Golden Jubilee Photos

Some viewers may not be aware all the available photos from the Golden Jubilee, far more than those used here on our web site, can all be viewed via the club’s photo hosting system on Smugmug. The following is an extract from the page that explains the Golden Jubilee photo hosting options.

If you have any of your own photos of you, your friends and family or your dogs enjoying our Golden Jubilee event or just general shots of the days you would like to share please email them to and we will be glad to add them to the galleries. If it is not clear just let us know which gallery they belong in, Friday, Saturday or the general event.

Click here to view the Club ‘s online Albums

This link will take you to the club’s Smugmug photo hosting account homepage where you can choose a gallery to look through, including other events represented from the past years. Many more photos than we have space to use on our web report pages of each event are collected here. These galleries will be a mix of our official photographs, usually identifiable by the photographer’s logo watermarked or added onto them, and others from a variety of sources we think expand the coverage of the day.

Due to its size the Golden Jubilee coverage is broken down into three galleries as below.

Golden Jubilee Friday Events – includes Official and other photos of Show opening carting parade, Championship Show (Jens & Lisbet Ramsing), Obedience winners and presentations, Friday evening Torchlit Carting Parade, Champions Parade and Auction

Golden Jubilee Saturday Events – includes Swiss Breeds event, both Championship Shows, (Helen Davenport Willis and Steve Green), early morning activities and evening festivities

General Jubilee Events – includes basically everything else, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday’s events and general activities such as camping

Once the link to a gallery is open you have a range of options and it is similar to many online photo viewing albums. You view the thumbnail photos on display and maybe click on any you want to look at in more detail to see a larger version or you can click on the ‘play’ symbol  just to the right above the top row of photographs or sometimes within the top right photo, to view them all as a slide show, either rolling around automatically every 5 seconds or so or by clicking on the arrows to scroll through quicker at your own speed. To start the slide show from a different place just click on that photo before clicking on the play button.