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December 2016 – Hopefully everyone who cares about the health of our breed will understand the need for the breed to relaunch this initiative. This is not simply being morbid as awareness of the ages, and where possible causes, of deaths is a vital part of knowledge required to establish areas to investigate further and in breeding choice considerations. This survey is about looking backwards to move forwards, it is about the future, it is about positive progression of our breed by identifying issues. Such surveys are commonplace and even compulsory in some other countries. More information can be found here…

Your information relating to each dog will be made available via the club web site, in the health section, and occasional summaries in club publications. Dogs forwarded for this survey will also have their death details added to their existing record on Berner Garde. Your personal details will not be published in any format.

Simple information is required so please give the details as fully and honestly as you can. Partially complete details may still be of value so, please, still send in what you can about your departed dogs. A call to your vet to quickly check your computerised record may be helpful to easily confirm dates and causes of death, people are reporting this is really easy to do.

In order to make the list as relevant as possible we welcome dates and details of deaths from more recent years but all dog’s details are important however long ago. We have to look for, and aim to reduce, problems but also put anything arising into proper context so as many dogs as possible are important. So, whenever your Bernese died and even if you do not have a cause of death, please let us know the details and any comments/thoughts. If you feel your BMD died of ‘old age’ then this too is important to record. We want to know about all Bernese and all ages at death, accident or illness related, passed peacefully in sleep, family pets, breeding or never breeding dogs, working dogs, show dogs, ALL UK BERNESE are important, this means bred or living in the UK.

Please complete the form below to submit your details to us electronically which is how virtually all people choose to contribute.
If you prefer you can download, print and complete a paper copy this form and post it to Mr S. Green, 49, Carr Rd, Deepcar, Sheffield, S36 2PR. Alternatively, you can simply list and send the details by email (without the form), to

More information about this survey is available from here:

Thank you very much.

Steve Green

BMD Breed Health CoOrdinator

UK Bernese – Death Survey Submission Form

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A massive thank you for your help with this important breed survey. Your contribution is really appreciated, especially if it has evoked painful feelings for you. If you wish to please give any further information about your dog or have any queries or comments about the survey please enter them here