Spring Garden Party & B.A.D. 2022

The club’s twice yearly Bernese fun fix week-end went ahead as planned and despite a few problems a ‘good time was had by all’ as the saying goes, at our Spring Garden Party on Sunday 1st May, with many people taking advantage of the Bank Holiday Monday to stay on site for an extra day.p


Saturday – The BAD

This year the club staged its first KC Breed Appreciation Day (the unfortunately acronymed B.A.D.) on the day before.

For those who wondered what was going on these are a compulsory requirement of the Kennel Club for all breed clubs to stage at least once every 2 years as part of the Judges Education Programme (J.E.P.) Some of the elements are identical in this system to the previous Level 2 Advanced Judges system but there are differences in how they are applied in the overall system. This is a big undertaking due to the number of dogs and handlers and mentors and assessors needed to make it work and they all need feeding and thanking meaning, as an aside to everything else, around 70 people have to be catered for. The club would like to say a big thank you to all those who helped with the provision of the day whether with the catering or supplying a dog, or dogs, and handler. These days also need the help of many people in providing dogs and expertise as assessors and mentors, we are really grateful to everyone who travelled and gave up a few hours of their time to assist the development and assessment of our breed’s future judges – you have all earnt the right to ‘mumble’ about judges in the future!

Basically the day splits roughly into a morning of an educational presentation on the breed complimented by some hands on experience of live dogs. This is then followed by a multiple choice examination for most candidates and in the afternoon various levels of assessment and tests to pass for some or live mentoring for others.

Our big problem was that the on site electric supply had failed the previous evening and been off overnight and although it was restored in the morning it kept tripping out, disrupting the morning presentation and the catering. Eventually a temporary solution was found for the power to the projector and things proceeded more smoothly. After a cold night and a very frosty start, the day was gloriously sunny which seemed unlikely, to say the least, to those of us who had been on site all week, mostly freezing our proverbials preparing the venue.

As the breed’s BEC, (Breed Education CoOrdinator), Emily Green had the unenviable task of pulling all these people and dogs together so they were all in the right place at the right time. Most of the candidates were non breed specialists who have attended several of these events in other breeds and pleasingly, despite the problems, there seemed to be a general consensus that this was amongst the best they had been to and we received lots of complimentary feedback, so the day reflected well on the club and the breed.

So, well done Emily and everyone who helped out – especially those we had to rope in from other breeds who gave their time to handle dogs – you all did yourselves and the Bernese world proud.

Saturday Evening – Party Time

By Saturday evening the electricity board had attended and fixed the supply problem and the normal Pre-Garden Party Party was able to go ahead, albeit with the food unavoidably delayed by the earlier lack of oven electrical power until the problem was fixed. No one complained (thank you) and the food was eventually well received and Fiona Hallam’s entertainment passed the evening away under the marquee until well into darkness.


Sunday – Garden Party Day









In stark contrast to the day before Sunday dawned very damp and gloomy and then spent most of the day alternating either side of the line between light drizzle and just ‘damp in the air’. Our first poor weather Garden Party day for years and years did not seem to reduce the enjoyment of the day or the attendance which surprised us all after a slow start. The catering and club shops were very busy and, although not at their highest levels the main ring classes and the Puppy, Rescue and Veterans Parades were all well supported considering the gloomy setting of the day. Main ring compere Mark Avery was doing his best to keep things entertaining despite being hampered by not only the weather, but also microphone mobility problems, (possibly caused by the power issues the previous day), and being restricted to no more than a few yards from the PA system.

A massive amount of work takes place to get this event prepared and delivered and your committee would be absolutely stumped without the assistance of  a number of partners, friends and other volunteers. Without this additional help this event would simply not take place in anything like its current successful form. No one is obliged to help, not even committee, so the fact so many people work so hard and for so long to help this event has to be recognised.

We would like to record a massive thank you to the following  non committee volunteers, many of whom put in several long and intense days, and we really couldn’t have done it without them. There are a lot of exhausted people at the end of this event.

Owen Copeland 

Andy Hallam 

David Robertson

Jeanette Green

Ollie Jones

Katie Jones

Ashley Jones

Chelsea Hickling

Racquel Walker

Simon Brown

Travis Peter 

Simon and Beverley Gould

Abbie Manix

Helen Thompson

Alison Cliff

Julie Wright

Cliff Mills

We are really grateful to all the above helpers and if you might like to help us in the future talk to Lianne when you book for the next one.

A extra special thanks to Owen Copeland and Simon Brown for their help with the power issues we encountered, we were really worried about the event for a while.

We also have to thank our main judges and officials on Sunday

  • Jackie Yarker (Main ring judge)
  • Sam Avery (Main ring steward)
  • Jude Brendan and Dave (Character Assessment)
  • Gill Culliford & helper (Good Citizens Dog Scheme)
  • Chris Handley (Working Carts)
  • Di Crawshaw (Working Carts)
  • Sue Small & husband (Obedience judge & steward)
  • Pauline Bullock (Decorated Carting  judge)
  • Alison Smith & partner (Agility judge & steward)

As an aside, further big congratulations to Di Crawshaw who has been recognised at work and invited to a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace. (Just can’t be as good as our Garden Party can it?!)

We also thank our sponsor Happy Dog who provided food bags for our main ring winners.

It wouldn’t be right to complete this section without a special mention for Lianne Marsden who pulls this huge event together every time and puts her heart and soul into it for well over a week. A few people have mentioned how smoothly it all goes but a few others are astute enough to realise that at times we are like the swan, perhaps serene and graceful on the surface but paddling like mad under the surface. Lianne keeps us all paddling in the right direction.

Finally a big thank you to everyone who made the effort to come and support our day, we were astonished at the turn out in the damp, murky weather and really grateful for the support and kind comments. We know these are becoming difficult times for everyone but to perhaps keep things in perspective we had a mother and daughter present who are refugees from Ukraine, who have lost everything but currently safely living with club members. To them the craziness of the Main ring must have seemed very surreal and even more detached from their world than it does to the rest of us.



A small number of photos can be found on this page, and a few more will appear, but as always all the photos from the day will be found on the club’s Smugmug photo gallery via this link. So for most events covered by a photograph there will be more photos in the gallery. This too will grow for a while so please keep returning to see more photos. Once opened you can look as presented by scrolling through with the arrows and clicking on any photo to see a larger version or set yourself a slide show running, just look for the play button (usually towards to top right on the opening screen). If you click on the larger photo next to the thumbnails you will then get a more full screen version and you can use the arrows to scroll through, there are options as to how to view things. Similarly, once playing a slideshow you can use the arrows to move things on a bit quicker if you want or just enjoy them passing by at their own pace.

We are especially grateful for additional photos included in this gallery from award winning photographer and Bernese owner Sue Blythe

More to come

Reports, photos and more comment will appear here as they become available so please keep returning as this page takes shape and do let us know about any gaps in the information as sections are completed. Some photos will appear here but there will also be the usual album of the week-end’s events available from here so if you have any photos of the week-end you’d like to share with everyone, especially of subjects or activities not already shown, please feel free to send them to web@bernese.co.uk


Overall Top Working Dog

Alongside all the fun and frolics there were several working activities taking place, namely Working Carts, Agility and Obedience. At the end of the day overall performance in all of these is looked at to produce an overall Working (BMD) Dog of the Day. This takes the best performance from each discipline giving 5 points for a 1st place, (4 for second etc), and adding them together to give a score. Things are usually very close and we have sometimes had to go to several levels of tie break decider practice. Today was no exception with just 2 points separating the top 3 dogs.  After that today’s very worthy winner was, with a 1st, a 2nd and a 3rd place adding up to 12 points was Sandra Hallam with Fizz. A close second on 11 points was Keith Brown and Phina with a 1st, 2nd and a 4th making 11 points. In third place with two first places giving her 10 points each was Lesley Messih with Annie.


Overall Top Working Dog of the Day

Well done to everyone who took part in any of the Working activities proving yet again that our breed is trainable and capable of working. You just need to put some time in and get advice if you need it and it could be you in this photograph next time.


Decorated Carts

In the Main Ring our three Decorated Carting Classes were judged by Pauline Bullock.


For some these are a real highlight of the day especially the themed class where imaginations can really run wild as the owners interpret the given theme. This year’s ’70s Music’ did not disappoint with the usual fantastic visual treat for us all to enjoy and we thank the entrants for the time and effort put in to amaze us and brighten up our day..

This is Pauline’s Judging report with some photos added in.



Swiss theme

1st Simon Gould with Lexi.  Very colourful cart with flowers and flags.  Handler resplendent in lederhosen.
2nd   Michelle Copeland with Barnaby.  Cart nicely decorated with cheeses, and flags.  Handler in costume.
3rd Elaine Worrall and Ellie Rose with Lulu.  Red and white flower hoop and pretty painted churn.  Lovely matching outfits for Elaine and granddaughter.
4th Debbie Morgan with Florence and Shadow.  Lovely to see a working brace, pulling a well decorated cart.  Handler in Swiss smock.
5th  Debbie Buck with Bram.  Churn and oversized swiss chocolate  filled the cart, handler in Swiss top.
Lovely parade, lots of effort put in by everyone, every dog looked happy and confident in their carts.


Decorated cart, fancy dress, theme 70s music

Equal 1st Owen Copeland with Barnaby.  Freddie Mercury on tour.  Cart with drummer, bass guitarist, Barnaby as the drummer and Owen as Freddie with moustache and vest, very brave in the cold and drizzle!
Equal 1st Simon and Beverley Gould with Lexi.  Paint your wagon with I was born under a wandering star playing.  Very detailed wagon with lots to see, handlers both in costume.
3rd  Chris Handley with Norman.  Rock band Kiss.  Fantastic costume for Chris, it was hard to see who it was.  Norman being a star as usual in his mask.  Cart had drums and guitar represented
Fantastic fun class, with so much effort put in by everyone, well done. Definitely all winners.

Best carting turnout

1st Cliff Mills with Barney.   Lovely 2 wheeled cart, painted dark blue with cream detailing,  matching painted churns. Dog nicely groomed. Very smart.
2nd Owen Copeland with Barnaby.  Vintage cart, freshly stripped and varnished, harness leather clean and supple, dog nicely groomed.
3rd Elaine Spalding with Rosie.  2 wheeled lightweight cart, clean webbing harness, dog well groomed, handler in bernese themed jumper.
4th Martyn Bullock with Helga.  Came in to make up numbers!  Handler in Swiss costume, blue painted cart, dog definately well groomed by me!!  Helga loved her turn around the ring.
Thank you to all the carters for their time and effort, they were all a joy to see,  well done everyone.


Character Assessment and KC Good Citizens Scheme

A regular component of these days is the temperament and behaviour assessing of these two ‘tests’ which anyone is able to book places for. We have independent assessors from outside the breed and as the club’s Code of Ethics recommends Character Assessment for all breeding dogs we make this available at these two club events every year. Our regular character assessor is Jude Brendon and we are really grateful for the time given up by Jude to come to our Garden Parties.

Delighted to report that all the dogs tested today were graded as Excellent as below

Character Assessments EXCELLENT
Cherly Sokel with Cleo ( Kernow Blue Mist)
Abbie Manix with Forbes (Waldershelf Fame N’ Fortune)
Abbie Manix with Nero (Faithful Nero My Buddy at Northshore)
Lucia & Alan Atkinson with Lottie (Amanda z Labskeho zatisi at Waldershelf (Imp Cze))
Peter Romanov with Enya (Vellbern You Crazy Diamond with Waldershelf)
Emily Green with Betty (Entlebucher Mountain Dog – Top Notch z Zamkowego Grade (Imp Pol))
Our regular Good Citizens Assessor is Gill Culliford who we were delighted to welcome again today and we really appreciate the time and effort Gill puts in to attend our days.
Good Citizens BRONZE
Abbie Manix with Nero
Abbie Manix with Forbes
Carol Davis with Tilly
Geoffrey Stelmach with Bert
Geoffrey Stelmach with Denzil
Debbie Buck with Lyra
Debbie Buck with Bran
Louise Wood with Nelli
Julie Le Marguand with Bramble


JUDGE’S REPORT by Jackie Yarker

A big thank you for asking me to judge the novelty classes, it was a lovely day, despite the drizzly rain, all the dogs were adorable, and I have to say judging was not an easy task!

Many many thanks to Mark and Sam Avery, Marks wit and sense of humour makes the day, and Sams contribution to sorting all the paperwork and rosettes makes the day run so smoothly!
Also a massive thank you to the Committee for all the effort put in to organising these fantastic events, lots of hard work which pay off with the wonderful weekends we all have…
Finally thanks for keeping me fed and watered throughout the day, and the gift for judging, a perfect end to a perfect day!

Most Handsome Dog

1st Llewelyn with Kelly Potter, what a lovely boy, lovely chunky head and beautiful coat
2nd Toby with Anne Blanten, beautiful markings, a credit to the owner!
3rd Morse with Paul Arneill
4th Gus with Andy Burge
5th Bert with Geoff Stellmach

Prettiest Bitch

1st Ada with Donna Mulley, such a darling, lovely coat and the prettiest face
2nd Tilly with Geoff Steumach, beautifully marked face, loved her expression
3rd Dessa with Pam Jones
4th Onyx with Emma Ainsworth
5th Summer with Yvonne Clough

Dog with the Most Appealing Eyes

1st Gus with Andy Burge, what can I say, soulful and loving, pick me eyes!
2nd Loki with Jenny Skingle, the eyes just drew you in, striking colour!
3rd Belle with Katie Jones
4th Armani with Pawel S
5th Luna with Andy Halmer

Best Smile

1st Lyra with Debbie Buck, a grin to put Elvis to shame…brilliant!
2nd Shadow with Danielle Clough, just a happy beautiful smile
3rd Mable with Nevaeh Halls
4th Peggy Sue with Malcolm Peter
5th Marti with Bob Broadfield

Dog the Judge Would Like to Take Home

1st Quincy with Bernhard Lindenall, oh my word! He was just adorable, I could have easily walked away with him!
2nd Llewelyn with Kelly Potter, beautiful boy, very very huggable!
3rd Libby wiht Katie Stephenson
4th Gus with Andy Burge
5th Marti with Bob Broadfield

Waggiest Tail

1st Lulu with Elaine Worrell, What a wag! Didnt stop!
2nd Llewelyn with Kelly Potter, lovely continuous wag
3rd Libby with Cindy Stephenson
4th Loki with Jenny Skingle
5th Mable with Nevaeh Hallis

Dog Most Like ‘its’ Owner

1st Nala with Elaine Worrell and Ellie Rose Gillott, nearly mistook them for twins, excellent match, well done!
2nd Loki with Jenny Skingle, great hair and fur dos!
3rd Rama with Mark Gatland
4th Belle with Katie Jones

Junior Handling 6 – 11 years

1st Lulu with Ellie Rose Gillott, lovely control and movement of dog.  Handler always had dog in sight of judge, well done!
2nd Belle with Katie Jones, very good alignment and movement of dog, well done!
3rd Bramble with Grace lemarquand

Junior Handling 12 – 16 years

1st Rolo with Oliver Jones, excellent stand with dog, always had the attention of the dog, well done!
2nd Fraggle with Bear Gatland, great control and movement, well done!
3rd Rama with Sofia Gatland



Best Bad Hair Day

1st Loki with Sofia Gatland, took me back to punk days, dogs hair was so spiky! Very funny!
2nd Nala with Ellie Rose Gillott, suprised the owner could see where she was going! lol
3rd Tilly with Geoff Stellmach

Best Condition

1st Phoebe with Barbara Peter, lovely shiny coat, moved well, bright eyed…..
2nd Nellie with Louise Wood, lovely smooth movement, alert eyes, coat soft
3rd Libby with Cindy Stephenson
4th Rolo with Oliver Jones
5th Myah with Katie Stephenson

Best Brace or Trio

1st Benzil, Bert and Tilly with Geoff Stellmach, what can I say, a beautiful site of well controlled dogs
2nd Peggy Sue and Phoebe with Malcolm Peter, lovely girls obviously very happy being together
3rd Belle, Nina and Rolo with Oliver Jones

Best Hello – Paw Shake or Cuddle

1st Annie with Lesley Messih, super high fives and paw shakes, well done!
2nd Barnaby with Owen Copeland, lovely longgggggggggggg sit up, cute!
3rd Jasmine with Alison Smith
4th Peggy Sue with Malcolm Peter
5th Mayba with Velda Wong



As mentioned above the numbers were a bit down in all three of the parades this year but all the dogs were given a warm reception as Mark urged people to warm their hands up!

Puppy Parade


Rescue Parade



Veterans Parade


Carting Demonstration

At lunch time in the Main ring there was a working cart demonstration presented by Di Crawshaw and Chris Handley assisted by a whole group of carters each representing a different stage of Training.

Like most other activities of the day, there are more photos of this in the Photo gallery for this event.


Working Cart Classes

These were judged by Di Crawshaw and Chris Handley alternating the duties.


1st Carrick with Di Crawshaw

2nd Lexi with Simon Gould

3rd Helga with Pauline Bullock



1st Shadow with Debbie Morgan

2nd Fizz with Sandra Hallam

3rd Rosie with Elaine Spalding

4th Bramble with Andy Smith



1st Torin with Di Crawshaw


Advanced Medals

1st Norman with Chris Handley

2nd Phina with Keith Brown



We are very grateful to Sue Small, aided by her husband, who stood in at short notice to cover a sudden unavailability. We frequently struggle to find Obedience judges for this event apparently due to its timing in the Obedience calendar so, if you, or anyone you know, could be able, willing and available to help us out in the future please talk to Lianne or Karen.

Have A Go

1st Shadow with Danielle Clough

2nd Rosie with Elaine Balding




1st Annie with Lesley Messih

2nd Indie with Sherry Round

3rd Tilly with Carol Davis

4th Shadow with Danielle Clough

5th Trio with Keith Brown


Future Stars

1st Fizz with Sandra Hallam

2nd Tilly with Carol Davis

3rd Spirit with Yvonne Clough

4th Phina with Keith Brown

5th Indie with Sherry Round



1st Delta with Sue Brown

2nd Indi with Sue Brown



The club provides an agility set up for members to experience this activity with their dogs. We don’t claim to be a serious agility breed but we are a mobile working breed and can still have fun having a go and with low level, perhaps not too serious, competitions. We are very grateful to the agility enthusiasts from outside our breed, who turn up to coach, instruct and judge our agility dogs. The general format is the course is open during the morning for supervised practice and advice and then the competition run after lunch.

This event saw the turn of Alison Smith and her partner to set up and manage the agility for the day and we hope they had a pleasant day with our breed and owners despite the conditions.



1st Annie with Lesley Messih

2nd Mayba with Ina

3rd Trio with Keith Brown



1st Phina with Keith Brown

2nd Mayba with Tai

3rd Fizz with Sandra Hallam


All Breeds

1st Delta with Sue Brown

2nd Indypom with Sue Brown



Fun & Games

At an appropriate time in the busy Main Ring schedule we hold a few sporting games overseen by our compere Mark and assistant Sam and anyone else who wants to help.

Biscuit Catching

Always popular with owners and the dogs alike!

1st Loki with Sofia Gatland

2nd Myah with Cindy Stephenson

3rd Belle with Katie Jones

4th Lulu with Elaine Worral and Ellie Rose Gillot

(Lots of joint fifths!)

Musical Sitz

This is the basic heel work version of musical chairs, you walk your dog around the ring until the music stops and then sit your dog and the last dog to sit down is eliminated each time. Always very well supported.

1st Marti with Bob Broadfield

2nd Belle with Katie Jones

3rd Mako with Lisa Broadfield

4th Nala Elaine Worrall and Ellie Rose Gillot

5th Phoebe with Barbara Peter 


Markie and Spoon Race

The modern dog take on the old classic egg and spoon race but a lot less messy!

1st Lulu with Elaine Worrall and Ellie Rose Gillot

2nd Bramble with Henry Lemarquand

3rd Denzil with Andrew Lemarquand

4th Mako with Bob Broadfield

5th Peggy Sue with Malcolm Peter









ADVANCE FLYERS (Only left in place until the next ones are available for the information of anyone who is thinking of coming to their first Garden Party. N.B. do not presume every detail will be exactly the same next time.)
General Garden Party Flyer with full details of event
Camping and Party place booking form
Dog Information Form for Parades