in the Main Ring and our thanks go to today’s Judge with the unenviable task who was Keith Brown.

Class 3 – Decorated Carts Swiss Theme

  1. Olaf with Martin Bullock
  2. Riley with Chris Handley
  3. Jana with Carol Dunhill
  4. Helga with Pauline Bullock
  5. Mia with Belle Owen




Class 9 – Decorated Carts Looney Tunes Theme

In the afternoon, what for some is the main event of the day took place, namely the Decorated Carts themed class. This event’s theme was ‘Looney Tunes’ and as ever, a brilliantly entertaining spectacle entered the ring. No placings in this event, everyone puts in so much effort it just wouldn’t be fair. So, everyone who took part is a winner and much appreciated. Well done and thank you to everyone who contributed to this dose of British madness, what any overseas Bernerfolk looking at this report must think I can’t imagine!





Class 14 – Best Carting Turnout

In contrast to the other two classes, this is the class that does not look for decoration and adornment but is about the condition the basic car and attachments. Shiny brasswork, clean varnishes wood, unblemished leather that sort of thing.

  1. Jana with Carol Dunhill
  2. Olaf with Martin Bullock



Character Assessments

Against the backdrop of all the other activity Character Assessments and Good Citizens Assessing take place. Character Assessing is recommended for all breeding dogs in the Club’s Code of Ethics so the club is always keen to offer this for our members at our club events.

Assessor: Amrik Lai

Chris Handley with Beraisy Blue Moonstone.
Chris Handley with Beraisy Apache Tear @ Enchambray
Joanne Woolley with Jaysaberne My Only Sunshine.
Ann & Nick Lawrence with Waldershelf Hollywood.
Annie New with Etterbern Forever First.
Kieron & Rosie ? with Bollo.
Lawrence & Mary Hardwick with Jaysabern Raindrops on Roses.
Jeanette Green with Ona Georgia z Deikowej Doliny at Waldershelf.
Pauline Bullock with Staubach Stefanie.
Sarah & Maisie Borley with Dave.

Good Citizens

Assessor: Julie Love

Terry Draper with Lareta.
Terry Draper with Lexi


Working Competitions


Whilst not normally our breed’s specialist activity many Bernese enjoy tackling agility and our modified course often has lots of owners having a go with their dogs. All dogs enjoy activities with heir owners and agility is a great fun thing to attempt together. Our Judge and steward and advisor this year was long time stalwart Babs Munson helped by her sister Leslie and we thank them both for giving up their day for us.

Class – Beginners BMD Only

  1. Anya with Sarah McTigue
  2. Denzil with Geoff Davies
  3. Livvy with Rebecca King
  4. Moshie with Annie New
  5. Bert with Geoff Davies


Class – Novice BMD Only

  1. Denzil with Geoff Davies
  2. Bert with Geoff Davies
  3. Tilly with Geoff Davies



Obedience can be an important activity for any breed as basic good training underpins everything else you want to do with your dog and basic obedience ties in with character Assessment and Good Citizens and any other assessment or activity. With the right training our breed is well capable of decent competition Obedience and we have had some amazing dogs over the years. This week-end we had to seek a last minute replacement Judge and our thanks go to Joe (sorry we were not given a surname).

Class – Have A Go for Bernese

  1. Denzil with Geoff Davies
  2. Peggy-Sue with Judy Harris
  3. Mia with Belle Owen
  4. Bert with Geoff Davies
  5. Arthur with Richard Hallam


Class – Triers Bernese

  1. Peggy-Sue with Judy Harris
  2. Mia with Belle Owen
  3. Tilly with Carol Davies


Class – Future Stars Bernese

  1. Phina with Keith Brown
  2. Tilly with Carol Davies


Open – for non Bernese and all abilities

  1. Delta with Sue Brown


Working Cart Course

There were 8 successful first drafts over week-end




Joint first    Rebecca King with Livvy
                     Owen Copeland with Ronnie
2nd              Rebecca King with Paddy
3rd               Richard Hallam with Arthur
4th                Chris Handley with Ryley


1st           Chris Handley with Rodney
2nd          Pauline Bullock with Helga


1st           Di Crawshaw with Carrick
2nd           Belle Owen with Mia
3rd            Simon Gould with Lexi

Medals Advanced

Joint first    Elaine Spalding with Rosie
                    Keith Brown with Phina

End of year Results

Best Beginner   Richard Hallam with Arthur
Runner up         Chris Handley with Rodney
Best Intermediate  Di Crawshaw with Carrick
Runner up                Belle Owen with Mia (unfortunately not present for photo)


More reports and photos to come.