Golden Jubilee 2022


21st – 25th September 2022

Forest Oak Farm, Lydney, Gloucestershire.



We are delighted to finally be able to go live with all our plans for the Golden Jubilee event and invite people to book from today onwards. There are still many details for us to work on but  bookings can be made. We hope lots of Bernese fanciers, exhibitors, owners, carters will join us and make the event a really celebration of the Bernese Mountain Dog and an event to remember.

All activities require booking in advance, ideally and most easily via our online system, even when there is no charge, so for more information on this see the guide to the booking system which has lots of links to other informative and helpful places.  For the assistance of overseas visitors who may likely to plan a longer show based ‘road trip’ visit, at the end of this guide is a list of UK and Irish shows in the weeks before and after our event. More information can be found via the links below, most of which are repeated on the Guide to the Booking Process page.

Please note, show entries on Fosse Data are not yet possible but we hope for that to be live very soon and will provide a link here.



To all Bernese owners,

Our attention can now turn properly to our Golden Jubilee September events and we have launched our online booking system and I again invite you to come and join us for our 50th birthday celebrations from 21st to 25th of September.

We know it will be difficult or impossible for some of our friends to come, directly or indirectly, due to the ongoing Ukrainian situation and our thoughts are with everyone involved in this.

Apologies for the length of this post but there are just so many great Bernese activities to tell you about

We have events from Wednesday to Sunday with two days of show in the middle and there are events planned for each evening to let everyone stay together and mix. It will be hard work for us but we are quite hopeful it will be a great Bernese experience.

With the kind consent of BIWG President Martha Cehrs, the BIWG meeting will be the usual mix of official BIWG representatives and allowed spectators. If you are coming to the meeting please record your place on the booking system and indicate whether you are a “delegate” as a representative of your BMD club or country, or maybe a long standing associate and supporter or a “spectator” i.e. someone wishes to witness the meeting but is not officially involved.

The health symposium the next day has an good mix of subjects and speakers. Of course we have Dr Benoit Hedan for the SH update and Lori and Gary are coming to update on Berner Garde and Martha Cehrs will give a short BIWG update. Our other main speakers are a Professor of Virology who will speak abut vaccines – because we have not heard enough about vaccines since we last met.😀. We also have Dr Joanna Ilska the Kennel Club geneticist who will talk about the genetics of Bernese health testing and how effective our health testing is. Dr Nick Thompson who has a very successful and popular webinar series talking about a holistic approach to canine health. He is a ‘proper’ vet with his own successful practice and a very good speaker who should give us all a few things to think about blending different areas together to give a complete approach to health.

The day will end with a short discussion about the situation the breed is in and how health fits into that in different countries. Several countries are dealing with strong welfare and health related situations with restrictions on shows and pedigree dog activities. What MORE should we, as the people responsible for our breed’s health, be doing to safeguard our breed from the attention of the politicians and lobby groups? What should our health priorities be for the BMD in the current climate? We do surveys and health tests and attend seminars but what how do we make that work to protect our breed? OK, we won’t have time to properly discuss these big questions 🥴🤔😀 but I think while we are all gathered together it is a good chance to just start a discussion about these things because our community is an international one and the anti pedigree lobby is also international and we have to take it seriously, whatever country we are in.

We then have two days of shows and finish on Sunday with the international judges meeting which again will be a mix of presentations and  discussion with a similar end to the day discussing what responsibility judges have for the breed in the current climate. There is also an Obedience show, Junior Handling and character testing as well as different themed carting displays to open events and the chance to try your dog in a cart if you wish. There is also a Swiss Breeds event with all four Swiss Mountain breeds invited and some novelty fun classes as well on Saturday.

It will also be possible to book to have blood taken for the new Antagene test that includes the SH test at a reduced rate as well as conduct a DHP Titre test on your dog.

In the evenings we have different British themed events, such as a Fish and Chip supper, a British pub night, a Great British Fete night. These include a various dog events  such as a Champions parade, a Veterans Parade – both open to all Swiss Mountain Breeds, torchlit carting parade, other carting, Bernese Heelwork to Music demonstration and lots of other breed and British based activity, all included with the bargain price of your meal. Of course, people do not have to stay for the evenings and can go out into the towns and villages if they wish but the idea we have is that people do not need to leave the venue from arriving in the morning until they leave at night, unless camping on site, and we think we have a great programme of good value evening British/Bernese events for people. Please remember attendance at all events must be booked and it is easy to do online.

It is a packed Bernese experience for four and a half days and you can find details of events and how to book places here with links to all the necessary information and pages, including a guide to UK shows for overseas visitors, and an invaluable guide to the booking system with all sorts of information links included.

Attendance at all activities, even the free ones, must be booked or registered in advance and can easily be booked on line using the SumUp system but we do recommend you refer to the booking guide first.

As mentioned previously, there is no big hotel we can use but there are lots of smaller hotels and BnBs close by, many of these are giving discounts for people attending our event. We have a very friendly lady, Abbie Manix, co-ordinating accommodation and she will happily give you advice on this. Details of all these places, and much more, are in the advance planning booklet circulated previously but if you are uncertain and need help with accommodation then please contact Abbie on the above email.

If you are coming to exhibit in our shows you will have to enter on the online entry system. It is the same company used by Crufts so if you have exhibited your dog at Crufts you will not have to register again. Incidentally if you have driven to Crufts with a dog it is about the same driving time from Dover to our venue as it is to Crufts. If you are enthusiastic to show then you might want an extended holiday going to UK shows and the booking guide has details of other UK and Irish shows in the weeks before and after our event.

It will be a busy but rewarding time but especially after the COVID lockdown years we think it will be a great Bernese get together amongst breed friends who we haven’t seen for a while and a chance to escape for a while from the crazy world we share. We are looking at it as a full immersive Bernese experience not just a series of individual events but everything coming together for a total Bernese fix, the world is full of division but the Bernese world can come together and relax with us.

I hope I am able to welcome you to our event and I hope many people can stay for the full event but we will be grateful for everyone who comes to get away from the problems of the world for any time. I have to admit, writing it all out like this is frightening me with how much we have taken on, but however it all works out, I can assure you of a warm welcome amongst Bernese friends.

Please consider our event and make any friends who may be interested aware and the link to this page. For more details ask them to contact the hard working, organising committee at Please feel free to circulate this to anyone who may be interested.

Thank you and with Best Wishes

Steve Green