Our annual Northern Open show for 2018 took place on Sunday 15th April with judge Graham Hill officiating in the main show. Paige Spencer judged our lunchtime Junior Handling and Special Members Awards. Despite the forecast of rain the Grenoside charm worked and it stayed dry all day, even if not with the normal blazing sunshine. Although the entry was a little bit down the show seemed busy and active all day and the kitchen was doing a roaring trade in butties and home made cakes.

Best in Show was June Miles’ 2 year old bitch Jaybiem Burli Shassi JW winning from Graduate Bitch and Res Best In Show was Karen Bird and Shandy Bridges’ 3 year old Kernow Something ShCM. Best Puppy was Wendy Hamilton’s 6 month old male Padiky Monsoon Monty (shown by Paige Spencer) and Best Veteran was Gary Griffiths, Mandy Orme and Violet Slade’s Ch Jaybiem Vou Doo at Potterspride JW. Reserve Best Dog was Tony Granger’s Orlando Bloom at Jaybiem who also claimed  Res Best Bitch with Shirdees Harlow Jean of Shadybower JW.

Best In Show

We would like to thank everyone who came to our show today and supported our event and all the people who worked all day to keep things rolling especially Jeanette and the kitchen crew Anthea, Alison and Angela, David Robertson on the raffle and Helen’s assistant Sarah on the Bernershop. Gary Dybdall was our main show steward and kept the show moving along all day.

Congratulations to all our winners and we hope everyone, win or lose, had a great day at our friendly show.

Best Junior Handler Sophia Ishaque with Judge Paige Spencer

Please scroll down to just after the photos to read Graham Hill’s judge’s report. Special Member’s Awards report will appear on this page when available so please keep revisiting.

Best Dog, Reserve BiS

Best Veteran In Show

Best Puppy In Show

Best Dog, Res Best Dog & Best Dog Puppy

Best Bitch, Res Best Bitch & Best Bitch Puppy

Minor Puppy Dog 1st Hamilton’s Padiky Monsoon Monty


Puppy Dog 1st Miles’ Littlehidden Jyme Spicez at Jaybiem

Junior Dog 1st Green’s Matthias vom Durrbachler Wald at Waldershelf (imp Nld)

Junior Dog 2nd Scott’s Szarhegyaljai Elyjah at Scobern (Imp Hun)

Novice Dog 1st Cox’s Meadowpark’s Take Me On

2nd June Miles’ Littlehidden Jyme Spicez at Jaybiem

3rd Knight’s Cullumbern Roman Road at Kernow

Not Bred By Exhibitor Dog 1st Perk’s Kernow Festival Buzz

Not Bred By Exhibitor Dog 2nd Hogg & Newton’s Kumo van’t Maroyke (Imp Bel)

Not Bred By Exhibitor Dog 3rd Barnes’ Bernemcourt Il Colosso

Graduate Dog 1st Miles’ & Ishaque’s Jaybiem Stan Innovation JW

Graduate Dog 2nd Perk’s Kernow Festival Buzz

Post Graduate Dog 1st Griffiths, Orme & Miles’ Jaybiem With N’Without Y’Zeus JW

Post Graduate Dog 2nd Fairclough’s Monalou Spirit of Discovery

Post Graduate Dog 3rd Stephenson’s Matera’s Record Breaker

Limit Dog 1st Hughes’ Waldershelf Causing Kaos

Limit Dog 2nd Marsden & Robertson’s Trudaleaze Ain’t I Adorable

Open Dog 1st Bird & Bridges’ Kernow Something ShCM

Open Dog 2nd Granger’s Orlando Bloom at Jaybiem

Open Dog 3rd Scott’s Welshbern One Vision at Scobern ShCM

Veteran Dog or Bitch 1st Griffith, Slade & Orme’s Ch Jaybiem Vou Doo at Potterspride JW

Veteran Dog or Bitch 2nd Hogg’s Ischka van’t Maroyke to Buganeezee (Imp Bel)

Veteran Dog or Bitch 3rd Barnes’ Bernemcourt Il Colosso

Minor Puppy Bitch 1st Cohen’s Fortonpark Top Design for Hutzpah

Puppy Bitch 1st Newton’s Qamre van’t Maroyke (Imp Bel)

Puppy Bitch 2nd Marsden & Robertson’s Tickbern Valincza Avec Vellbern

Minor Puppy Bitch 3rd Smith’s Atlanticbell Sweet Sunset

Junior Bitch 1st Spencer’s Padiky Starr Studded Skye

Junior Bitch 2nd S. J. & E. Green’s Madell vom Durrbachler Wald at Waldershelf (Imp Nld)

Not Bred By Exhibitor Bitch 1st Boot’s Fairy Court Sparkles of Kaycibern

Not Bred By Exhibitor Bitch 2nd Marsden & Robertson’s Tickbern Valincza Avec Vellbern

Not Bred By Exhibitor Bitch 3rd Jones’ Alphanova Iridessa of Jesterbern

Graduate Bitch 1st Miles’ Jaybiem Burli Shassi JW

Graduate Bitch 2nd Spencer’s Padiky Starr Studded Skye

Graduate Bitch 3rd Bird & Head’s Cullumbern Roman Toga with Millermead JW

Post Graduate Bitch 1st Green’s Bernerdalens’ Quest For Fame at Waldershelf (Imp Swe)

Limit Bitch 1st Miles’ Jaybiem My My My JW

Limit Bitch 2nd Spencer’s Waldershelf Ethel’s Way at Padiky JW ShCM

Open Bitch 1st Granger’s Shirdees Harlow Jean of Shadybower JW

Open bitch 2nd Marsden & Robertson’s Trudeleaze Majik Potion

Open Bitch 3rd S. J. & E. Green’s Waldershelf All About Edna JW

6 – 11 years Junior Handling winner Sophia Ishaque & Judge Paige Spencer

12-16 yrs Junior Handling 1st Serena Cox and 2nd Holly Cox with Judge Paige Spencer (centre)

Presentation to Judge Graham Hill by club President Mark Wakeland

Presentation to Junior Handling and Special Members Awards Judge Paige Spencer by club President Mark Wakeland

Special Members Award Puppy 1st Newton’s Qamre van’t Maroyke (Imp Bel)

Special Members Award Puppy 2nd Marsden & Robertson’s Tickbern Valincza avec Vellbern

Special Members Awards Junior 1st Green’s Matthias vom Durrbachler Wald at Waldershelf (Imp Nld)

Special Members Awards Post Graduate 1st Green’s Bernerdalen’s Quest for Fame at Waldershelf (Imp Nld)

Special Members Awards Post Graduate 2nd Atherton’s Arvella Penny Lane

Special Members Award Post Graduate 3rd Hogg & Newton’s Kumo van’t Maroyke (Imp Bel)

Special Members Award Open being judged by Paige Spencer

Special Members Award 1st Scott’s Welshbern One Vision at Scobern ShCM

Special Members Award 2nd Marsden & Robertson’s Trudeleaze Majik Potion

Special Members Award 3rd Hogg’s Ischka van’t Maroyke to Buganeezee (Imp Nld)

Special Members Award Reserve Jones’ Alphanova Iridessa of Jesterbern

Judge’s Report from Mr Graham Hill








1ST HAMILTON’S PADIKY MONSOON MONTY a well grown, very smart 6-month-old of pleasing bone and body development. Although a raw youngster he has size and a quality look and is in commendable body and coat condition. True parallel, well boned front with enough angulations and notably having desirable fore-chest combined with ideal width across the chest. Attractive head, with breed typical features and expression, which I liked. He has satisfying length to height proportions which hopefully he will retain with maturity. Moved in typical puppy style, still needing to tighten in front but steady enough to assess. He has reach and positive rear action which edged him over the other puppies on show today. Best Puppy in Breed.


MILES’ LITTLEHIDDEN JYME SPICEZ AT JAYBIEM a substantial, well grown and well boned 9-month-old who has an undeniable masculine good-looking head shape and expression. At a difficult stage in development; although parallel and well boned forelegs, he needs to strengthen and tighten as he tended to turn out from pasterns both standing and, on the move. Sturdy and well grown in body with good spring and ribbing but tended to lose top-line and is a little rear-high at the moment. He has all the basics to develop into a well made powerful adult. Stable, broad hindquarters with enough angulations at this age. Moved confidently with satisfactory rear action but needing to be more precise in front.



1ST GREEN’S MATTHIAS VOM DURRBACHLER WALD AT WALDERSHELF (IMP NED) a 12-month-old powerful looking male who is well boned and has pleasing substance of body. He has a head shape with the proportions and expression that I liked. Dark correctly shaped eyes which I preferred to 2nd. He is true in front and has good width across the chest. Well bodied with broad strong loins. He is of moderate construction and has nothing in exaggeration. One that has great promise and a basis for sound development with maturity. Better mover of this class.

2ND SCOTT’S SZARHEGYALJAI ELYJAH AT SCOBERN (IMP HUN) a well grown 13-month-old upstanding male who has size and substance, he is powerful in forequarters and stands totally in balance. Distinctive strong head but preferred the head planes and muzzle proportions of 1st. In profile he has an overall striking appearance and noticeable angulations front and rear and a body of substance with good spring and ribbing. Well boned front of decent width although tending to splay and so needs to strengthen and tighten both standing and moving which I am sure will come with time and maturity. Not settled on the move.


1ST COX’S MEADOWPARK TAKE ME ON a sturdy 19-month-old imposing young male who is good to go over and, although not well schooled, possesses plenty of conformation and breed qualities. Won this class without assistance from his handler. Both dog and handler need sympathetic advice and encouragement from fellow club members which will enable the quality of this male to be expressed and appreciated. Well made front and forequarters which I preferred to 2nd & 3rd. Pleasing head set on to a strong neck, plenty of body substance and stable nicely angled hindquarters. Untrained but still the better mover of this class.


3RD KNIGHT’S CULLUMBERN ROMAN ROAD AT KERNOW another well grown 20-month-old young male who is well boned and carrying good substance. Not the scope to stand over the ground as the 1st but at 20 months of age he still has some time to mature and grow on. Masculine head of pleasing shape. Free moving in side gait but was close and loose hocked behind.


1ST PERKS’ KERNOW FESTIVAL BUZZ a well-made 3-year-old substantial male who has a sturdy, full-bodied appearance viewed from all angles. Strong, well-shaped masculine head shape which despite markings, I preferred to 2nd. True and well boned in front, pleasing width across the chest. He has desirable development in bone and body and is soundly built. Moderate angulation front and rear. Free moving in side gait with purposeful front and rear action; better mover of the class.

2ND HOGG & NEWTON’S KUMO VAN’T MAROYKE (IMP BEL) a mature 7-year-old who when standing fills the eye with his attractive well-proportioned, balanced side profile. He has a powerful, sturdy appearance and is true and well boned in front and is well bodied with broad, let down hindquarters. Masculine and strong look in head which, for me, I would prefer to be more refined. Enthusiastic mover although needs to settle in front and tighten in rear action.

3RD BARNES’ BERNEMCOURT IL COLLOSSO a 10-year-old in commendable coat and condition. He is one who has size, good bone and overall is carrying plenty of substance but starting to slacken all through. Pleasing in front and forequarters with good fill-in and width across the chest. He needs to stand over the ground to show off to his best. Tends to be high over the rear. Happy temperament but unsettled when moving.


1ST MILES & ISHAQUE’S JAYBIEM STAN INNOVATION JW a rising 2-year-old impressive looking powerful male who appears to be coming into his prime. Handsome head which is breed typical and of attractive shape, look and expression which I preferred to 2nd. Satisfying in conformation all through being well boned and strong in substance of body and loin with firm top-line. Overall, he is all in proportion and is balanced in angulations front and rear. Needs more control and to be steadier on the move but did enough to show he can move well.

2ND PERKS’ KERNOW FESTIVAL BUZZ as previous comment.


1ST GRIFFITHS, ORME & MILES’ JAYBIEM WITH N’WITHOUT Y’ZEUS JW a quality rising 2-year-old who is of imposing appearing being totally balanced with excellent body proportions. Stands four-square and is pleasing on the eye. Strong, handsome head of desirable shape and proportions set well onto strong ideal length neck. Soundly constructed in front, forequarters, body and hindquarters being well boned and firm and well-built in body. Moved well and free with positive, controlled action. A real contender for best male today.

2ND FAIRCLOUGH’S MONALOU SPIRIT OF DISCOVERY a 3-year-old sturdy looking, well grown male who has good bone and carries plenty of substance. Not the balance and good proportions of 1st and does not have the same scope to stand over the ground but he still has some time to develop and mature. Pleasing masculine head of fitting shape and in proportion to the rest of him. Needs to stride out more on the move
3RD STEPHENSON’S MATERA’S RECORD BREAKER a strapping 2-year-old who although of strong and sturdy appearance needs more time to come together to have more balance in side profile. He is well boned and true enough in front, plenty of length in body but would improve his look with slightly more angulations front and rear. Preferred the head, eye and expression of those above in this class. Needs to settle on the move.


1ST HUGHES’ WALDERSHELF CAUSING KAOS a stand-out 4-year-old mature male who has a strong, powerful appearance being well-boned, firm of substance and body. Smart looking, breed typical head with an assured, friendly, good natured disposition. Well made front and forequarters, sturdy body with pleasing spring and being ribbed well back. Firm in top-line and strong and ideal width of loin. Due to his happy nature he tended to be a bit fond of his tail. Moved well and free especially in rear action.

2ND MARSDEN & ROBERTSON’S TRUDALEAZE MAJIK POTION a mature 5-year-old male of generous proportions. Not as well balanced in side profile as 1st. Strong in head and well defined in shape although just preferred expression of 1st. Large in stature and body construction with complimentary bone; needs to strengthen and tighten all through. Moved with purpose but not settled in action.


1ST BIRD & BRIDGES’ KERNOW SOMETHING Sh CM an impressive 3-year-old upstanding male of great stature and striking appearance. Handsome, breed typical masculine head set well on to a strong ideal length neck. He has a mature body of firm substance which has breadth and depth in chest, a firm covering and an abundant coat in commendable condition, length and texture. Stands well with excellent overall proportions, length to height, which edged him over 2nd. Commanding and very impressive in appearance. Moved with a striding action although in the challenge for Best of Breed just preferred the extension of the bitch. Best Male, Best Opposite Sex and Reserve Best In Show

2ND GRANGER’S ORLANDO BLOOM AT JAYBIEM a 4-year-old mature looking male who possesses undeniable quality in conformation and in breed characteristics. Overall slightly smaller in stature than 1st but nonetheless he has desirable bone and body substance. Attractive well shaped head with a pleasant expression. He has the correct proportions and balance especially when viewed from front and side when standing and moving. Moved with freedom and purpose but not as precise in front or rear action as 1st. Reserve Best Dog.

3RD SCOTT’S WELSHBERN ONE VISION AT SCOBERN ShCM a shapely 5-year-old who has a very satisfying appearance in side profile when standing. He has pleasing size and overall proportions and has good angulation front and rear; flexible pasterns. Typy and masculine in head, well boned front with desirable fore-chest. Let himself down on the move needing more enthusiasm and settled action front and rear.


1ST GRIFFITHS, SLADE & ORME’S CH JAYBIEM VOU DOO AT POTTERSPRIDE JW a 7½ year old quality bitch who has satisfactory size and shape. Sturdy in appearance and strong in forequarters with substance of body, pleasing spring, depth and strength in loin. Better head of the class. Although she had a full-bodied look, she is all in proportion and is balanced in overall length/height. She has an impressive happy, outgoing personality similar to one of more tender years. An eager mover and best mover of the class. Best Veteran in Show.

2ND HOGG’S ISCHKA VAN’T MAROYKE TO BUGANEEZEE an 8-year-old of slightly smaller stature than 1st. Feminine in head and expression, pleasing in eyes, ears could be smaller in size. True front, could have more lay-back, good spring and width with stable hindquarters. Needs to be more settled on the move.



1ST COHEN’S FORTONPARK TOP DESIGN FOR HUTZPAH a super quality 6-month-old puppy. The one I would have liked to take home. She has all the qualities you would look for in a puppy, attractive head, being breed typical, having desirable conformation with no obvious faults at this stage in her development. She has a sound foundation structure to grow on. Confident in temperament both standing and moving; moved in typical puppy style. Best Bitch Puppy but gave way to maturity when challenging for Best Puppy in Show.


1ST NEWTON’S QAMRA V T MAROYKE a well-developed 10-month-old bitch who is well boned and is shapely even at this young age. Very attractive head of pleasing shape and friendly expression. True front perhaps could be more flexible in pastern; pleasing in overall length with firm moderately angled in hindquarters. She has the basis and scope to body up over her back and loin. Very promising. Better mover of this class.

2ND MARSDEN & ROBERTSON’S TICKBERN VALINCZA AVEC VELLBERN an obviously well enough constructed youngster who, at just under 12-month-old, is going through a difficult stage in her development. Still growing she has lost her shape and angles front and rear and tends to look high over the loin. Nonetheless she has pleasing bone and body and has the essential structure to body up all through and successfully mature. Needs to settle on the move to give of her best.

3RD SMITH’S ATLANTICBELL SWEET SUNSET a well grown 10-month-old who has a happy outgoing temperament which did not help her handler both standing or when moving. She is of satisfactory size and is well boned and well bodied. Looks in commendable coat condition. Attractive head, true well boned front, pleasing body substance. She is still very much a puppy but possesses enough quality to be a very promising show prospect.


1ST SPENCER’S PADIKY STARR STUDDED SKYE a 17 month well grown junior who is all in proportion and balanced with pleasing angulations front and rear. Very pleasing on the eye both in standing profile and in side gait on the move. I liked her head both in proportions and shape. Strong neck, well bone true front and well-made body with satisfying substance. Moved well front and rear action and the better in this class.

2ND GREEN’S MADELL VOM DURRBACHLER WALD AT WALDERSHELF (IMP NED) a very attractive 13-month-old who has a sturdy quality look although still needs to come together to improve outline and to tighten with maturity. Pleasing head, eyes and expression. True well boned front although tends to stand wide. Good length body which has substance. All the basics to grow on, strengthen to improve top-line and rear angulation. A little short stepping and unsettled on the move.


1ST BOOT’S FAIRY COURT SPARKLES OF KAYCIBERN a mature 4-year-old having a sturdy but feminine appearance. Good-looking in head and expression, strong neck, true and well made in front and forequarters. Pleasing length and substance of body. Balanced in angulations front and rear. Better mover of the class when settled although as a result of a happy gait tended to occasionally be jaunty on the move and a bit fond of her tail.

2ND MARSDEN & ROBERTSON’S TICKBERN VALINCZA AVEC VELLBERN comments as before but more together and settled on the move in this class.

3RD JONES’ ALPHANOVA IRIDESSA OF JESTERBERN a 7-year-old full-figured mature bitch who is of noticeable size and substance. Strong head and would prefer smaller ears. Strong neck, good overall length but tends to lose shape due to weighty substance. Laboured on the move.


1ST MILES’ JAYBIEM BURLI SHASSI JW an impressive 21-month-old eye-catching bitch of striking appearance of ideal size and stature. Beautiful feminine breed typical head which set well on to a strong medium length neck leading to a body of firm substance. She has pleasing fore-chest, breadth across the chest, depth and spring of ribs. Shapely and noble in appearance enhanced by her soft textured silky coat which is adequately long not to detract from her well balanced ideal proportioned outline. She was the best mover here today moving with true purpose and balanced striding action. Best Bitch and Best In Show


3RD BIRD & HEAD’S CULLUMBERN ROMAN TOGA WITH MILLERMEAD JW a very attractive 20-month-old bitch of obvious breed and conformation qualities. Pleasing size, bone and body and is sturdily built without losing any of her style or femininity. The best of breed typical heads head which is just right in size and shape and completely matches the rest of her. Impressive in markings and coat. Well-proportioned and well balanced in side profile. Free striding in side gait on the move but just needed to settle in front action.


1ST GREEN’S BERNERDALENS QUEST FOR FAME AT WALDERSHELF (IMP NED) a 2-year-old quality attractive bitch who has an attractive head both in shape, proportion and markings. True front and sturdy in bone and good substance body and imposing in appearance. Overall, she has pleasing body proportions length to height and adequate angulations front and rear. Free moving.


1ST MILES’ JAYBIEM MY MY MY JW a very well-made rising 2-year-old substantial quality bitch. She is attractive in outline viewed from all angles. Her appearance is enhanced by her breed typical, feminine head which together with her better front movement edged her over 2nd. She is well made all through and has excellent bone and body and has a strong, well-built but feminine look. Moved freely with true front action; the better mover of this class.

2ND SPENCER’S WALDERSHELF ETHELS WAY AT PADIKY JW ShCM a very smart quality looking 4 year old who looks younger than her years. She has a very attractive head set on to a strong, moderate length neck which flows into her well made substantial body. In side profile she is in proportion and balanced in angulations front/rear. True in front but tends to stand a little narrow. Movement was ok but would prefer more reach.


1ST GRANGER’S SHIRDEES HARLOW JEAN OF SHADYBLOWER JW an impressive looking quality 3-year-old well-made bitch who is sturdy and has very satisfying overall make and shape. Pleasing to go over and appreciate her excellent confirmation all through. Lovely head and expression, true well boned front, desirable fore-chest, well balanced and proportioned body with nicely let down hindquarters. She is firm of stance and stands well over the ground presenting a breed typical picture from head to rear. The best mover of this class.
2ND MARSDEN & ROBERTSON’S TRUDALEAZE MAJIK POTION a 4-year-old substantially constructed bitch who is of pleasing shape and proportions. She is sturdy in appearance and is well boned and is of satisfying length to height proportions. Feminine in head with pleasing head planes although perhaps could be broader in skull. True front of ok width and fill-in. Moved with a free purposeful action just needing to be more precise in front.

3RD GREEN’S WALDERSHELF ALL ABOUT EDNA JW an upstanding 4 year old mature bitch of ideal height to length proportions. Attractive head set on to ideal length neck, substantial body, true front but tending to appear upright. Stable, good width, moderate angled hindquarters. free moving in side gait but needs to settle coming and going.


Special Members Awards

Judges Report by Paige Spencer

Class A – Special Award Puppy (Dog/Bitch)
2 Entries, 0 Absent

1st – Qamra V T Maroyke, 10 month old bitch with a nice feminine head and correct eye shape. Good bone, size and width of chest, nice markings with rich tan on the chest and head. Sound side profile, slightly close on the back end and could use more back angulation. Nice topline on the stand and is held on the move.

2nd – Tickbern Valincza Avec Vellbern, eleven month old bitch with a nice broad head and rich tan but I would prefer more white. aCould also use more back angulation but had an overall sound side profile, topline slightly dips on the stand but is held straight on the move.

Class B – Special Award Junior (Dog/Bitch)
1 Entry, 0 Absent

1st – Matthias Von Durrbachler Wald at Waldershelf (Imp Nld), 13 month old male with a nice broad head and correct markings. Correct almond shaped eyes, good width of chest, nice straight topline on the stand and was held in the move. Nice bone and size and body in proportion to legs, good front & rear movement, overall very sound.

Class C – Special Award Post Graduate (Dog/Bitch)
5 Entries, 0 Absent

1st – Bernerdalens Quest for Fame at Waldershelf, two year old bitch with a strong shape with good head and overall nice markings. Has a straight topline on the stand and is held on the move, nice angulation with strong rear movement and is overall very sound.

2nd – Arvella Penny Lane, 20 month old bitch with a nice shape and broad head, good topline on the stand and is held on the move. Strong front movement but slightly close on the back, very sound.

3rd – Jaybiem Stan Innovation JW, 2 year old male, good width of chest and nice shape and bone. Very sound movement for his age, legs could be more in proportion to body but has nice angulation.

Class D – Special Award Open (Dog/Bitch)
6 Entries, 2 Absents

1st – Welshbern One Vision at Scobern ShCM, 5 year old male, good size and substance with a strong head and good markings, slightly close on the rear movement but has a sound side profile.

2nd – Trudaleaze Majik Potion, 4 year old bitch, nice size and good bone, nice back angulation but slightly close on the move. Narrow muzzle and skull, nice topline on the stand but slightly drops on the move.

3rd – Ischka Van’T Maroyke to Bunganeezee, 8 year old bitch, good size and bone, legs in proportion to body, topline slightly dips on the stand but improved on the move. Nice markings but could use more white on the front paws, nice front and rear movement with a sound side profile.