GOLDEN JUBILEE MAIN EVENT It is an understatement to say it is difficult to plan our proposed 2021 event as we progress through 2020 and into 2021 itself. Whilst there appear to be some grounds for optimism for events in the latter part of the year we still cannot say what restrictions might still be in place. For example when  planning the Health Seminar or BIWG meeting can we be sure the social distancing will no longer be in place even if the overall event is cleared to go ahead? At what point will we be able to say for sure because until that point we cannot confirm any arrangements? Please note our event has already been affected by rescheduling of events elsewhere so earlier timetables may be incorrect.

However difficult it is for us to plan this uncertainty is inevitably passed on to anyone wanting to plan to attend our event and we of course appreciate that so we give the outline of our planned events below in good faith but at this stage we cannot give any guarantee that any of them will occur. We can only say we will do our best but there are many factors outside our control and we cannot even say with any confidence when this position will change.

So we can only say to all our friends out there, all over the world, please make plans to attend our celebration event, hope to come and cross your fingers for us but please do not commit any (non-recoverable) finances to bookings until we can be more certain.

The current schedule for our event in September all to be held at Stoneleigh Park in and around the Kennel Club Building is…….

Wednesday 22nd (Afternoon)

The Berner International Working Group Meeting

Invited delegates from the member clubs plus a number of extra places subject to space.


Thursday 23rd (All day)

Bernese Health Seminar

Specialist speakers on health matters relevant to the Bernese Mountain Dog – open to all, details to be announced.

Friday 24th

Our postponed and rescheduled 2020 Championship Show

Show Judge Sarah Peacocke

Saturday 25th

2021 Championship Show and our (extra) Golden Jubilee Championship Show

Judges Helen Davenport Willis and Steve Green


There will be evening social events between all of these days to allow people to relax and swap stories and news from around the Bernese World.

Of course we have many more details to finalise and announce in the coming months but this information should enable people to make tentative plans. We have hotel rooms reserved on site so please email to enquire about these.

Some members and visitors may wish to note that, as well as these three shows, there are Bernese Mountain Dog CCs on offer on Sunday as part of Birmingham National Dog Show at Bingley Hall, Stafford (about an hour away), so those keen enough could try for 4 CCs in just 3 days.