Health Testing at the Golden Jubilee 2022

Reduced Cost Health Testing at the


Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th September 2022 (Show Days)

Forest Oak Farm, Lydney, Gloucestershire.

Update 31st May 2022

As we have done previously the club is pleased to be offering reduce fee health testing at this event but only on the show days of the event. This will most notably include the SH ‘Histio’ test provided by French company Antagene. We had this all set out and good to go but at the last moment Antagene announced changes to their test. So, we changed everything and went to press with our schedule and booking system set up for how things were at that time.

Antagene have now reverted to offering the single SH test as a stand alone test again, albeit at a slightly higher price than previously. We are currently seeking to clarify exactly what we can offer and at what price so cannot accept any bookings for health testing at the moment until we can be clear. We hope this will only take a day or two but for now we have had to suspend bookings for the tests. Other parts of the week and individual activities can be booked and people are welcome to do so and revisit the booking system later to book their health testing when this is possible.

However, interested parties can rest assured that the price we are able to offer will, thanks to the subsidy from the BHI and the continuing generosity of Dr Irvine, be exceptional value and significantly cheaper than possible with many vets, especially when we hear the prices sometimes charged for the sampling. This is just a temporary ‘blip’ in arrangements and we hope to be able to be completely clear and back up able to take bookings in a few days. If you are one of the people who have already booked we will be in touch with you when we know exactly where we stand.

Once we are able to be clear details of how to book and exactly what is on offer will be on the guide to booking page in section 4b and all bookings will be possible via the  SumUp Booking system

We do recommend looking at the Guide before booking anything and there are lots of links to this and much more information on the general event page