The Bernese Health Initiative, or BHI, was formalised in late 2020 and is the health administering arm of the club. In future it will manage fundraising for the longstanding Health Fund and plan and organise spending of the money raised, rather than this just be the sole responsibility of the Breed Health CoOrdinator. The members of the BHI will help the Health CoOrdinator analyse data from some of the future surveys as well as construct surveys.

The members of the BHI fully appreciate there is sometimes a need for confidentiality with their work and will have to have signed a confidentiality agreement which is lodged with the BMDC of GB and will have a professional approach to this matter. As with all club activities GDPR responsibilities will be fully integrated into all processes.

The BHI can be emailed on this link and are always open to offers of donations and ideas for fundraising.

The three members of the BHI are the long time Breed Health CoOrdinator, Steve Green and BMDC of GB committee members Donna Hughes and Emily Green. Emily and Donna are both professional people, with Business and Law degrees respectively, and they have great plans for the BHI both to gather funds and also increase the ways that the expanded funds are used to help the Bernese Mountain Dog’s health and future.

The BHI will have a presence at many club events fund raising and promoting health initiatives both old and new beginning with the forthcoming September events.

The first overall task is to increase the available funds and seek new information and increase awareness of this initiative so watch this area of the web site as well as the club’s Social Media outlets for news of how the BHI hopes to improve the Health Fund’s capability to investigate and help the health of the Bernese Mountain Dog in the UK.

The BHI will be usually organise reduced price testing for ‘Histio’ at the club’s Championship shows.