KC Heart Disease Survey

I have received the following message from the KC Health Team who are asking for the help of all breeds with a survey looking into heart disease in all dogs. As you can see they want responses from owners of all pedigree dogs whether you have experienced heart disease or not.

If you’d like to help I repeat  below the full message including the link to the survey.

Thank you

Steve Green

BMD Breed Health CoOrdinator

“We’re getting in touch to make you aware of a new online survey, which aims to improve our understanding of the prevalence and type of heart disease affecting different pedigree dog breeds. Hopefully, we’ll get some useful findings from this survey and the results can be used to direct new research areas that require further attention. To help boost responses, it would be really helpful if you can please share the survey with your Breed Clubs and any other relevant groups.

The survey takes up to 10 minutes to complete and is open to all dog owners – even dogs that have never been affected by heart disease. The survey will be managed and results collected by The Kennel Club. All personal information given will be kept confidential and be presented anonymously. For further information regarding this survey, please email our health team.

Once again, any help promoting this survey is very much appreciated. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

The Health Team

Canine Health and Welfare

The Kennel Club”