Golden Jubilee Event


April 2021 – It is with mixed senses of sadness and pragmatism that the committee of the BMDC of GB announce that we have decided to postpone our Golden Jubilee events scheduled for this coming September.

This is entirely due to consequences of the COVID situation including;

  • Potential travel problems and lack of time to arrange travel for overseas visitors,
  • Potential difficulties with the indoor aspects to both the meetings and social events,
  • Lack of certainty means the build up to, anticipation of and attendance at the event will be severely compromised,
  • The venue cannot confirm availability at this point,
  • The rescheduling of the World Show had already affected our event.Sadly there are just too many uncertainties that could affect our event, even if it were able to go ahead it could not be the special occasion we want it to be.We have provisional agreement from the KC to move the CCs to 2022 so plan to reschedule the Golden Jubilee events for September 2022 with a similar timetable but we cannot announce any details with any certainty until we are able to confirm some essential details, such as venue availability. Please note anyone who, via our Secretary, had already reserved a room for 2021 at Stoneleigh Lodge will have their booking rolled forward to 2022 unless they express differently.We are still hoping to hold our rescheduled 2020 Championship show on Saturday 25th of September 2021 in whatever way we can. This cannot be confirmed for a while yet and may have to be a different event or at a different venue to the usual arrangements but, if so, people will understand this. Also look out for further announcements of the rest of the year’s events.We hope our members and all those hoping to attend any of the re-scheduled events will understand these decisions and we look forward to welcoming you as soon as we are able.

    Thank you,

    BMDC of GB

Please note all further developments will be announced here and circulated to our members and interested parties.