BVA HD & ED Scheme

Steve Green writes…..

As BHC I have received this update from the KC.


BVA/KC health schemes feedback

The BVA/KC Canine Health Schemes recently asked for customer experiences via a hip and elbow dysplasia scheme survey which received 2,568 responses and an eye scheme survey which has received 2,317 responses. The responses from the survey were recently discussed at a BVA/KC management meeting for the schemes and were discussed with the BHC mentors at our most recent meeting. For those who would like more information please let us know.

The BVA have released a pledge with respect to turnaround times which can be seen below:

Commitment to Turnaround Times

We recognise feedback from our customers with regard to the turnaround times and challenges we have experienced with our service delivery of the canine health schemes over the past 18 months. We now want to commit to offering the below turnaround times to customers and will take all possible reasonable measures to ensure customers receive results within this time wherever possible.

HD/ED Scheme

The BVA will endeavor to process submissions to the scheme within 7 working days after receipt of payment. Results will be sent to the Kennel Club within 2 days of scoring. The Kennel Club will upload all results to the registration database within 2 working days. In total from submission to the dogs’ results being recorded on its KC record should take approximately 12 working days.

Please ensure that payment is completed at the time of submission. Late payment will affect turnaround times. Submitted images must also be in the correct format, images that are submitted incorrectly will affect turnaround times. If you have made payment at the time of submission and you think your submission is still considerably outside of this, the first point of contact should be the veterinary practice, following this you should contact

CHS Update Pricing

This year, the CHS team worked with around 1,500 vet practices to improve dog health by testing for hip and elbow dysplasia, eye disease and CM/SM. To continue providing a high standard of service, CHS will be increasing the price of submissions that dog breeders/owners pay from 1 January 2023. You can see the new prices on our website. If you have any questions, please reach out to our CHS team.


I then checked out the new prices on their website which are given as applying from 1st January 2023 so these are already in place.



I have removed the references to eye schemes which do not apply to our breed.