Handbook 2018

A couple of months ago all members received the club mailing which included the form for booking a page in the 2018 club handbook, also available below. Many members post pictures of their Bernese with an update of their year in this book which many people keep as a building history of the breed in the UK. In years to come we can all look back and remember friends and their dogs we’ve met and known over the years.

The handbook is not just for ‘show’ people, it is for all members and their dogs so whether active in any activity e.g. various working disciplines, showing, therapy etc, or simply relaxed family members, there is still plenty of time to get that photo for the handbook so make the most of any good weather or good opportunity and take some photos to impress us all!

The handbook is first issued to members at Crufts but submission are closed at the end of the year so don’t delay and put some thought into your advert now.

Joint editors Heather Head and Karen Bird will be pleased to answer any of your queries and can be contacted via handbook@bernese.co.uk

The 2018 handbook advertisement form can be accessed from here