Health Testing available at Club Autumn Garden Party Weekend

We are very pleased to be able to offer two types of testing at our big week-end event, with the kind assistance of veterinary surgeon Dr Rich Irvine who many will remember from previous events. Dr Irvine pans to be present on the afternoon of the Garden Party and the day of the Championship Show to offer this testing. Thanks to a subsidy applied by the BHI from the health fund we are again able to offer reduced price health testing with no vet’s fees or postage costs (or the effort involved) .


  • This process checks your dog’s vaccine level for the three common diseases covered by the common DHP vaccine, more information can be found at this link General Information about Titre testing
  • We are offering this for the bargain price of £40 payable in advance.
  • As long as you are sampled early enough in the day you will receive a certificate showing your dog’s immunity levels on the day of the test. (If there is no time it will be forwarded afterwards).
  • No results will be published and will only be known by yourself and the vet and unavoidably by a minimal number of helpers the day (literally one or two people whose confidentiality will be required).
  • You can book and pay for this in advance using the link below.



This test is provided by French company Antagene in conjunction with the breed’s Histiocytic Sarcoma research.

  • The test is described as aDog Genetic Check-up, specific for our breed, grouping together tests for HS, the two DMs, VWD1 and 3 morphological traits: curly hair, polydactyly, shedding”So, not only will you get the ‘Histio’ result but both the DM results that apply to Bernese, (SOD1A and SOD1B), a von Willebrands disease test result plus a comment on three standard canine genes that indicate your dog’s propensity to have, or pass on, a curly coat, have, or pass on, extra rear toes and dew claws and whether or not he or she is likely to excessively shed hair or pass this trait on to any offspring.
  • The real value of some of this is ‘debatable’ BUT if you are wanting to take ‘Histio’ AND DM tests with your Bernese this is a good value test for that reason alone and the rest is a bonus.
  • Antagene offer this test for 168€ (lab fee alone) but we are able to offer it at our event for £135 all in.
  • This fee includes all costs, the test itself, equipment, veterinary cost, paperwork and postage (via Fedex courier) which also includes arranging French Customs clearance. So the saving is much more than the simple overall price reduction.
  •  a predictive test, it is not intended for use by dogs with no intention of being used for breeding. It is purely for dogs  expected to enter the breed’s gene pool or as part of assessing if they are suitable for this.
  • Primarily this is a test for breeders as it is purely a predictive test, it is not intended for use by dogs with no intention of being used for breeding. It is purely for dogs  expected to enter the breed’s gene pool or as part of assessing if they are suitable for this.
  • The club provides a private area for the testing to take place and storage of samples.
  • If all documentation is correctly prepared in advance it should only take a few minutes for each test.
  • Your test results, A, B or C will be subsequently emailed only to you and, in this case,  Dr Irvine,as the vet who took the samples who of course maintains professional confidentiality. No part of the club, not the BHI nor the Health CoOrdinator  nor anyone helping on the day receives any record of your results unless you later subsequently decide to share them in whatever way you choose.
  • Once you have your result you will be be able to include your dog on the HSIMS database and obtain specific predictions for the HS grading of any litters any specific mating will produce.
  • If you are not familiar with this system it is hoped to be able to demonstrate it on request (Subject to signal issues being resolved)
  • As part of booking, you will be asked which day you’d like for your test, Sunday afternoon or Monday, and we hope to accommodate everyone’s preferences but we may have to manage demand.
  • You will need to supply proof of your dog’s identity featuring it’s microchip number, KC registration certificate is normally sufficient.
  • Your dog’s microchip has to be checked as part of this process.
  • Ideally a copy of your dog’s pedigree should be included with the paperwork to assist research, please bring one if you can –  a copy can be taken of it on the day.
  • If this is your first dog entering the system you will be required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding.



  • Only if demand is poor might it be possible to offer casual testing booking on the day, if you have the necessary paperwork of course. However to ensure you are accommodated it is essential to book in advance.
  • Testing will only be undertaken after payment, even if booked on the day.
  • Advance booking is essential
  • We reserve the right to cancel this facility if demand appears too low to make it a viable exerciser. In this case refunds will be paid.
  • We reserve the right to cancel dogs if a sample cannot be obtained due to the dog’s uncooperative behaviour.
  • In the unlikely event that any dog does require shaving to facilitate taking the sample this will only be done with permission from the handler
  • In any case of cancellation due to an unruly dog a full refund of any fees paid will be provided in due course, (not on the day)
  • Dr Irvine will not be shaving dogs to obtain the blood samples.
  • Dogs taking both tests will only need to have one blood sample taken.
  • Owners will stay with their dogs for the sampling

For any further queries contact

Link to the Booking system (not yet live)