Bernese Survey – Help Requested

The club has been contacted by, Britt van den Sijpt,  a student conducting research at Hogent in Belgium, (which I’ve checked is a University of Applied Sciences), asking for the help of our members for her thesis. Britt is basically asking Bernese owners to complete a very short survey for as many dogs they have owned as they would care to contribute. It is a very simple survey and I think for most people and dogs the 8 minutes she quotes in her email is a large over estimate. I have spoken with Britt and she has promised to share the results with me afterwards so I can publish them in the Club magazine or on this web site and flag them up on Social Media.  The survey will close on 10th May so if you have a few minutes to help Britt with her study please do so in the next few weeks and like most meaningful surveys, the details of healthy dogs are essential for balance, not just those with medical issues.

Below is the post she asked us to share including the link to the survey.

Thank you

Steve Green

BMD Breed Health CoOrdinator

The post from Britt…

Are you the proud doggy parent of a Bernese Mountain Dog? 🐾.png
If so, I need your help! I am conducting an important study on the prevalence of disorders in this wonderful breed and your participation can really make a difference.
Get involved by quickly completing my survey:
Want to help but don’t qualify?
– Then be sure to share this post with your network!
– I’m also always looking for associations to distribute the survey!
📧.png For more information about the survey, you may always contact me at