Welcome to the sub section page showing all the judges who have awarded CCs listed in alphabetical order, from the very first letter of their used judging name which is usually their first name or initial but occasionally a title is used e.g. Dr, together with the details of each show and the CC winners. Due to the sheer numbers the information is broken down into 5 tables as follows

Table 1 covers judges whose names start with A to D

Table 2 covers judges whose names start with E to I

Table 3 covers judges whose names start with J to L

Table 4 covers judges whose names start with M to S

Table 5 covers judges whose names start with T to Z.

Scroll down each table to see the judges in that section or you can enter their name in full or part in the search box for each section to find individual judges quicker.

Last show taken into account BMDC of GB 2019

The first table covers judges whose names begin with

A through to D


YearShowJudgeDog CCBitch
2015Three Counties A.S.A.P. ReesMeadowpark Vertigo ChMeadowpark Breezing On
1996Scottish Kennel ClubAgnes WilsonFernpark Monduic at Oldberne ChElnside Fatal Attraction
2002Northern BMDC (D)Agnes WilsonMonalou Irish SpiritN/A
2003BMDC of GB (B)Agnes WilsonN/AMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2005BMDC of GB (D)Agnes WilsonFortonpark Its Otto ChN/A
2007Leeds & District C.A.Agnes WilsonDesulyn Guy Fawkes*Torralbaz Posh Persuasion
2009Scottish Kennel ClubAgnes WilsonTorralbaz Dazzleon Days ChMonalou Betty Boop at Blumental
2012BMD Club of Scotland (D)Agnes WilsonCollansues Buildin Bridges At Bramikdel JWN/A
2017National Working & P B D.S.Agnes WilsonMeadowpark High Class ChFortonpark Dutch Delight Ch
2019Scottish Kennel ClubAgnes WilsonMeadowpark Talk About ClassFortonpark Lilly's Delight
1982BMDC of GBAlan BarnardWalchwill Collossus at GlanzbergFolkdance at Forgeman
1986East of England A. S.Alan BarnardForgeman Footpad ChColiburn Bea
1988Windsor Dog Show SocietyAlan BarnardSir Stanley From MeadowparkBelinda von Lehnwaldi of Glanzberg Ch
1992WELKSAlan BarnardKyleburn Night Roisterer of HolzernCollansues Brigitta Ch
2000Northern BMDC (D)Alan RawsonDelphinia ApolloN/A
2003Scottish Kennel ClubAlan RawsonBlu of Dunroban ChEarly Dawn of Feorena
2004Ladies Kennel AssociationAlan RawsonFortonpark Its OttoShirdees Star of Wonder
2006Southern BMDC (B)Alan RawsonN/ABernark's Precious Ruby with Bernsteph
2009WELKSAlan RawsonBernfold WoodiedoitCarraigbern Emily grey at Desulyn
2013Three Counties A.S.Alan RawsonManisla Ebony Dusk ChClashaidy Stormy Dusk Over Millermead JW ShCM
2018Scottish Kennel ClubAlan RawsonMeadowpark High Class ChFortonpark Dutch Delight Ch
2005ManchesterAlbert WightWelshbern Cefyn at Jaybiem ChBernemcourt Enchantment Ch & Ir Ch
2006Southern Counties C.A.Albert WightCollansues Mexican Dream ChShirdees Star of Wonder Ch
2008WELKSAlbert WightWardleyhill BeanobleMonalou Nelly Pledge
2014BMD Club of ScotlandAlbert WightWelshbern One Vision at Scobern ShCMAthersbern Peronelle Blush
2016Richmond Dog Show SocietyAlbert WightMeadowpark High Class ChCarabaz Rubinas Sky at Timarabai
2017Working & P Breeds A. of WalesAllyson KingMeadowpark High Class ChKernow Let It Be at Cullumbern JW
2001Border Union A.S.Amanda HearneHillbank Danny BoyGlanzberg Cherry Blossom of Eiger
2003Richmond Dog Show SocietyAmanda HearneKernow Beau Son ChWelshbern Bonesig Brenna
2005National Working Breeds D.S.Amanda HearneFortonpark Its Otto ChShirdees Star of Wonder Ch
2007Bath C.S.Amanda HearneKernow Special BranchMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch*
2008Darlington Dog Show SocietyAmanda HearneDuntiblae Brave Protector of OthertonTangyachates Sea Breeze
2010Windsor Dog Show SocietyAmanda HearneManisla Ebony Dusk ChTickbern Miss Chief
2012BMDC of GB (B)Amanda HearneN/ATickbern Never Say Never
2015CruftsAmanda HearneMeadowpark Vertigo ChTickbern Miss Chief Ch
2017WELKSAmanda HearneMeadowpark High Class ChMeadowpark Living My Dream at Fortonpark Ch
1989Driffield Agricultural SocietyAmedeus KrauchiMeadowpark Lancelot ChMeadowpark Regulation
1990Working Breeds A. of WalesAndrew BraceMillermead April StormBarlein Auf der Heide
1991Scottish Kennel ClubAndrew BraceCarlacot Fido ChBernalpen Welsche Ch
1993Birmingham Dog Show SocietyAndrew BraceFero v. Buetigen of Glanzberg at BernfoldCarlacot Carefree Kate
1995Bath C.S.Andrew BraceArrowmeet ChieftanAlyngarn Amourette Ch
1999City of Birmingham C.A.Andrew BraceGlamrock Telegram SamAlphanova Zazu
2001Bath C.S.Andrew BraceBroels ImperialDishep Oh Vienna at Kernow Ch
2002Darlington Dog Show SocietyAndrew BraceMonalou Thru 'n' ThruEarly Dawn of Feorena
2005South Wales K.A.Andrew BraceCollansues Mexican DreamMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2006BMDC of GB (B)Andrew BraceN/AYndiana Du bois Bernois at Waldershelf Ch
2009CruftsAndrew BraceBranbern Royal Garter vis Meadowpark Aust ChCraiglock Soda Pop Ir & Int Ch
2011Working & P Breeds A. of WalesAndrew BraceVellbern Samurai WarlordJemma's Winter Jazmine at Liskarn Ch
2013Scottish Kennel ClubAndrew BraceBernemcourt Fascination Ch/Ir ChMeadowpark Whispers Breeze Ch
1993Scottish Kennel ClubAndrew SkeddDark and Handsome at UrsineCollansues Marta
1994BelfastAndrew SkeddDustiny Dominic at Ursine ChMargand Sapphire Blue
1996Blackpool & District C.S.Andrew SkeddFernpark Monduic at Oldberne ChCollansues Hush A Bye Baby Ch
1997Richmond Dog Show SocietyAndrew SkeddBlack Jack at ShadybowerJaybiem Full Bloom
1998Darlington Dog Show SocietyAndrew SkeddMonalou Secret EditionSchonbar Easter Empathy with Santaria
2000Three Counties A.S.Andrew SkeddBernfold Star Jupiter ChDaneberg Kiss and Tell In Parracombe Ch
2002Bath C.S.Andrew SkeddTangyachates Merry go RoundJaybiem It Aster Be
2006Ladies Kennel AssociationAndrew SkeddWelshbern Merl Baillie of ScobernTickbern Flipperty Gibbet from Harvestbank Ch
2010National Dog ShowAndrew SkeddJaybiem Utwo Ch JW ShCMMeadowpark Dark Temptation
2004Leeds & District C.A.Angela HadenMonalou Irish Spirit ChFortonpark Sheilablige
2008Southern BMDC (D)Angela HadenDynamite van't Beertjes Hof of Glanzberg ChN/A
2011South Wales K.A.Angela HadenManisla Ebony Dusk ChFortonpark Molly Malone
2013Paignton & D.F.A.Angela HadenShirdees Love Me Do at Cullumbern Ch JW ShCMTickbern Never Say Never Ch
2015Windsor Dog Show SocietyAngela HadenMeadowpark Vertigo ChVellbern You Japanese Gem Ch
2018CruftsAngela HadenDevael Loud N Proud van der WaldAthersbern Peronelle Blush Ch
1996Working Breeds of ScotlandAngela Haden (Ellis)Annealdon ExcaliberElnside Funny Girl
1999Northern BMDC (B)Angela Haden (Ellis)N/AHillbank Hello Dolly
2005BMDC of Scotland (B)Angela Haden (Ellis)N/AMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2010City of Birmingham C.A.Ann ArchDenfast Cosmopolitan ChMonalou Perfect Recipe
2010BMD Club of Scotland (D)Ann WellsMonalou First Class MailN/A
2014Welsh Kennel ClubAnn WellsLujento Heyhobart with Welshbern ChWelshbern Taran
1988City of Birmingham C.A.Anne ArchCarlacot Fido ChInchberry Spangled Banner
1991Scottish Kennel ClubAnne ArchStirleyhill Simply Simon of MeadowparkLots O'Love from Meadowpark Ch
1992Southern BMDC (B)Anne ArchN/ATimberlog Toccata
2000Welsh Kennel ClubAnne ArchBuganeezee Loch HopeAlphanova Zazu Ch
2002City of Birmingham C.A.Anne ArchMonalou Secret EditionMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2005Northern BMDC (B)Anne ArchN/AMonalou Sensible Sybil
2008East of England A. S.Anne ArchMonalou Secret PledgeKinelarty Star of County Down
2013ManchesterAnne ArchCollansues Buildin Bridges At Bramikdel JW ChJaybiem I Kea
1994BMDC of GB (D)Anne ArchAnnealdon Dark Dazzler Ir ChN/A
1978SKCAnne Arch (Davis)Duntiblae Forgeman FusilierKisumu Bonne Esperance of Millwire
1979Ladies Kennel AssociationAnne Arch (Davis)Duntiblae Dark CormorantFolkdance at Forgeman
1981Welsh Kennel ClubAnne Arch (Davis)Inchberry Great BearTarncred Tearose
1983Birmingham NationalAnne Arch (Davis)Jumbo von Waldacker at ColiburnMillwire Forever Esperance
1984WindsorAnne Arch (Davis)Forgeman FootpadDagill Solitaire of Rase
1986CruftsAnne Arch (Davis)Duntiblae Dark Protector ChMillwire Forever Esperance Ch
1986Midland Counties C.S.Anne Arch (Davis)Forgeman Freelance of Meadowpark ChBrick Kiln Matilda Ch
1987Driffield Agricultural SocietyAnne Arch (Davis)Carlacot Genesis at Nellsbern ChMeadowpark Kissin' Cousin
2018BMD Club of Scotland (D)Anne GarrardN/AAthersbern Peronelle Blush Ch
1997East of England A. S.Anne KirkFernpark Monduic at Oldberne ChCollansues Hush A Bye Baby Ch
1999Richmond Dog Show SocietyAnne KirkElnside The Lion King of MargandKyleburn Night Harmony
2001City of Birmingham C.A.Anne KirkFortonpark Country Lover via MeadowparkHolzern Gypsy Magic
1988ManchesterAnne LatimerForgeman Footpad ChWays and Means at Meadowpark Ch
1990East of England A. S.Anne LatimerKatelyn Wake of the StormMeadowpark Likely Lady of Margand Ch
1991Leicester City C.S.Anne LatimerCarlacot Fido ChBernalpen Welsche Ch
1993Border Union A.S.Anne LatimerDrumadaw CrofterCollansues Marta Ch
1994Driffield Agricultural SocietyAnne LatimerKorinti DukeMatera's Sweaty Betty
1999CruftsAnne LatimerHayfell Beech Ir ChHildrek Jonquil
2000Border Union A.S.Anne LatimerBernfold Star Jupiter ChBegaville Gypsy
2005East of England A. S.Anne LatimerFortonpark Its Otto ChBernemcourt Enchantment Ch & Ir Ch
2008Northern BMDCAnne LatimerMonalou Jess for Me at Bernfold ChMonalou Nelly Pledge
1998Leeds & District C.A.Anne LongbottomAlyngarn Amarillo at AlphanovaFortonpark Kentee Early Morning Ch
2000Bath C.S.Anne LongbottomFortonpark Country Lover via MeadowparkKernow Patience Rewarded Ch
2002Driffield Agricultural SocietyAnne LongbottomFortonpark Star GalaxyBernemcourt Enchantment Ch & Ir Ch
2004Scottish Kennel ClubAnne LongbottomFortonpark Frankie Goes To Meadowpark ChFortonpark Frankly My Dear
2006Leeds & District C.A.Anne LongbottomFortonpark G'Day BruceMeadowpark Special Lady
2008Driffield Agricultural SocietyAnne LongbottomBernsteph Versace at Bernmast ChMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch JW
2012South Wales K.A.Anne LongbottomJaybiem Utwo Ch JW ShCMJudabern Saphire Star
2014Scottish Kennel ClubAnne LongbottomShirdees Love Me Do at Cullumbern Ch JW ShCMTickbern Miss Chief Ch
1988Ladies Kennel AssociationAnne WellsDuntiblae Dark VikingKyleburn Night Song
1995ManchesterAnne WellsChivas v.d. Wiedewa at Cotshill ChTorralbaz Private Dancer
1998BMDC of GB (B)Anne WellsN/ANellsbern Elsa
2000Windsor Dog Show SocietyAnne WellsPollingfold Boxing BoldreGlanzberg Narimba
2002Southern BMDC (B)Anne WellsN/ADishep Oh Vienna at Kernow Ch
2006Welsh Kennel ClubAnne WellsFortonpark Its Otto ChMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2008BMDC of GB (B)Anne WellsN/ATangyachates Sea Breeze
2012Bournemouth C.A.Anne WellsGlamrock Ballroom Blitz by Glenbrienz ShCMTorralbaz Designer Diamond
2016WELKSAnne WellsCharmsway AdventurerAthersbern Peronelle Blush Ch
2017Working & P B of ScotlandAnne WellsMeadowpark High Class ChMonalou Fanny Craddock Ch JW
2019Bournemouth C.A.Anne WellsMonalou Russian AmbassadorShirdees Miss Congeniality
2019Blackpool & District C.S.Arne FossYou're Good But I Am Better Berno VegaTjofselinas UK Ella Rose for Meadowpark (Imp Swe)
1981RichmondB. Ahonius (Fin)Tarncred PuffinTarncred Tearose
2000BMDC of ScotlandB. McMathNorfoot Libberton ChGreddoch Katie's Lucky Lady
2014Blackpool & District C.S.Barry CroftMonalou Dutch Connexion to GeruthMeadowpark Whispers Breeze Ch
2017Darlington Dog Show SocietyBarry CroftMeadowpark High Class ChMeadowpark Just A Dream Ch
1985WindsorBen RavenMeadowpark The BrigadierTemeraire Tender Tymes
1986Scottish Kennel ClubBen RavenCrensa Trafalgar of DalsetterForgeman Footsteps
1987Midland Counties C.S.Ben RavenForgeman Footpad ChMeadowpark Kissin' Cousin
1989ManchesterBen RavenMeadowpark SensationLots O'Love from Meadowpark Ch
1990Bath C.S.Ben RavenParracombe Lunar FireChoristma Bliss Ch
1993ManchesterBen RavenAlyngarn AdversityAllado Dark 'n' Delicious
1995Paignton & District Fanciers AssociationBen RavenViking's Dark Billy Majigs ChSnoanda Angel Eyes Ch
2014Leeds & District C.A.Ben Reynolds-FrostJaybiem Y'Euben Chozen JWBernsteph Chloe
2017City of Birmingham C.A.Ben Reynolds-FrostMeadowpark High Class ChMeadowpark Beach Blend at Tangyachates
1986BMDC of GB (B)Bernice MairN/ATemeraire Tender Tymes Ch
1988Border Union A.S.Bernice MairLacelaw StatesmanBeevor Ballerina of Stirleyhill Ch
1989Welsh Kennel ClubBernice MairCarlacot Fido ChTemeraire Penny Black of Crensa Ch
1991Leeds & District C.A.Bernice MairKatelyn Wake of the Storm ChBernalpen Welsche Ch
1993CruftsBernice MairArrowmeet ChieftanOdette Poppy v. Vieraugler
1995Blackpool & District C.S.Bernice MairNellsbern CasablancaAlyngarn Amourette Ch
1998Birmingham Dog Show SocietyBernice MairKernow Masterpiece ChFortonpark Kentee Early Morning Ch
2002Ladies Kennel AssociationBernice MairFortonpark Star GalaxyMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2004BMDC of Scotland (D)Bernice MairJaybiem Hebetheone for NellsbernN/A
2005BMDC of GB (B)Bernice MairN/AShirdees Star of Wonder Ch
1984Scottish Kennel ClubBetty JamesJumbo von Waldacker at ColiburnForgeman Footsteps Ir Ch
1985BathBetty JamesChoristma Monch of VindissaTemeraire Tender Tymes
1986City of Birmingham C.A.Betty JamesGillro Gentle Genius ChForgeman Fancy Free of Mixbury Ch
1987Border Union A.S.Betty JamesCrensa Trafalgar of Dalsetter ChWalchwill Maid Marion
1988Blackpool & District C.S.Betty JamesMeadowpark SensationInchberry Spangled Banner
1989Birmingham Dog Show SocietyBetty JamesCarlacot Fido ChColiburn Nadja
1990ManchesterBetty JamesKatelyn Wake of the StormHusheen Ballertrina of Meadowpark
1991City of Birmingham C.A.Betty JamesDrummann Neat N'sweet At Ursine ChLots O'Love from Meadowpark Ch
1992BMDC of GB (D)Betty JamesBernmast Magic Memories ChN/A
1993Windsor Dog Show SocietyBetty JamesArrowmeet ChieftanBernfold Dawn Chorus
1994Darlington Dog Show SocietyBetty JamesAbbeycott Alfa Star ChCollansues Brigitta Ch
1996CruftsBetty JamesAnnealdon Dark Dazzler Ch & Ir ChHildrek Jonquil
1998South Wales K.A.Betty JamesBernfold Star Jupiter ChDaneberg Kiss and Tell In Parracombe Ch
1979City of BirminghamBill SiggersMeiklestane Black BenjaminKisumu Belle Fleur of Forgeman
2012Working & P Breeds A. of WalesBob GregoryShirdees Mr Jingles at GlorybernMeadowpark Living The Dream
2014South Wales K.A.Bob GregoryLujento Heyhobart with Welshbern ChFortonpark Dutch Delight Ch
1979National Working BreedsBobby JamesTarncred Tarquin of TemeraireTarncred Tearose
1980Working Breeds of ScotlandBobby JamesMeiklestane Black BenjaminFolkdance at Forgeman
1982Scottish Kennel ClubBobby JamesForgeman FootpadTemeraire Penny Black of Crensa
1984CruftsBobby JamesGillro Jack Flash of ManadoriMillwire Forever Esperance
1985East of EnglandBobby JamesRickath Northern LightsBelinda von Lehnwaldi of Glanzberg
1988South Wales K.A.Bobby JamesClashaidy Nordic FireTroublesome Lass
1979RichmondBrenda BanburyTarncred Tarquin of TemeraireFolkdance at Forgeman
1980Ladies Kennel AssociationBrenda BanburyDuntiblae Forgeman FusilierCarlacot Amalia
1983CruftsBrenda BanburyTarncred Tarquin of TemeraireColiburn Ember
1984LeicesterBrenda BanburyForgeman FootpadDuntiblae Dark Pleasure
1985DriffieldBrenda BanburyMeadowpark The BrigadierDagill Solitaire of Rase
1987Scottish Kennel ClubBrenda BanburyMeadowpark LancelotLots O'Love from Meadowpark
1989National Working Breeds D.S.Brenda BanburyCarlacot Fido ChInchberry Spangled Banner Ch
1990Bournemouth C.A.Brenda BanburyClashaidy Nordic FireChoristma Lucilla
1992Windsor Dog Show SocietyBrenda BanburyViking's Dark Billy Majigs ChKenaro Sea of Dreams
1994Border Union A.S.Brenda BanburyInchberry Maximillian ChBuganeezee Ben Chonzie
1998Scottish Kennel ClubBrenda BanburyMatera's Ready TeddygoAlphanova Shenzi Ch
2006Windsor Dog Show SocietyBrenda BanburyDynamite van't Beertjes Hof of Glanzberg ChBernark's Precious Ruby with Bernsteph
2008ManchesterBrenda BanburyMonalou Secret PledgeMonalou Nelly Pledge
2010Leeds & District C.A.Brenda BanburyJaybiem Innu Endo JWJaybiem Invu JW
2014ManchesterBrenda BanburyShirdees Love Me Do at Cullumbern Ch JW ShCMNellyvill's Just Dropped In To Bernemcourt Ir Ch
1981National Working BreedsBrenda GriffithsGillro GamblerTarncred Tearose
1982Welsh Kennel ClubBrenda GriffithsTarncred BullfinchTarncred Troika
1984WELKSBrenda GriffithsGillro Jack Flash of ManadoriGlanzberg's Edelweiss of Manadori Ch
1985BMDC of GBBrenda GriffithsTarncred Tom TomMillwire Forever Esperance
1987CruftsBrenda GriffithsCarlacot Fido ChManadori's Star Dreamer
1988Working Breeds of ScotlandBrenda GriffithsBelynken My Boy HardyInchberry Dawn Beauty at Drumbroneth
1989Midland Counties C.S.Brenda GriffithsClashaidy Nordic Fire ChTroublesome Lass
1991BMDC of GB (D)Brenda GriffithsKatelyn Wake of the Storm ChN/A
1992Birmingham Dog Show SocietyBrenda GriffithsDrummann Neat N'sweet At Ursine ChMoonbach Seranade
1997BMDC of ScotlandBrenda GriffithsFero v. Buetigen of Glanzberg at Bernfold ChKernow Waltz at Oldberne
2001National Working Breeds D.S.Brenda GriffithsHillbank Danny Boy ChThorsker Its Snojoke Itz with Jaybiem
2019Border Union A.S.Bridget BodleElnside The GrandmasterFortonpark Sez I'm Classy
2005Birmingham Dog Show SocietyBritt-Marie YoungSitzendorf Odin of GraburlynnMeadowpark I'm Special
2009Southern BMD Club (B)Britt-Marie YoungN/ABernsteph Miss Dior Ch JW ShCM
2016Working & P Breeds A. of WalesBritt-Marie YoungMeadowpark High Class ChMeadowpark One Lover
2018Blackpool & District C.S.Britt-Marie YoungMeadowpark Just ClassMeadowpark Picture Perfect
1994Windsor Dog Show SocietyCarl JohnsonViking's Dark Billy Majigs ChShirdees Black Coral
1989WELKSCarol Hartley-MairClashaidy Nordic Fire ChMeadowpark Likely Lady of Margand
1990Blackpool & District C.S.Carol Hartley-MairCarlacot Fido ChDuntiblae Dark Vesper
1992Driffield Agricultural SocietyCarol Hartley-MairDrummann Neat N'sweet At Ursine ChOdette Poppy v. Vieraugler
1993BMDC of GB (B)Carol Hartley-MairN/AYatelin Edition
1995Northern BMDCCarol Hartley-MairHollyanne St Nicholas of MavanneJaybiem Polyanthus
1996Southern BMDC (D)Carol Hartley-MairFordash Fearless of GlanzbergN/A
1997Leeds & District C.A.Carol Hartley-MairBlack Jack at ShadybowerDaneberg Remember Me of Mavanne
1999Birmingham Dog Show SocietyCarol Hartley-MairAnnealdon Emperor ChDaneberg Prelude To A Kiss
2001CruftsCarol Hartley-MairSenetta's SixtenAlphanova Shenzi Ch
2004BMDC of Scotland (B)Carol Hartley-MairN/AFortonpark Frankly My Dear
2009National Dog ShowCarol Hartley-MairBernemcourt Sirocco Ir ChCarraigbern Emily grey at Desulyn
2011Paignton & D.F.A.Carol Hartley-MairManisla Ebony Dusk ChFortonpark Future's Magic Ch
2014LKACarol Hartley-MairTangyachates Beachcomber ChWaldershelf Happy Hattie Ch
2017BMDC of GB (D)Carol Hartley-MairAlpenspirit Pure Pleasure for Arvella (Imp Can)N/A
1987Windsor Dog Show SocietyCarol LillimanTranscontinental Boy of ClenrawGlanzberg's Helvetia Ch
1989East of England A. S.Carol LillimanMeadowpark PavarottiChoristma Bliss Ch
1992Scottish Kennel ClubCarol LillimanDark and Handsome at UrsineDrumadraw Carefree
1993Paignton & District Fanciers AssociationCarol LillimanJason of ExmoorCotshill Savannah Ch
1995BMDC of GB (D)Carol LillimanAnnealdon Dark Dazzler Ch & Ir ChN/A
2001Ladies Kennel AssociationCarol LillimanKernow Beau Son ChGlanzberg Japonica with Jaybiem
2005WELKSCarol LillimanNellsbern ValentinoFortonpark Sheilablige
2007Birmingham Dog Show SocietyCarol LillimanBernsteph Versace at Bernmast Ch*Monalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2019Welsh Kennel ClubCaroline Friend-ReesJaybiem Stan Innovation JWKernow All My Loving
2006Richmond Dog Show SocietyCath LambMonalou Jess for Me at Bernfold ChMonalou Express Delivery to Glamrock
2008Midland Counties C.S.Cath LambKernow Ohso SpecialTorralbaz Posh Persuasion JW
1978Ladies Kennel AssociationCatherine SuttonDuntiblae Forgeman FusilierFolkdance at Forgeman
1981CruftsCatherine SuttonMillwire Double Blank of FrebrenCarlacot Amalia
1982National Working BreedsCatherine SuttonMeiklestane Black BenjaminTemeraire Penny Black of Crensa
1983BathCatherine SuttonForgeman FootpadCarlacot Bracken
1985Scottish Kennel ClubCatherine SuttonChoristma Monch of VindissaChoristma Jungmutzi
2019Three Counties A.S.Cathy ConnellyGlamrock Graffiti ArtistShirdees Miss Congeniality
2008Working & P Breeds A. of WalesChris WilsonMonalou Dutch CourageMonalou Nelly Pledge
2010ManchesterChris WilsonBernfold WoodiedoitJemma's Winter Jazmine at Liskarn
2011Working & P B of ScotlandChris WilsonPatrick De La Galea at Bernervalley (Imp) Ch & Ir ChMonalou Little Miss Swiss Ch
2016Midland Counties C.S.Chris WilsonMeadowpark High Class ChMonalou Fanny Craddock Ch JW
1996BMDC of GB (B)Christine BertenN/ATimberlog Toccata Ch
1998Working Breeds A. of WalesChristine RichardsonMeadowpark Double ExKernow Patience Rewarded
2000ManchesterChristine RichardsonBernfold Star Jupiter ChColiburn Ria ofTremywyddfa
2003ManchesterChristine RichardsonMonalou Drewmeister of AlachardMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2004Driffield Agricultural SocietyChristine RichardsonFortonpark Frankie Goes To Meadowpark ChFortonpark Frankly My Love
2006Working & P Breeds A. of WalesChristine RichardsonFortonpark Its Otto ChShirdees Star of Wonder Ch
1996Welsh Kennel ClubChristof HabigColiburn Owen at BlumentalDustiny Fleur De Lys
1999BMDC of GB (D)Christof HabigAnnealdon Emperor ChN/A
1990Driffield Agricultural SocietyColin ReedCarlacot Fido ChCherrymount Christobelle
2005Bournemouth C.A.Colin ReedCollansues Mexican DreamMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2007Scottish Kennel ClubColin ReedSnoanda Mr BojanglesMeadowpark Special Lady*
2012Border Union A.S.Colin ReedCollansues Snow PatrolMeadowpark Whispers Breeze Ch
2007BMDC of GB (B)Dave Denis (Canada)N/ALujento Zeta Zuccini*
2016Scottish Kennel ClubDave KilleaMeadowpark High Class ChLiskarn Love in The Dark
2019ManchesterDave KilleaMeadowpark First Class for FortonparkMeadowpark Touch of Class
1982BathDavid SamuelDuntiblae Dark Avenger of ForgemanMillwire Chantilly Lace
1983National Working BreedsDavid SamuelJumbo von Waldacker at ColiburnMillwire Forever Esperance
1984RichmondDavid SamuelForgeman FootpadMixbury Modern Millie of Meadowpark
1986South Wales K.A.David SamuelTarncred Tom Tom ChForgeman Footsteps Ch
1987BMDC of GB (B)David SamuelN/ALots O'Love from Meadowpark Ch
1989Working Breeds of ScotlandDavid SamuelElnside Huggy BearWays and Means at Meadowpark Ch
1991CruftsDavid SamuelDuntiblae Dark VikingLots O'Love from Meadowpark Ch
1992Leicester City C.S.David SamuelInchberry Maximillian ChArvella Bronwyn
1993Working Breeds of ScotlandDavid SamuelViking's Dark Billy Majigs ChElnside My Girl
1997National Working Breeds D.S.Debbie BairdKernow MasterpieceBernfold Dawn Chorus Ch
2018Northern BMDCDel RichardsMeadowpark High Class ChBernsteph Dior Remember Me Ch
2009BMD Club of Scotland (D)Di AthertonWestmains TopogeegioN/A
2011Blackpool & District C.S.Di AthertonMonalou Dutch Courage ChMonalou Perfect Recipe Ch
2014Border Union A.S.Di AthertonMonalou Dutch Connexion to GeruthMonalou Fanny Craddock Ch JW
2015BelfastDi AthertonShirdees ContinentalMaterabern Disco Diva Ch
2018Southern BMD ClubDi AthertonGlamrock Graffiti ArtistJaybiem My My My
1977Birmingham NatDiana CochraneFox v GrunenmattForgeman Folksong of Tarncred
1979CruftsDiana CochraneTarncred PuffinKisumu Bonne Esperance of Millwire
1980SKCDiana CochraneTarncred Tarquin of TemeraireDurrbach Amethyst
1981Birmingham NationalDiana CochraneMillwire Double Blank of FrebrenHiska von Nesselacker
1982WELKSDiana CochraneDuntiblae Dark Avenger of ForgemanTarncred Tearose
1983RichmondDiana CochraneJumbo von Waldacker at ColiburnCarlacot Bracken
1984BMDC of GBDiana CochraneGillro Jack Flash of ManadoriTarncred Mutzi of Choristma
1985LeicesterDiana CochraneTarncred Tom TomWalchwill Classie Lassie
1986Bournemouth C.A.Diana CochraneGillro Gentle GeniusGlanzberg's Helvetia Ch
1988Welsh Kennel ClubDiana CochraneCarlacot Fido ChGlanzberg's Edelweiss of Manadori Ch
1989City of Birmingham C.A.Diana CochraneKyleburn Night Roisterer of HolzernForgeman Floraldance
1990Three Counties A.S.Diana CochraneChoristma EinselmutzCollansues Brigitta
1991BMDC of GB (B)Diana CochraneN/APownall Prima Donna of Temeraire
1992National Working Breeds D.S.Diana CochraneBernmast Magic Memories ChLots O'Love from Meadowpark Ch
1993Leeds & District C.A.Diana CochraneChivas v.d. Wiedewa at Cotshill ChJaybiem Petunia at Hillbank
1995WELKSDiana CochraneAnnealdon Dark Dazzler Ch & Ir ChAlyngarn Amourette
1996Richmond Dog Show SocietyDiana CochraneSchonbar Easter EditionDustiny Fleur De Lys
1997Ladies Kennel AssociationDiana CochraneNorthmeadow Black KnightHillbank Hello Dolly
1999Northern BMDC (D)Diana CochraneCaromarda SleepwalkerN/A
2000East of England A. S.Diana CochraneHillbank Danny BoyGlanzberg Narimba Ch
2002CruftsDiana CochraneSenetta's SixtenColiburn Ria ofTremywyddfa Ch
2005Bath C.S.Diana CochraneMonalou Jess for Me at Bernfold ChShirdees Star of Wonder
2006City of Birmingham C.A.Diana CochraneFortonpark Its Otto ChBernark's Precious Ruby with Bernsteph Ch
1988Darlington Dog Show SocietyDon GriffithsLacelaw Statesman ChLady Laura
1989Leicester City C.S.Don GriffithsInchberry Aramis At DrumbronethLots O'Love from Meadowpark Ch
1990Midland Counties C.S.Don GriffithsBernmast Magic MorningCollansues Brigitta Ch
1992South Wales K.A.Don GriffithsBernmast Magic MemoriesHusheen Diamonds Forever
1993BMDC of GB (D)Don GriffithsColiburn Napoleon at HalesburnN/A
1994City of Birmingham C.A.Don GriffithsViking's Dark Billy Majigs ChBernfold Dawn Chorus Ch
1996WELKSDon GriffithsAnnealdon Dark Dazzler Ch & Ir ChAnnealdon Diadora Ir Ch
2000CruftsDon GriffithsCaromarda Sleepwalker ChDaneberg Prelude To A Kiss Ch
1986Working Breeds A. of WalesDorothy EdgeTranscontinental Boy of Clenraw ChTarncred Mutzi of Choristma
1987Birmingham Dog Show SocietyDorothy EdgeForgeman Footpad ChBelinda von Lehnwaldi of Glanzberg
1988Bournemouth C.A.Dorothy EdgeSir Stanley From Meadowpark ChGillro Gypsy Majic
1989Scottish Kennel ClubDorothy EdgeGlanzberg Playboy of ClenrawTemeraire Penny Black of Crensa Ch
1991Driffield Agricultural SocietyDorothy EdgeCarlacot Fido ChCarlacot Heather
1986Working Breeds of ScotlandDorothy Macvicar-CampbellRickath Northern LightsTemeraire Penny Black of Crensa Ch
1987Leeds & District C.A.Dorothy Macvicar-CampbellElnside Mayo SpiritMeadowpark Likely Lady of Margand
1988Leicester City C.S.Dorothy Macvicar-CampbellClynymona FalkenInchberry Spangled Banner
1989Bournemouth C.A.Dorothy Macvicar-CampbellDuntiblae Dark VikingChoristma Donnamutzi
1992Southern Counties Canine AssociationDorothy Macvicar-CampbellDrumboneth DonardKernow Summerlove at Bernfold
1994Bath C.S.Dorothy Macvicar-CampbellAbbeycott Alfa StarLintock Simply a Lady by Meadowpark
1995Welsh Kennel ClubDot FryFernpark Monduic at OldberneCarlacot Peggy Sue
1996Three Counties A.S.Dot FryJaybiem's Billy the KidHildrek Jonquil
1998WELKSDot FryElnside Silent Thunder at UrsineKernow Patience Rewarded
2000Northern BMDC (B)Dot FryN/AGlanzberg Japonica With Jaybiem
2003City of Birmingham C.A.Dot FryMonalou Irish Spirit ChBernfawr Dulcet Tone
2006National Working Breeds D.S.Dot FryBernsteph Versace at BernmastWelshbern Myfanwy
2011Bath C.S.Dot FryKyleburn Night QuintillionTickbern Naughty But Nice von Richenbern
2003South Wales K.A.Dr Paolo Dondina (Italy)Holzern Lord of the Ring at JaybiemMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2014Southern CountiesDr Paolo Dondina (Italy)Tangyachates Beachcomber ChTickbern Naughty but Nice von Richenbern
2013BelfastDr Ron JamesMeadowpark Sugar Daddy ChMeadowpark Whispers Breeze Ch
2015Paignton & D.F.A.Dr Ron JamesMeadowpark Vertigo ChAthersbern Peronelle Blush Ch
2017Windsor Dog Show SocietyDr Ron JamesMeadowpark High Class ChMeadowpark Beach Blend at Tangyachates
2011Scottish Kennel ClubDr Ronald JamesBernemcourt Sirocco Ch/IrCh Sh CMBernsteph J'Adore Dior Ch JW ShCM

The second table covers judges whose names begin with

E through to I


YearShowJudgeDog CCBitch CC
2017Blackpool & District C.S.Eleni HaapeniemiMeadowpark High Class ChAthersbern Peronelle Blush Ch
1994East of England A. S.Elizabeth CartledgeViking's Dark Billy Majigs ChSnoanda Angel Eyes
1983Working Breeds of ScotlandElizabeth UptonSt Fillans MarksmanMillwire Forever Esperance
1985WELKSElizabeth UptonDuntiblae Dark ProtectorGlanzberg's Edelweiss of Manadori Ch
1986Leicester City C.S.Elizabeth UptonGillro Gentle Genius ChBrick Kiln Matilda
1988Bath C.S.Elizabeth UptonColiburn TruceGillro Gypsy Majic
1989Three Counties A.S.Elizabeth UptonCarlacot Fido ChTemeraire Penny Black of Crensa Ch
1990BMDC of GB (B)Elizabeth UptonN/ABrick Kiln Matilda Ch
1994Ladies Kennel AssociationElizabeth UptonViking's Dark Billy Majigs ChBernmast Magic Melody
2002Birmingham Dog Show SocietyElizabeth UptonDuntiblae Classic Design of Graburlynn ChColiburn Ria ofTremywyddfa Ch
2006CruftsElizabeth UptonBarancourt v d Weyenberg Int Ger Dan Ned ChMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
1998Blackpool & District C.S.Ellis HulmeAnnealdon Emperor ChDaneberg Remember Me Ch
2002Midland Counties C.S.Ellis HulmeFortonpark Frankie Goes To MeadowparkMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2005Blackpool & District C.S.Ellis HulmeFortonpark Its Otto ChBernsteph Miss Dior
2007Welsh Kennel ClubEllis HulmeCollansues Mexican Dream ChMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch*
2015South Wales K.A.Espen EnghMeadowpark Vertigo ChMeadowpark Just a Dream Ch
1980WindsorF.G. WaringDuntiblae Dark GeordieKisumu Belle Fleur of Forgeman
1982Birmingham NationalF.G. WaringDuntiblae Dark Avenger of ForgemanFolkdance at Forgeman
1984Welsh Kennel ClubF.G. WaringForgeman FootpadMeadowpark Captivation
1985Working Breeds of ScotlandF.G. WaringCrensa Trafalgar of DalsetterDagill Solitaire of Rase
1986Richmond Dog Show SocietyFerelith HamiltonTarncred TimpanistBrick Kiln Matilda Ch
1988Working Breeds A. of WalesFerelith SomerfieldForgeman Footpad ChBeevor Ballerina of Stirleyhill Ch
1990City of Birmingham C.A.Ferelith SomerfieldChoristma EinselmutzColigny Crystal
1991Southern BMDC (B)Ferelith SomerfieldN/ABernalpen Welsche Ch
1993Working Breeds A. of WalesFerelith SomerfieldCarlacot Fido ChDuntiblae Midnight Affair
1997Scottish Kennel ClubFerelith SomerfieldAnnealdon Excaliber Ir ChCollansues Hush A Bye Baby Ch
2002Border Union A.S.Ferelith SomerfieldBuganeezee Loch HopeHayfell Bramble of Macanto
2006Blackpool & District C.S.Ferelith SomerfieldFortonpark Its Otto ChFortonpark Sheilablige
2011Southern BMD Club (B)Ferelith SomerfieldN/AClashaidy Designer Genes Ch
1997Welsh Kennel ClubFiona KarolusColiburn Owen at BlumentalKorinti Floella
2000National Working Breeds D.S.Fiona KarolusBuganeezee Loch HopeGlanzberg Narimba
2019WELKSFran KayeMeadowpark First Class for FortonparkAthersbern Peronelle Blush Ch
2006ManchesterFrank KaneNellsbern Valentino ChHalesbern Smartie Pants
2008Richmond Dog Show SocietyFrank KaneWardleyhill Beanoble ChVellbern Japanese Queen Ch JW ShCM
2010Midland Counties C.S.Frank KaneBernemcourt Sirocco Ch/IrCh Sh CMAthersbern Affinity
2012WELKSFrank KaneManisla Ebony Dusk ChAthersbern Affinity
2015BMDC of GB (B)Frank KaneN/AMeadowpark Perfect Blend Ch
2018Three Counties A.S.Frank KaneMeadowpark High Class ChFortonpark Chasing Dreams
1994National Working Breeds D.S.Frank WhitbreadCarlacot JupiterSnoanda Angel Eyes
1997BMDC of GB (B)Frank WhitbreadN/AHildrek Jonquil Ch
1999Southern BMDC (D)Frank WhitbreadKernow Golden WonderN/A
2001Leeds & District C.A.Frank WhitbreadHillbank Danny Boy ChKernow Patience Rewarded Ch
2003Windsor Dog Show SocietyFrank WhitbreadKernow Beau Son ChBernolyn Beau Brodie
2004Midland Counties C.S.Frank WhitbreadWelshbern Cefyn at Jaybiem ChMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2006Scottish Kennel ClubFrank WhitbreadFortonpark Its Otto ChFortonpark Sheilablige Ch
2008Bournemouth C.A.Frank WhitbreadDenfast CosmopolitanVellbern Japanese Queen JW ShCM
2010South Wales K.A.Frank WhitbreadWardleyhill Beanoble ChMonalou Perfect Recipe
2006East of England A. S.Frank WildmanNellsbern Valentino ChBernsteph Miss Dior
2009Southern BMD Club (D)Frank WildmanBernemcourt Sirocco Ir ChN/A
2011ManchesterFrank WildmanFortonpark G'Day BruceJemma's Winter Jazmine at Liskarn Ch
2013South Wales K.A.Frank WildmanJaybiem Utwo Ch JW ShCMMaterabern Disco Diva Ch
2015LKAFrank WildmanMeadowpark High Class ChMeadowpark Perfect Blend Ch
1978National Working BreedsFred CurnowMeiklestane Dark AdventureDurrbach Amethyst
2017Leeds & District C.A.Gary LewthwaiteMeadowpark High Class ChAthersbern Peronelle Blush Ch
1995Three Counties A.S.Gaye SansomClenoja Fido's PrinceBernfold Dawn Chorus Ch
2011Three Counties A.S.Gaye StrassenJaybiem In LieuMonalou Dutch by Design at Torralbaz
2013City of Birmingham C.A.Gaye StrassenA Star is Born From BurgseeliLujento Genoa Name
2016Bournemouth C.A.Gaye StrassenCollansues Black Magic ChHarvestbank Fields of Gold
2004Working Breeds A. of WalesGaye Strassen (Sansom)Monalou Space CowboyWelshbern Bonesig Brenna Ch
1998Southern BMDC (B)Gaye Strasson (Sansom)N/ACollansues Honeymoon
1987Richmond Dog Show SocietyGeoff WaringTranscontinental Boy of Clenraw ChChoristma Lucilla
1988WELKSGeoff WrightonElnside Mayo SpiritGillro Gypsy Majic
1989Working Breeds A. of WalesGeoff WrightonLacelaw Statesman ChTemeraire Penny Black of Crensa Ch
1990Windsor Dog Show SocietyGeoff WrightonCarlacot Fido ChCollansues Brigitta Ch
1991South Wales K.A.Geoff WrightonViking's Dark Billy MajigsLots O'Love from Meadowpark Ch
1992Leeds & District C.A.Geoff WrightonDrummann Neat N'sweet At Ursine ChDrummann Elsasong
1993WELKSGeoff WrightonBernmast Magic Memories ChMajanco Loretta at Duntiblae
1994BMDC of GB (B)Geoff WrightonN/ACollansues Brigitta Ch
1996Birmingham Dog Show SocietyGeoff WrightonDuntiblae Midnite MorseTimberlog Toccata
1993Southern Counties Canine AssociationGeorge BenningParracombe Lunar FireBernalpen Ketje
1995Southern BMDC (D)George BenningArrowmeet Chieftan ChN/A
2000Working Breeds of ScotlandGeorge BenningMonalou Razzle DazzleMurora Almost An Angel
2002National Working Breeds D.S.George BenningPollingfold Boxing Boldre ChDaneberg Kiss and Tell In Parracombe Ch
2007CruftsGeorge BenningLyjon Drazicks Boy Ch Int ChShirdees Star of Wonder Ch*
2009Windsor Dog Show SocietyGeorge BenningHolzern Xs All AreasCarraigbern Emily grey at Desulyn
1983Scottish Kennel ClubGeorge DownForgeman FootpadTemeraire Penny Black of Crensa
1984Birmingham NationalGeorge DownForgeman Freelance of MeadowparkTarncred Kind of Hush
1986Windsor Dog Show SocietyGeorge DownForgeman Footpad ChLots O'Love from Meadowpark Ch
1988Three Counties A.S.George DownSir Stanley From MeadowparkKyleburn Night Song
1990WELKSGeorge DownCarlacot Fido ChCollansues Brigitta
1991Ladies Kennel AssociationGeorge DownViking's Dark Billy MajigsMoonbach Seranade
1993Blackpool & District C.S.George DownDrumboneth Donard ChBernfold Dawn Chorus
1995City of Birmingham C.A.George DownFordash Fearless of GlanzbergSnoanda Angel Eyes Ch
1999Three Counties A.S.George DownNewkasbern Dambuster ChDaneberg Sealed With a Kiss Ch
2002Scottish Kennel ClubGeorge WilsonMonalou Irish SpiritColiburn Ria ofTremywyddfa Ch
2004Southern BMDC (D)George WilsonFortonpark Frankie Goes To MeadowparkN/A
2006Northern BMDC (D)George WilsonMonalou Jess for Me At Bernfold ChN/A
2008Bath C.S.George WilsonMonalou Dutch CourageWardleyhill the Isles Queen
2010Driffield Agricultural SocietyGeorge WilsonFortonpark G'Day BruceBernfold Miss Molly
2012National Working & P B D.S.George WilsonShirdees Love Me Do at Cullumbern Ch JW ShCMMeadowpark Whispers Breeze Ch
2016Border Union A.S.George WilsonMeadowpark High Class ChMeadowpark Living My Dream at Fortonpark Ch
2019BMD Club of ScotlandGeroge WilsonMeadowpark First Class for FortonparkFortonpark Sez I'm Classy
1987ManchesterGerry FallasDelhurst Dark EagleBelinda von Lehnwaldi of Glanzberg
1992Bath C.S.Gerry FallasDrummann Neat N'sweet At Ursine ChCollansues Brigitta Ch
1997Blackpool & District C.S.Gerry FallasMeadowpark Double ExFortonpark Kentee Early Morning
2003Working Breeds of ScotlandGerry FallasBranbern Special Knight Aus ChFortonpark Frankly My Dear
1989Blackpool & District C.S.Gerry FallasMeadowpark SensationTemeraire Penny Black of Crensa Ch
1987Working Breeds A. of WalesGill SharmanCarlacot Fido ChTemeraire Tender Tymes Ch
1985City of BirminghamGillian SharmanForgeman Freelance of MeadowparkWalchwill Classie Lassie
1989BMDC of GB (D)Gillian SharmanDuntiblae Dark VikingN/A
1992Welsh Kennel ClubGillian SharmanDuntiblae Dark DexterMajanco Loretta at Duntiblae
1994CruftsGillian SharmanClenoja Fido's PrinceBernfold Winter Breeze
1996Northern BMDCGillian SharmanAlex v Buhlikofen of HildrekPia v Nesselacker of Glanzberg Ch
1998Southern BMDC (D)Gillian SharmanNorthmeadow Black KnightN/A
2002ManchesterGillian SharmanElnside The Legacy at UrsineDishep Oh Vienna at Kernow Ch
2004Welsh Kennel ClubGillian SharmanSnoanda Rock Adoodle Doo of EmberfayWelshbern Bonesig Brenna Ch
2008South Wales K.A.Gillian SharmanHarvestbank Archernar JWVellbern Japanese Queen
2011Driffield Agricultural SocietyGillian SharmanCollansues Snow PatrolArdenbridge Porsche
2013Bournemouth C.A.Gillian SharmanA Star is Born From BurgseeliTickbern Never Say Never Ch
2016Windsor Dog Show SocietyGillian SharmanCollansues Black Magic ChMeadowpark Living My Dream at Fortonpark Ch
2010Southern CountiesGoran BodegerdJaybiem Utwo Ch JW ShCMJemma's Winter Jazmine at Liskarn Ch
1986Leeds & District C.A.Gordon HowardGillro Gentle GeniusGlanzberg's Helvetia Ch
1988Scottish Kennel ClubGordon HowardElnside Huggy BearBelinda von Lehnwaldi of Glanzberg Ch
1989BMDC of GB (B)Gordon HowardN/AManadori's Musical Madam
1990Border Union A.S.Gordon HowardMargand the WandererMeadowpark Likely Lady of Margand Ch
1994WELKSGordon HowardViking's Dark Billy Majigs ChTimberlog Toccata
1995BMDC of ScotlandGordon HowardBuganeezee Ben MacduiBernalpen Welsche Ch
1998Border Union A.S.Gordon HowardSchonbar Easter Edition ChNellsbern Elsa
2002Northern BMDC (B)Gordon HowardN/AAlyngarn Amonterosa
2003Driffield Agricultural SocietyGordon HowardDuntiblae Classic Design of Graburlynn ChMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2005CruftsGordon HowardDuntiblae Classic Design of Graburlynn ChAlegria van't Stokerybos Fr Ch
2008Southern Counties C.A.Gunnel HolmWardleyhill BeanobleShirdees Star of Wonder Ch
2000Richmond Dog Show SocietyGunnel-HolmeKernow My Way for JaybiemAlphanova Zazu Ch
1994Scottish Kennel ClubGwen MogfordViking's Dark Billy Majigs ChBuganeezee Ben Chonzie
2001South Wales K.A.Gwen MogfordKernow My Way for JaybiemMurora Almost An Angel
2003Paignton & D.F.A.Gwen MogfordXonel van't PachtofMeadowpark No Regrets
2005Richmond Dog Show SocietyGwen MogfordMonalou Jess For Me at Bernfold ChMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2008Three Counties A.S.Gwen MogfordWardleyhill BeanobleMeadowpark I'm Special
1995Southern Counties Canine AssociationHans LehtinenKorinti DukeBernfold Winter Breeze Ch
2013Working & P Breeds A. of WalesHans LehtinenShirdees Love Me Do at Cullumbern Ch JW ShCMMeadowpark Living The Dream Ch
2014BelfastHans van den BergDoremis Lolvo KidTickbern Miss Chief Ch
1981SKCHarry GloverTarncred Tarquin of TemeraireMajanco Gallina
1986Welsh Kennel ClubHarry JordanForgeman Footpad ChBrick Kiln Matilda
1987Bath C.S.Harry JordanClashaidy Nordic FireLots O'Love from Meadowpark
1989South Wales K.A.Harry JordanCarlacot Genesis at Nellsbern ChCountess of Crensa
1990Scottish Kennel ClubHarry JordanElnside Huggy Bear ChCarlacot Flame
1991Richmond Dog Show SocietyHarry JordanCotshill Rainbow WarriorMatera's Dizzy Lizzy
1993Darlington Dog Show SocietyHarry JordanInchberry Maximillian ChKyleburn Night Adventuress of Millermead
1994Bournemouth C.A.Harry JordanViking's Dark Billy Majigs ChBernfold Blue Atlantic at Jaybiem
1996National Working Breeds D.S.Harry NelsonSchonbar Easter EditionDuntiblae Designer Label
2000Scottish Kennel ClubHarry NelsonBernfold Star Jupiter ChBernfold Halloween Pumpkin at Tickbern
2002WELKSHarry NelsonHillbank Danny Boy ChLujento Della-Roma
2004Windsor Dog Show SocietyHarry NelsonFortonpark Frankie Goes To Meadowpark ChTickbern Dolly Daydream of Denfast Ch
2007Ladies Kennel AssociationHarry NelsonBernsteph Versace at Bernmast Ch*Shirdees Star of Wonder Ch
2009Darlington Dog Show SocietyHarry NelsonJaybiem Utwo JWClashaidy Alice Blue Gown von Kleintatzen
2011Bournemouth C.A.Harry NelsonManisla Ebony Dusk ChShirdees Bobbie Dazzler Ch
2017Richmond Dog Show SocietyHarry NelsonMeadowpark High Class ChBlue Aira Bernenskie Ranczo (imp Pol)
2014Northern BMD Club (D)Harry NelsonBernemcourt Fascination Ch/Ir ChN/A
1987WELKSHeather CurtisCarlacot Fido ChForgeman Fancy Free of Mixbury Ch
1989Scottish Kennel ClubHeather CurtisDuntiblae Dark TargetMeadowpark Likely Lady of Margand
1992Bournemouth C.A.Heather CurtisBernmast Magic Memories ChSnoanda Truly Scrumptious
1993BMDC of ScotlandHeather CurtisCarlacot LutherMeadowpark Likely Lady of Margand Ch
1995Leeds & District C.A.Heather CurtisBuganeezee Ben Dombail of GraburlynnDenaca Hello Goodbye
1999Welsh Kennel ClubHeather CurtisElnside The Lion King of MargandCollansues Honeymoon Ch
1998National Working Breeds D.S.Heather HeadAnnealdon Emperor ChDaneberg Sealed With a Kiss
2001Welsh Kennel ClubHeather HeadHillbank Danny Boy ChTickbern Becky Brown of Alisnobern
2003Border Union A.S.Heather HeadKernow Beau Son ChYndiana Du bois Bernois at Waldershelf Ch
2005Three Counties A.S.Heather HeadMonalou Thru 'n' ThruShirdees Star of Wonder Ch
2006BMDC of GB (D)Heather HeadBernsteph Versace at BernmastN/A
2008Paignton & D.F.A.Heather HeadShirdees Jumping JackVellbern Japanese Queen JW ShCM
2010Welsh Kennel ClubHeather HeadManisla Ebony Dusk ChMonalou Little Miss Swiss
2012CruftsHeather HeadHabibi van't Stokerybos Lux ChMeadowpark Whispers Breeze
2014Windsor Dog Show SocietyHeather HeadKernow Rock Star ChVellbern You Japanese Gem
2017BMDC of GB (B)Heather HeadN/ABernsteph Dior Remember Me Ch
2002Welsh Kennel ClubHedd RichardsHillbank Danny Boy ChColiburn Ria ofTremywyddfa Ch
2004Birmingham Dog Show SocietyHedd RichardsJaybiem Hebetheone for NellsbernMarkeila Amazing Affair with Duntiblae Ch
2005Southern BMDC (B)Hedd RichardsN/AMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2007Midland Counties C.S.Hedd RichardsBernsteph Versace at Bernmast ChWardleyhill The Isles Queen*
2010National Working & P B D.S.Hedd RichardsMonalou Dutch CourageTickbern Miss Chief
2011LKAHedd RichardsShirdees Love Me Do at Cullumbern JW ShCMJemma's Winter Jazmine at Liskarn Ch
2013Working & P B of ScotlandHedd RichardsChyburne Classy LukaTickbern Never Say Never Ch
2016BMDC of GB (B)Hedd RichardsN/AMonalou Fanny Craddock Ch JW
2019CruftsHedd RichardsMeadowpark High Class ChIllisia Z Krainy Zeusa
1992Darlington Dog Show SocietyHelen Davenport-WillisBernalpen SylvanerMatera's Dizzy Lizzy Ch
1993Midland Counties C.S.Helen Davenport-WillisAlyngarn AdversityBernfold Dawn Chorus
1995Working Breeds A. of WalesHelen Davenport-WillisMeadowpark Early Embargo at LegeciumAlyngarn Amourette
1996Leeds & District C.A.Helen Davenport-WillisFernpark Monduic at Oldberne ChMillermead Eternal Dream
1999Driffield Agricultural SocietyHelen Davenport-WillisAnnealdon Emperor ChAlyngarn Amonterosa
2001Northern BMDC (D)Helen Davenport-WillisSenetta's SixtenN/A
2003National Working Breeds D.S.Helen Davenport-WillisKernow Beau Son ChTickbern Becky Brown of Alisnobern Ch
2004BMDC of GB (B)Helen Davenport-WillisN/AMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2006South Wales K.A.Helen Davenport-WillisBernolyn Its Beano Surprise ChBernsteph Miss Dior
2008CruftsHelen Davenport-WillisEmerson van't Stokerybos *Wardleyhill the Isles Queen
2009LKAHelen Davenport-WillisManisla Ebony DuskJemma's Winter Jazmine at Liskarn
2011National Dog ShowHelen Davenport-WillisWardleyhill Beanoble ChWelshbern Taran
2014WELKSHelen Davenport-WillisTjofselinas Z Daimuz at Fortonpark (Imp Swe) Ch JWTickbern Miss Chief Ch
2017Midland Counties C.S.Helen Davenport-WillisMeadowpark High Class ChMeadowpark Just A Dream Ch
1999Scottish Kennel ClubHelen LambHayfell Beech Ir ChDaneberg Sealed With a Kiss
2001Blackpool & District C.S.Helen LambHillbank Danny BoyLujento Della-Roma
2003WELKSHelen LambBuganeezee Loch HopeBernemcourt Enchantment Ch & Ir Ch
2004Working Breeds of ScotlandHelen LambDrumadraw RumblethumpFortonpark Frankly My Love
2007Driffield Agricultural SocietyHelen LambSargas av Milkcreek*Lujento Zeta Zuccini
2011Darlington Dog Show SocietyHelen LambPatrick De La Galea at Bernervalley (Imp) Ch & Ir ChMonalou Dutch by Design at Torralbaz
2017Scottish Kennel ClubHelen LambWaldershelf Causing KaosWaldershelf Ethels way at Padiky JW ShCM
1997Scottish Kennel ClubHelen McAulayBaronbern SpellbinderKernow Waltz at Oldberne
2001Richmond Dog Show SocietyHelen McAulayPollingfold Boxing Boldre ChAlphanova Zazu Ch
2003Bournemouth C.A.Helen McAulayMonalou Secret Edition ChArdenbridge Buds Of May
2004BMDC of GB (D)Helen McAulayGreddoch Brennan Ir ChN/A
2005Working & P B of ScotlandHelen McAulayFortonpark Its Otto ChMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2008Southern BMDC (B)Helen McAulayN/AWardleyhill the Isles Queen
2012BMD Club of Scotland (B)Helen McAulayN/AMeadowpark Whispers Breeze Ch
2017CruftsHelen McAulayGeorgeous Mc-Gregor Vom Rummelsbach Int ChMeadowpark Just A Dream Ch
1988BMDC of GB (D)Herr H. BuriMeadowpark PavarottiN/A
1999Working Breeds of ScotlandI. Onstenk-Schenk (NL)Joshamar Buffalo BillGreddoch Katie's Lucky Lady
2008Working & P B of ScotlandIlona Y Onstenk-SchenkWardleyhill Beanoble ChMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch JW
2011Southern CountiesIlona Y Ostenk-SchenkJaybiem In ClementBernsteph Chloe
1977Ladies Kennel AssociationIrene AshfieldTarncred PuffinKisumu Belle Fleur of Forgeman
1980National Working BreedsIrene AshfieldDuntiblae Forgeman FusilierTarncred Troika
1982CruftsIrene AshfieldDuntiblae Dark Avenger of ForgemanFolkdance at Forgeman
2004Northern BMDC (B)Irene MalpassN/AWelshbern Bonesig Brenna
2005Midland Counties C.S.Irene MalpassMonalou Jess For Me at Bernfold ChShirdees Star of Wonder Ch
2007National Working Breeds D.S.Irene MalpassDesulyn Guy FawkesBernark's Precious Ruby with Bernsteph Ch*
2010Southern BMD Club (B)Irene MalpassN/ABernsteph J'Adore Dior JW
2013Richmond Dog Show SocietyIrene MalpassVellbern Samouri WarriorTickbern Never Say Never Ch
2016BMDC of GB (D)Irene MalpassWelshbern One Vision at Scobern ShCMN/A
1999BMDC of ScotlandIrene McManusBernfold Star JupiterCollansues Honeymoon Ch
2003Welsh Kennel ClubIrene McManusElnside The Legacy at Ursine ChTickbern Dolly Daydream of Denfast Ch
2005Leeds & District C.A.Irene McManusCollansues Mexican DreamTickbern Flipperty Gibbet from Harvestbank
2007South Wales K.A.Irene McManusBernsteph Versace at Bernmast ChMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch*
2009Blackpool & District C.S.Irene McManusTorralbaz Dazzleon Days ChFortonpark Sheilablige Ch
2011Welsh Kennel ClubIrene McManusMonalou Dutch Courage ChBernsteph J'Adore Dior Ch JW ShCM
2014Midland Counties C.S.Irene McManusJaybiem Itri for Shadybower JWTorralbaz Designer Diamond
2016City of Birmingham C.A.Irene McManusAlpenspirit Pure Pleasure for Arvella (Imp Can)Bernsteph Dior Remember Me Ch
2018Border Union A.S.Irene McManusMeadowpark High Class ChHarvestbank Fields of Gold

The third table covers judges whose names begin with

J through to L


YearShowJudgeDog CCBitch CC
2003BMDC of Scotland (D)J Aitkin-JohnsonMonalou Irish Spirit ChN/A
2005Scottish Kennel ClubJ. Aitken JohnsonFortonpark Its Otto ChMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2007Three Counties A.S.J. Aitken-JohnsonNellsbern Valentino Ch*Bernsteph Miss Dior Ch
1996Scottish Kennel ClubJ. RichardsonFernpark Monduic at Oldberne ChMeadowpark Our Olive
2018Paignton & D.F.A.J. Walsh JnrMeadowpark High Class ChMeadowpark Picture Perfect
2013CruftsJack BisphamPatrick De La Galea at Bernervalley (Imp) Ch & Ir ChMeadowpark Whispers Breeze Ch
2014City of Birmingham C.A.Jack BisphamKernow Rock Star ChFortonpark Dutch Delight Ch
1992Scottish Kennel ClubJack BispshamInchberry Maximillian ChHusheen Ballertrina of Meadowpark Ch
1993Richmond Dog Show SocietyJack BispshamViking's Dark Billy Majigs ChAllado Dark 'n' Delicious
1994Midland Counties C.S.Jack BispshamMeadowpark Early Embargo at LegeciumTimberlog Toccata
1996South Wales K.A.Jack BispshamFordash Fearless of Glanzberg ChMeadowpark Our Olive
1998Bath C.S.Jack BispshamBernfold Star JupiterCarlacot Peggy Sue Ch
2001Windsor Dog Show SocietyJack BispshamGlanzberg Cellist of GlenbrienzDaneberg Kiss and Tell in Parracombe Ch
2004ManchesterJack BispshamWelshbern Cefyn at Jaybiem ChFortonpark Frankly My Dear
2007Blackpool & District C.S.Jack BispshamNellsbern Valentino Ch*Fortonpark Sheilablige Ch
1997Working Breeds of ScotlandJackie GreenFernpark Monduic at Oldberne ChElnside My Girl Too
1999National Working Breeds D.S.Jackie GreenMonalou Razzle DazzleSitzendorf Scrumptious at Duntiblae Ch
2001Northern BMDC (B)Jackie GreenN/AGlanzberg Narimba Ch
2002BMDC of GB (D)Jackie GreenGlamrock Telegram SamN/A
2004Bath C.S.Jackie GreenMonalou Thru 'n' ThruMarkeila Amazing Affair with Duntiblae Ch
2006Border Union A.S.Jackie GreenFortonpark Its Otto ChMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2007City of Birmingham C.A.Jackie GreenTorralbaz Dazzleon DaysMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch*
2009Leeds & District C.A.Jackie GreenEbnet's Mojo Am Can Aust Ir ChBernfold Miss Molly
2011Three Counties A.S.Jackie GreenJaybiem Innu Endo JW ShCM ChJemma's Winter Jazmine at Liskarn Ch
2014CruftsJackie GreenSouthcourt Quebranto PT/E/CH/I ChTickbern Miss Chief Ch
2018BMDC of GB (D)Jackie GreenMeadowpark High Class ChN/A
2011BMDC of GB (D)Jan HerngrenManisla Ebony Dusk ChN/A
2010BMD Club of Scotland (B)Jane KeevesN/AMonalou Little Miss Swiss
2014Richmond Dog Show SocietyJane KeevesShirdees Love Me Do at Cullumbern Ch JW ShCMBernsteph Remember Me JW
2016Southern BMD ClubJane KeevesCollansues Secret BridgesWaldershelf All About Edna
2018Working & P B of ScotlandJane KeevesMeadowpark High Class ChMonalou Arctic Queen
2012Bath C.S.Jane KeevesJaybiem Itri for Shadybower JWTickbern Miss Chief Ch
1994Blackpool & District C.S.Jane LambAlyngarn AdversityBuganeezee Ben Chonzie
1996Southern BMDC (B)Jane LambN/APia v Nesselacker of Glanzberg Ch
1997Border Union A.S.Jane LambAnnealdon Excaliber Ir ChShadybower Dawn Beauty at Bramikdel
1999South Wales K.A.Jane LambHayfell Beech Ir ChJaybiem Primrose
2000Ladies Kennel AssociationJane LambSenetta's SixtenGreddoch Katie's Lucky Lady
2002Working Breeds of ScotlandJane LambBlu of Dunroban ChLujento Della-Roma
2004Northern BMDC (D)Jane LambWelshbern Cefyn at Jaybiem ChN/A
2005Darlington Dog Show SocietyJane LambBernolyn Its Beano Surprise ChFortonpark Frankly My Love
2007WELKSJane LambDesulyn Guy FawkesWardleyhill The Isles Queen*
2010East of England A. S.Jane LambJaybiem Utwo Ch JW ShCMBernfold Back to Ziggy at Shadybower
2013Welsh Kennel ClubJane LambLujento Heyhobart with Welshbern ChMeadowpark Living The Dream Ch
2016CruftsJane LambJust Enjoy van't Stokerybos Lux ChMolly van't Stokerybos Lux/Bel Ch
2016Blackpool & District C.S.Jane LilleyMeadowpark High Class ChMonalou Fanny Craddock Ch JW
2019Southern BMD ClubJane LilleyKernow Something PerfectBernfold Spring Blossom
2005City of Birmingham C.A.Janet RiseboroughFortonpark Its Otto ChShirdees Star of Wonder Ch
2007Border Union A.S.Janet RiseboroughMonalou Baxter the Future ChFortonpark Sheilado
2008Blackpool & District C.S.Janet RiseboroughBernsteph Louis VuittonMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch JW
2010BMDC of GB (D)Janet RiseboroughMonalou Solomans TrustN/A
2012Richmond Dog Show SocietyJanet RiseboroughCollansues Buildin Bridges At Bramikdel JW ChShirdees Bobbie Dazzler Ch
2015Birmingham NationalJanet RiseboroughMeadowpark Vertigo ChMaterabern Disco Diva Ch
2018WELKSJanet RiseboroughMeadowpark High Class ChAthersbern Peronelle Blush Ch
1978CruftsJean LanningForgeman FedoraMajanco Gallina
1979WindsorJean LanningMeiklestane Dark AceKisumu Belle Fleur of Forgeman
1980RichmondJean LanningTarncred PuffinCarlacot Amalia
1982Ladies Kennel AssociationJean LanningMeiklestane Black BenjaminTarncred Mutzi of Choristma
1984ManchesterJean LanningDuntiblae Dark ProtectorMillwire Forever Esperance
1985CruftsJean LanningForgeman ForesterGlanzberg's Karina of Hildrek
1986Driffield Agricultural SocietyJean LanningDelhurst Dark EagleBeevor Ballerina of Stirleyhill Ch
1989Bath C.S.Jean LanningSitzendorf Able NelsonChoristma Bliss
1990Leeds & District C.A.Jean LanningInchberry Aramis at DrumbronethBramblecroft Magic Moonbeam
1990Ladies Kennel AssociationJean LanningViking's Dark Billy MajigsCollansues Marta
2000Leeds & District C.A.Jean LanningMillermead Happy LadBegaville Gypsy
2005Ladies Kennel AssociationJean LanningBernsteph Versace at BernmastTangyachates Sea Breeze
2007Southern Counties C.A.Jean LanningHolzern Lord of The Ring at JaybiemNellsbern Sabella
2008City of Birmingham C.A.Jean LanningManisla Ebony Dusk ChDenfast Femme Fatale
2012BelfastJean Lanning JPPatrick De La Galea at Bernervalley (Imp) Ch & Ir ChHarvestbank Chantilly Lace JW ShCM
2013Midland Counties C.S.Jean Lanning JPBernemcourt Fascination Ch/Ir ChMeadowpark Whispers Breeze Ch
2009BMD Club of Scotland (B)Jeanette GreenN/AMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch JW
2013BMDC of GB (B)Jeanette GreenN/AMeadowpark Whispers Breeze Ch
2015Southern CountiesJeanette GreenMeadowpark Vertigo ChJaybiem Voodoo at Potterspride
1977CruftsJeff ChandlerMeiklestane Dark AceForgeman Folksong of Tarncred
1979SKCJeff ChandlerMeiklestane Dark AceKisumu Bonne Esperance of Millwire
1980Birmingham NationalJeff ChandlerDuntiblae Dark FortuneMajanco Gallina
1981WindsorJeff ChandlerDuntiblae Dark Avenger of ForgemanFolkdance at Forgeman
1982Working Breeds of ScotlandJeff ChandlerForgeman FootpadMajanco Gallina
1984South Wales K.A.Jeff ChandlerJumbo von Waldacker at ColiburnChoristma Jungmutzi
1986WELKSJeff ChandlerForgeman Footpad ChTarncred Mutzi of Choristma Ch
2000Bournemouth C.A.Jeff HorswellGlamrock Telegram SamGlanzberg Liberty
2002Richmond Dog Show SocietyJeff HorswellCornwellian Celtic Cross With ShirdeesChesterwood Lugnaquilla
2004Darlington Dog Show SocietyJeff HorswellFortonpark Frankie Goes To Meadowpark ChBernemcourt Enchantment Ch & Ir Ch
2006Bournemouth C.A.Jeff HorswellDynamite van't Beertjes Hof of Glanzberg ChMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2009South Wales K.A.Jeff HorswellBernemcourt Sirocco Ch/IrChBernsteph Miss Dior Ch JW ShCM
2012East of England A. S.Jeff HorswellShirdees Love Me Do at Cullumbern Ch JW ShCMMeadowpark Royal Blend
2016Birmingham NationalJeff HorswellMeadowpark High Class ChMeadowpark Just a Dream
2017Southern CountiesJeff HorswellMeadowpark Vertigo Ch JWMeadowpark Beach Blend at Tangyachates
2007Southern BMDC (D)Jeff LuscottCollansues Mexican Dream ChN/A
2009Welsh Kennel ClubJeff LuscottJaybiem UtwoBernsteph Betty Barclay to Millermead Ir Ch ShCM
2011Richmond Dog Show SocietyJeff LuscottBernsteph Louis Vuitton ShCMJemma's Winter Jazmine at Liskarn Ch
2013Border Union A.S.Jeff LuscottShirdees Love Me Do at Cullumbern Ch JW ShCMHarvestbank Chantilly Lace JW ShCM
2015Working & P Breeds A. of WalesJeff LuscottMeadowpark Vertigo ChWaldershelf Happy Hattie Ch
2017LKAJeff LuscottMeadowpark High Class ChJaybiem Voodoo at Potterspride
1998Northern BMDC (D)Jens RamsingJaybiem Dickie BeauN/A
2014Working & P Breeds A. of WalesJens RamsingMeadowpark Sugar Daddy ChTickbern Miss Chief Ch
2000BMDC of GB (B)Jens Ramsing (Dnmk)N/AHildrek Jonquil Ch
2005Southern Counties C.A.Joanne SuttonDyami vom BurgseeliTickbern Enjoy The Moment
2007Richmond Dog Show SocietyJoanne SuttonBernolyn Its Beano Surprise ChWardleyhill The Isles Queen*
2008Ladies Kennel AssociationJoanne SuttonHillbank TexasBernfold Back to Ziggy at Shadybower JW
2010Working & P B of ScotlandJoanne SuttonJaybiem In ClementJemma's Winter Jazmine at Liskarn Ch
2012Three Counties A.S.Joanne SuttonCollansues Buildin Bridges At Bramikdel JWTickbern Miss Chief Ch
2014BMDC of GB (B)Joanne SuttonN/AFortonpark Dutch Delight Ch
2016National Working & P B D.S.Joanne SuttonMeadowpark High Class ChWelshbern Sweet Lady at Judabern
2018ManchesterJoanne SuttonAlpenspirit Pure Pleasure for Arvella (Imp Can)Athersbern Peronelle Blush Ch
1979Birmingham NationalJoe BraddonTarncred Tarquin of TemeraireTarncred Troika
1980BathJoe BraddonMillwire Double Blank of FrebrenMajanco Gallina
1981Working Breeds of ScotlandJoe BraddonForgeman FootpadCarlacot Bracken
1983WindsorJoe BraddonCaprima CenturianDagill Solitaire of Rase
1984BathJoe BraddonForgeman FootpadGlanzberg's Helvetia
1985ManchesterJoe BraddonDuntiblae Dark ProtectorWalchwill Classie Lassie
1988Birmingham Dog Show SocietyJoe BraddonMeadowpark LancelotForgeman Fancy Free of Mixbury Ch
1993Bournemouth C.A.Joe KirkViking's Dark Billy Majigs ChMargand Samees Echo
1994Richmond Dog Show SocietyJoe KirkJaybiem's Billy the KidMeadowpark Early Election
1996Border Union A.S.Joe KirkDustiny Dominic at Ursine ChElnside Fatal Attraction Ch
1999Darlington Dog Show SocietyJoe KirkElnside The Lion King of MargandCollansues Honeymoon Ch
2003Birmingham Dog Show SocietyJoe KirkFortonpark Star Galaxy ChMeadowpark No Regrets
2004City of Birmingham C.A.Joe KirkFortonpark Its Otto ChFortonpark Frankly My Dear
2018Richmond Dog Show SocietyJoe SmithMaterabern Good FridayAthersbern Peronelle Blush Ch
2012Southern CountiesJohan JuslinGlamrock Ballroom Blitz by Glenbrienz ShCMMeadowpark Living The Dream
1985National Working BreedsJohn GorbouldForgeman FootpadWalchwill Classie Lassie
1986BMDC of GB (D)John GorbouldGlanzberg's Kavalier of SenbreezeN/A
1987Bournemouth C.A.John GorbouldFirelight ShadowBrick Kiln Matilda Ch
1988Richmond Dog Show SocietyJohn GorbouldLacelaw Statesman ChChoristma Bliss
2018BMDC of GB (B)John JakobsonN/AFortonpark Dutch Delight
1983Welsh Kennel ClubJohn JamesTarncred BullfinchTarncred Kleine at Timberlog
1984East of EnglandJohn JamesTarncred Tom TomForgeman Fancy Free of Mixbury Ch
1985Birmingham NationalJohn JamesDuntiblae Dark ProtectorTemeraire Tender Tymes
1986Ladies Kennel AssociationJohn JamesElnside Mayo SpiritWays and Means at Meadowpark Ch
1987BMDC of GB (D)John JamesGillro Gentle Genius ChN/A
1989Leeds & District C.A.John JamesElnside Huggy BearInchberry Spangled Banner Ch
1992CruftsJohn JamesCarlacot Genesis at Nellsbern ChBernalpen Welsche Ch
1993Bath C.S.John JamesChivas v.d. Wiedewa at Cotshill ChCollansues Rock a By Baby
1995Richmond Dog Show SocietyJohn JamesFernpark Monduic at OldberneMajanco Loretta at Duntiblae
1998BMDC of GB (D)John JamesNorthmeadow Black Knight ChN/A
2000Southern BMDCJohn JamesKernow My Way for JaybiemDaneberg Kiss and Tell In Parracombe Ch
2003Northern BMDC (B)John JamesN/AMeadowpark No Regrets
1991Darlington Dog Show SocietyJohn McManusCarlacot Fido ChAlyngarn Another Star at Kellywyth
1994BMDC of ScotlandJohn McManusViking's Dark Billy Majigs ChBernalpen Sbrinz
1997ManchesterJohn McManusMeadowpark Early ExodusJaybiem Polyanthus Ch
2001Scottish Kennel ClubJohn McManusElnside The Legacy at UrsineArrembec Intrepid at Trudaleaze
2004Blackpool & District C.S.John McManusTangyachates Merry go RoundNellsbern Liaka at Highwell
2007Scottish Kennel ClubJohn McManusNellsbern Valentino ChMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch*
2009Northern BMDC (D)John McManusTorralbaz Dazzleon DaysN/A
1999WELKSJoyce CollisNewkasbern Dambuster ChKyleburn Night Illusion
2000Scottish Kennel ClubJoyce CollisBernavia Tumbling DiceBegaville Gypsy
1992Blackpool & District C.S.Joyce MannCarlacot Fido ChCountess of Crensa Ch
1994Paignton & District Fanciers AssociationJoyce MannFero v. Buetigen of Glanzberg at Bernfold ChSnoanda Angel Eyes
1995Bournemouth C.A.Joyce MannCarlacot NeroTimberlog Toccata Ch
1997City of Birmingham C.A.Joyce MannAnnealdon Emperor ChKernow Waltz at Oldberne
2001BMDC of ScotlandJoyce MannHayfell Beech Ir ChAlyngarn Amonterosa
1996Darlington Dog Show SocietyJoyce RadleyMatera's Ready TeddygoWindlenell Cassandra at Camlais
1998Richmond Dog Show SocietyJoyce RadleyNewkasbern DambusterAlphanova Shenzi Ch
2001Southern BMDCJoyce RadleyGlamrock Telegram Sam ChGlanzberg Liberty
2003Three Counties A.S.Joyce RadleyHolzern Lord of the Ring at JaybiemBernemcourt Enchantment Ch & Ir Ch
2005Driffield Agricultural SocietyJoyce RadleyNellsbern Valentino ChMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
1988National Working Breeds D.S.Jude SimondsBelynken Rebel RouserDuntiblae Dark Pleasure
1990Richmond Dog Show SocietyJude SimondsKatelyn Wake of the StormCollansues Brigitta Ch
1995Southern BMDC (B)Jude SimondsN/ACollansues Brigitta Ch
1998Welsh Kennel ClubJude SimondsSchonbar Easter Edition ChDuntiblae Designer Gear of Markeila
2001BMDC of GB (D)Jude SimondsHillbank Danny Boy ChN/A
2006Working & P B of ScotlandJude SimondsDyami vom BurgseeliLujento Zeta Zuccini
2009Northern BMDC (B)Jude SimondsN/ACarraigbern Miss Alice Ir Ch
1982City of BirminghamJudy de CasembrootMeiklestane Black BenjaminTarncred Kleine at Timberlog
1984BournemouthJudy de CasembrootForgeman Freelance of MeadowparkChoristma Jungmutzi
1995Ladies Kennel AssociationJudy OrianiFernpark Monduic at OldbernePia v Nesselacker of Glanzberg
1997South Wales K.A.Judy OrianiAnnealdon Emperor ChHillbank Hello Dolly
2000WELKSJudy OrianiJaybiem Dickie BeauKernow Typsy Gypsy at Lujento
2002Scottish Kennel ClubJudy OrianiChesterwood Beenoskee BoyColiburn Ria ofTremywyddfa Ch
2006Paignton & D.F.A.Judy OrianiDynamite van't Beertjes Hof of Glanzberg ChBernark's Precious Ruby with Bernsteph Ch
2010Bath C.S.Judy OrianiDenfast Cosmopolitan ChFortonpark Future's Magic Ch
2011Southern BMD Club (D)Judy OrianiDynamite van't Beertjes Hof of Glanzberg ChN/A
2010Blackpool & District C.S.Julie BaldwinJaybiem Innu Endo JWMonalou Little Miss Swiss
2014Darlington Dog Show SocietyJulie BaldwinMeadowpark Vertigo JWBernsteph Remember Me JW
2018Southern CountiesJulie BaldwinGlamrock Graffiti ArtistHarvestbank Fields of Gold
2012Birmingham NationalJulie BaldwinMonalou Dutch Courage ChMeadowpark Living The Dream
1990Welsh Kennel ClubJulie VaughanClashaidy Nordic Fire ChDuntiblae Dark Vesper
1991Southern BMDC (D)Julie VaughanBernmast Magic MemoriesN/A
1992BMDC of GB (B)Julie VaughanN/AMatera's Dizzy Lizzy Ch
1994South Wales K.A.Julie VaughanManadori's Top Hat 'n' TailsBernfold Dawn Chorus Ch
1995Midland Counties C.S.Julie VaughanViking's Dark Billy Majigs ChHollyanne Arrikarra Santee Ch
1998CruftsJulie VaughanAnnealdon Emperor ChSitzendorf Truly Scrumptious
1999Ladies Kennel AssociationJulie VaughanNorfoot LibbertonAlphanova Shenzi Ch
2001Birmingham Dog Show SocietyJulie VaughanGlamrock Telegram Sam ChGlanzberg Narimba Ch
2005Northern BMDC (D)Julie VaughanBernolyn Its Beano SurpriseN/A
2006Darlington Dog Show SocietyJulie VaughanNellsbern Valentino ChMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2009Working & P Breeds A. of WalesJulie VaughanWardleyhill Beanoble ChClashaidy Designer Genes
2011Midland Counties C.S.Julie VaughanShirdees Love Me Do at Cullumbern JW ShCMTickbern Miss Chief Ch
2016Southern CountiesJulie VaughanCollansues Secret BridgesMeadowpark Just a Dream Ch
2018BMD Club of Scotland (B)Julie WakelandElnside The GrandmasterN/A
2006Northern BMDC (B)June MilesN/AEarly Dawn of Feorena
2007Darlington Dog Show SocietyJune MilesMonalou Baxter the Future ChCarraigbern Miss Alice Ir Ch
2010Paignton & D.F.A.June MilesKernow Ohso SpecialTickbern Miss Chief
2013Windsor Dog Show SocietyJune MilesVellbern Samouri WarriorMonalou Fanny Craddock Ch JW
2016BMD Club of Scotland (D)June MilesGuiness Record from Christofland to Fortonpark (Imp Cze)N/A
2018BelfastJune MilesMapleridge The Dark Knight at BernervalleySiansela Louisa's Alpine Sky Ir Ch
1993Three Counties A.S.June ThewDuntiblae Dark DexterCotshill Savannah Ch
1997BMDC of GB (D)June ThewAnnealdon Emperor ChN/A
2000Midland Counties C.S.June ThewPollingfold Boxing BoldreDaneberg Kiss and Tell In Parracombe Ch
2004East of England A. S.June ThewJaybiem Hebetheone for NellsbernMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2007Bournemouth C.A.June ThewKernow Special BranchShirdees Star of Wonder Ch*
2009Midland Counties C.S.June ThewBernemcourt Sirocco Ch IrCHJaybiem Invu JW
2017ManchesterKarl JarvinenMeadowpark High Class ChMeadowpark Perfect Blend Ch
2010Three Counties A.S.Kate MacduffMonalou Baxter the Future ChTorralbaz Designer Diamond
2013Northern BMD Club (B)Kate MacDuffN/AMeadowpark Living The Dream Ch
2015BMD Club of Scotland (D)Kate MacDuffTjofselinas Z Daimuz at Fortonpark (Imp Swe) Ch JWN/A
2018LKAKate MacDuffMeadowpark High Class ChMonalou Arctic Queen
1998East of England A. S.Kate McDuffElnside Silent Thunder at Ursine ChFortonpark Kentee Early Morning Ch
2000Driffield Agricultural SocietyKate McDuffGlamrock Telegram Sam ChTorralbaz Caol Ila
2003Ladies Kennel AssociationKate McDuffMonalou Irish Spirit ChMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2015Working & P B of ScotlandKathy ConnellyShirdees ContinentalMeadowpark Perfect Blend Ch
2017Three Counties A.S.Keith BaldwinMeadowpark High Class ChMeadowpark Just A Dream Ch
2019Working & P Breeds A. of WalesKeith BaldwinWaldershelf Causing KaosJaybiem My My My
2014Southern BMD ClubKeith CreaseyTangyachates Beachcomber ChShirdees Bobbie Dazzler Ch
2016Leeds & District C.A.Keith CreaseyMeadowpark High Class ChMonalou Fanny Craddock Ch JW
1993Welsh Kennel ClubKen BullockViking's Dark Billy Majigs ChCotshill Savannah Ch
1996Midland Counties C.S.Ken BullockDuntiblae Midnite MorseJaybiem Polyanthus
1991National Working Breeds D.S.Ken GardnerColiburn Napoleon at HalesbernBarlein Auf der Heide
1992Ladies Kennel AssociationKen GardnerViking's Dark Billy Majigs ChKatelyn Storm in a Teacup at Daneberg
1996Ladies Kennel AssociationKen GardnerJaybiem's Billy the Kid ChPia v Nesselacker of Glanzberg Ch
2000City of Birmingham C.A.Ken GardnerGlamrock Telegram SamGlanzberg Narimba Ch
2004Scottish Kennel ClubKen GardnerMonalou Jess for Me at Bernfold ChThorsker Its Snojoke Itz with Jaybiem
2017Southern BMD ClubKevin YoungKernow Something ChCollansues Heart of Gold
2003Midland Counties C.S.L Pinto Teixeria (Port)Glamrock Telegram Sam ChMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2018Midland Counties C.S.Lee ReynoldsMeadowpark High Class ChJaybiem Burli Shassi JW
1986Bath C.S.Lillian CravenCrensa Trafalgar of Dalsetter ChMeadowpark Kissin' Cousin
1987South Wales K.A.Lillian CravenGillro Gentle Genius ChMeadowpark Natalie
1990Scottish Kennel ClubLillian CravenDrummann Neat N'sweet At Ursine ChMeadowpark Likely Lady of Margand Ch
1991Blackpool & District C.S.Lillian CravenClashaidy CarexCountess of Crensa
1994ManchesterLillian CravenViking's Dark Billy Majigs ChBernalpen Ketje Ch
1993Southern BMDC (B)Linda StephensonN/ACotshill Savannah Ch
1995Darlington Dog Show SocietyLinda StephensonFordash Fearless of GlanzbergBernfold Winter Breeze
1998Driffield Agricultural SocietyLinda StephensonNewkasbern DambusterJaybiem Blooming Better
2001Working Breeds of ScotlandLinda StephensonBernfold Star Jupiter ChNellsbern Ilsa
2003Scottish Kennel ClubLinda StephensonMonalou Irish Spirit ChYndiana Du Bois Bernois at Waldershelf Ch
2005Border Union A.S.Linda StephensonNellsbern ValentinoFernpark Morisette at Briarbridge
2008Welsh Kennel ClubLinda StephensonDenfast CosmopolitanMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch JW
2010CruftsLinda StephensonHeino Van't Stokerybos Lux ChCarraigbern Miss Alice Ch Ir/IntCh
2012Paignton & D.F.A.Linda StephensonManisla Ebony Dusk ChMeadowpark Whispers Breeze Ch
2015BMDC of GB (D)Linda StephensonKernow Rock Star ChN/A
2018Leeds & District C.A.Linda StephensonMeadowpark High Class ChMonalou Arctic Queen
1998Windsor Dog Show SocietyLindsay WorrowSchonbar Easter Edition ChHollyanne Arrikarra Santee Ch
2002BMDC of GB (B)Lindsay WorrowN/ADustiny Ampola
2004Bournemouth C.A.Lindsay WorrowMonalou Jess For Me at Bernfold ChMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2014Three Counties A.S.Lindsay WorrowMonalou Dutch Connexion to GeruthFortonpark Dutch Delight Ch
2018Bournemouth C.A.Lindsay WorrowKernow Something ChHarvestbank Fields of Gold
2006BMDC of Scotland (D)Lindsey WorrowMonalou Thru 'n' ThruN/A
2008National Working Breeds D.S.Lindsey WorrowDenfast DiscoveryShirdees Star of Wonder Ch
2012Leeds & District C.A.Lindsey WorrowCollansues Buildin Bridges At Bramikdel JWMeadowpark Whispers Breeze Ch
1977National Working BreedsLionel Hamilton-RenwickFox v GrunenmattMajanco Gallina
1978RichmondLionel Hamilton-RenwickTarncred PuffinForgeman Folksong of Tarncred
1980CruftsLionel Hamilton-RenwickTarncred PuffinFolkdance at Forgeman
1981Ladies Kennel AssociationLionel Hamilton-RenwickGillro GamblerTarncred Tearose
1983City of BirminghamLionel Hamilton-RenwickTarncred BullfinchTarncred Kind of Hush
1984City of BirminghamLionel Hamilton-RenwickForgeman FootpadMeadowpark Captivation
1985South Wales K.A.Lionel Hamilton-RenwickColiburn EchoGlanzberg's Helvetia
1987City of Birmingham C.A.Lionel Hamilton-RenwickForgeman Footpad ChBrick Kiln Matilda Ch
1989Darlington Dog Show SocietyLionel Hamilton-RenwickSir Stanley From Meadowpark ChDrummann Bluffe
1990BMDC of GB (D)Lionel Hamilton-RenwickForgeman Footpad ChN/A
2003Northern BMDC (D)Lisbet RamsingBlu of Dunroban ChN/A
1997Southern BMDC (B)Liz CartledgeN/AKernow Can-Can at Halesbern
1999Working Breeds A. of WalesLiz CartledgeAnnealdon Emperor ChMillermead Geneva Blue
2009Bournemouth C.A.Liz CartledgeHarvestbank Archernar Ch JW ShCMBernsteph Betty Barclay to Millermead Ir Ch ShCM
2012Northern BMDCLiz CartledgeManisla Ebony Dusk ChTorralbaz Diamond Princess
2015Darlington Dog Show SocietyLiz CartledgeMeadowpark Vertigo ChMonalou Fanny Craddock Ch JW
2019National Working & P B D.S.Liz CartledgeMeadowpark First Class for FortonparkWerlwind's Celtic Dream For Carraigbern
2016BelfastLiz DunhillMapleridge The Dark Knight at BernervalleySiansela Louisa's Alpine Sky Ir Ch
2019Northern BMDCLiz DunhillMeadowpark High Class ChBernsteph Dior Remember Me Ch
2012ManchesterLorraine GraylingMonalou What's It All AboutJemma's Winter Jazmine at Liskarn Ch
2014Northern BMD Club (B)Lorraine GraylingN/AMaterabern Disco Diva Ch
2015WELKSLorraine GraylingMeadowpark Vertigo ChMonalou Fanny Craddock Ch JW
2010Darlington Dog Show SocietyLynn Barker-WaiteJaybiem Utwo Ch JW ShCMBernfold Back to Ziggy at Shadybower Ch JW
2014Paignton & D.F.A.Lynn Barker-WaiteKernow Rock Star ChShirdees Bobbie Dazzler Ch
2012Scottish Kennel ClubLynn Barker-WaiteMonalou What's It All AboutClashaidy Stormy Dusk Over Millermead JW ShCM
2011Northern BMDCLynn BrandBernemcourt Sirocco Ch/IrCh Sh CMWelshbern Taran
2018South Wales K.A.Lynne BarkerMeadowpark High Class ChJaybiem Burli Shassi JW

The fourth table covers judges whose names begin with

M through to S


YearShowJudgeDog CCBitch CC
1998BMDC of ScotlandMargaret NelsonSchonbar Easter Edition ChDaneberg Sealed With a Kiss
2019Richmond Dog Show SocietyMAE PerssonGlamrock Graffiti ArtistJaybiem My My My
2010Northern BMDCMaija HeinilaManisla Ebony Dusk ChJemma's Winter Jazmine at Liskarn Ch
1991Bath C.S.Malcolm WillisCarlacot Fido ChQueen of Clubs
1998Northern BMDC (B)Malcolm WillisN/AMillermead Eternal Dream Ch
2001Bournemouth C.A.Malcolm WillisPollingfold Boxing Boldre ChAlphanova Shenzi Ch
2004Southern Counties C.A.Malcolm WillisJosalyn Forever FriendsYndiana Du bois Bernois at Waldershelf Ch
1992City of Birmingham C.A.Malcolm WillisCarlacot JupiterAlyngarn Awardstar
1994Leeds & District C.A.Malcolm WillisClenoja Fido's PrinceBernfold Dawn Chorus Ch
1995Border Union A.S.Malcolm WillisFernpark Monduic at OldberneMatera's Sweaty Betty
1998Midland Counties C.S.Margaret EavesAnnealdon Emperor ChSitzendorf Scrumptious at Duntiblae
2002Leeds & District C.A.Margaret EavesGlamrock Telegram Sam ChChesterwood Lugnaquilla
2004WELKSMargaret EavesWelshbern Cefyn at Jaybiem ChWelshbern Bonesig Brenna Ch
1994Welsh Kennel ClubMargaret EvertonAbbeycott Alfa StarBernfold Dawn Chorus Ch
1995BelfastMargaret EvertonAnnealdon Dark Dazzler Ch & Ir ChAnnealdon Diadora Ir Ch
1997Three Counties A.S.Margaret EvertonMatera's Ready TeddygoShadybower What a Lady
1999East of England A. S.Margaret EvertonNewkasbern Dambuster ChDaneberg Sealed With a Kiss Ch
2003Southern BMDC (D)Margaret EvertonXonel van't PachtofN/A
2005Paignton & D.F.A.Margaret EvertonGlanzberg Olex of JesterbrookShirdees Star of Wonder Ch
1990Working Breeds of ScotlandMargaret EvertonCarlacot Fido ChCarlacot Flame
1996Windsor Dog Show SocietyMargaret NelsonCrystal StarHildrek Jonquil Ch
2001Darlington Dog Show SocietyMargaret NelsonGlanzberg Cellist of GlenbrienzTickbern Becky Brown of Alisnobern
2004Southern BMDC (B)Margaret NelsonN/ABernfold Future Is Amazin
2008Leeds & District C.A.Margaret NelsonBernsteph Versace at Bernmast ChClashaidy Designer Genes
1993City of Birmingham C.A.Margaret SkeddPurleypot BochazCollansues Rocky Romance
1995East of England A. S.Margaret SkeddDustiny Dominic at Ursine ChPia v Nesselacker of Glanzberg
1997Bournemouth C.A.Margaret SkeddBernfold Halloween RudyCollansues Hush A Bye Baby Ch
1999Bath C.S.Margaret SkeddBlack Jack at Shadybower ChCollansues Hush A Bye Baby Ch
2001ManchesterMargaret SkeddJaybiem Joe BloggsShadybower Black Magic
2017South Wales K.A.Margaret WildmanMeadowpark High Class ChMeadowpark Special Blend
2019Scottish Kennel ClubMargaret WildmanBernemcourt Liv'n On A PrayerEsslinbern Gadaboot Grace
2010Southern BMD Club (D)Margret NelsonJaybiem Utwo Ch JW ShCMN/A
2010Bournemouth C.A.Marian ScottBernfold WoodiedoitJaybiem Invu JW
2013Northern BMD Club (D)Marian ScottJaybiem Innu Endo Ch JW ShCMN/A
2014Birmingham NationalMarian ScottShirdees Love Me Do at Cullumbern Ch JW ShCMWelshbern Taran
2017Paignton & D.F.A.Marian ScottMeadowpark High Class ChBernsteph Dior Remember Me Ch
1986National Working Breeds D.S.Marie SteeleTarncred Tom Tom ChGlanzberg's Helvetia Ch
1987Ladies Kennel AssociationMarie SteeleLacelaw StatesmanSchonbar Cinzano
1988BMDC of GB (B)Marie SteeleN/ATemeraire Tender Tymes
1991Midland Counties C.S.Marie SteeleCarlacot Fido ChHusheen Ballertrina of Meadowpark
1993Southern BMDC (D)Marie SteeleChivas v.d. Wiedewa at Cotshill ChN/A
1995CruftsMarie SteeleChivas v.d. Wiedewa at Cotshill ChHildrek Jonquil
1998Working Breeds of ScotlandMarie SteeleNorfoot LibbertonElnside My Girl Too
2000Birmingham Dog Show SocietyMarie SteeleCaromarda Sleepwalker ChMurora Almost An Angel
2002Three Counties A.S.Marie SteeleHillbank Danny Boy ChDishep Oh Vienna at Kernow Ch
2012BMDC of GB (D)Marion KlokCafridas Kinetic Kentucky King No/Se/Ger/Int ChN/A
2019Leeds & District C.A.Marion ScottMonalou Just Call Me OlegFortonpark Sez I'm Classy
1990Leicester City C.S.Marion SpavinDuntiblae Dark Tarquin of TemeraireBeevor Ballerina of Stirleyhill Ch
1991Working Breeds of ScotlandMarion SpavinCarlacot Fido ChHusheen Ballertrina of Meadowpark
1993East of England A. S.Marion SpavinPurleypot BochazKyleburn Night Adventuress of Millermead
1995South Wales K.A.Marion SpavinFero v. Buetigen of Glanzberg at Bernfold ChAlyngarn Amourette Ch
1996ManchesterMarion SpavinAnnealdon EmperorPia v Nesselacker of Glanzberg
1997Midland Counties C.S.Marion SpavinFernpark Monduic at Oldberne ChCollansues Hush A Bye Baby Ch
1999Bournemouth C.A.Marion SpavinAnnealdon Emperor ChDaneberg Sealed With a Kiss Ch
2001Scottish Kennel ClubMarion SpavinMonalou Razzle DazzleBegaville Gypsy Ch
2004CruftsMarion SpavinBranbern Special Knight Aus ChWelshbern Bonesig Brenna
2007Working & P Breeds A. of WalesMarion SpavinKernow Special BranchBernsteph Miss Dior Ch*
2009Border Union A.S.Marion SpavinBranbern Royal Garter vis Meadowpark Aust ChTorralbaz Posh Persuasion Ch JW
2009Richmond Dog Show SocietyMark WakelandWardleyhill Beanoble ChBernsteph Miss Dior Ch JW ShCM
2012City of Birmingham C.A.Mark WakelandMonalou What's It All AboutMeadowpark Whispers Breeze Ch
2013LKAMark WakelandShirdees Love Me Do at Cullumbern Ch JW ShCMMaterabern Disco Diva Ch
2017Border Union A.S.Mark WakelandKernow Something ChTrudaleaze Majik Potion
2019BMDC of GB (D)Mark WakelandKernow Troubadour JWN/A
2011BMD Club of Scotland (B)Mark WakelandN/AMonalou Little Miss Swiss Ch
1993Driffield Agricultural SocietyMary FallasMeadowpark Early Embargo at LegeciumMeadowpark Early Election
1997Darlington Dog Show SocietyMary FallasBlack Jack at Shadybower ChFortonpark Kentee Early Morning
2000Blackpool & District C.S.Mary FallasFortonpark Country Lover via MeadowparkNellsbern Ilsa
2003Leeds & District C.A.Mary FallasFortonpark Frankie Goes To MeadowparkMeadowpark No Regrets Ch
2006WELKSMary FallasFortonpark Its Otto ChFortonpark Sheilablige
2008Scottish Kennel ClubMary FallasBranbern Royal Garter vis Meadowpark Aust ChFortonpark It’s a Star
2011WELKSMary FallasChyburne Classy LukaAthersbern Affinity
2013Blackpool & District C.S.Mary FallasPatrick De La Galea at Bernervalley (Imp) Ch & Ir ChMeadowpark Living The Dream Ch
2016ManchesterMeg Purnell-CarpenterMeadowpark High Class ChRainbow Alpien Slenis (Imp )
2019Paignton & D.F.A.Meg Purnell-CarpenterKernow Troubadour JWKernow All My Loving
1991Northern BMDCMichael QuinneyInchberry Maximillian ChMatera's Dizzy Lizzy
1992Southern BMDC (D)Michael QuinneyDrumboneth DonardN/A
2009BelfastMichael QuinneyBernemcourt Sirocco Ch IrChKinelarty Star of County Down IrCh
2015Richmond Dog Show SocietyMicheal ForteMeadowpark Vertigo ChMeadowpark Perfect Blend Ch
1982WindsorMicheal QuinneyDingo De FroidvilleGillro Gadabout
1983Ladies Kennel AssociationMicheal QuinneyMeadowpark The BrigadierTarncred Kleine at Timberlog
1985RichmondMicheal QuinneyForgeman FootpadColigny Crystal
1986Border Union A.S.Micheal QuinneySnowstorm of PenninghamWays and Means at Meadowpark Ch
1989CruftsMicheal QuinneyClashaidy Nordic FireLady Laura
2000South Wales K.A.Micheal QuinneyBernfold Star Jupiter ChArvella Jenna
2003Blackpool & District C.S.Micheal QuinneyWelshbern Cefyn at JaybiemMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2007Northern BMDC (D)Micheal QuinneyOldberne Haratian OdeN/A
2012Midland Counties C.S.Micheal QuinneyChyburne Classy LukaMaterabern Disco Diva Ch
2009National Working & P B D.S.Michelle GurneyEbnet's Mojo Am Can Aust Ir ChTorralbaz Posh Persuasion Ch JW
2011City of Birmingham C.A.Michelle GurneyGlamrock Ballroom Blitz by Glenbrienz ShCMFortonpark Arriva La Diva
1997Southern BMDC (D)Mike StockmanKernow MasterpieceN/A
1998Ladies Kennel AssociationMike StockmanBlack Jack at Shadybower ChDaneberg Sealed With a Kiss
2004Three Counties A.S.Mike StockmanDuntiblae Classic Design of Graburlynn ChTickbern Flipperty Gibbet from Harvestbank
1991Welsh Kennel ClubMr C.P. JohnsonHollyanne St Nicholas of MavanneCountess of Crensa Ch
2019Darlington Dog Show SocietyMr E EnghJaybiem Modus Operandi JWTrudaleaze Majik Potion
2018Working & P Breeds A. of WalesMr P LawlessMeadowpark High Class ChFortonpark Chasing Dreams
1978Birmingham NatMrs U. Magnusson (Swdn)Duntiblae Forgeman FusilierForgeman Folksong of Tarncred
2003Bath C.S.N. KirkDuntiblae Classic Design of Graburlynn ChBernfawr Dulcet Tone
2001East of England A. S.Noreen ThomasHillbank Danny Boy ChGlamrock Follow The Leader
2004National Working Breeds D.S.Noreen ThomasGreddoch Brennan Ir ChMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2006Southern BMDC (D)Noreen ThomasDyami vom BurgseeliN/A
2009Paignton & D.F.A.Noreen ThomasDenfast CosmopolitanVellbern Japanese Queen Ch JW ShCM
1985BournemouthOlga HamptonDuntiblae Dark ProtectorDagill Solitaire of Rase
1987National Working Breeds D.S.Olga HamptonMatelot from MeadowparkDuntiblae Dark Pleasure
1989Windsor Dog Show SocietyOlga HamptonSir Stanley From Meadowpark ChChoristma Bliss
1990CruftsOlga HamptonSir Stanley from Meadowpark ChForgeman Fancy Free of Mixbury Ch
1991Birmingham Dog Show SocietyOlga HamptonPurleypot BrandyBernalpen Welsche Ch
1992East of England A. S.Olga HamptonCarlacot Fido ChCarlacot Heather
1987Blackpool & District C.S.Paddy PetchColigny ColossusBeevor Ballerina of Stirleyhill Ch
1988Driffield Agricultural SocietyPaddy PetchLacelaw Statesman ChTemeraire Penny black of Crensa Ch
1989Ladies Kennel AssociationPaddy PetchCarlacot Fido ChCountess of Crensa
1991WELKSPaddy PetchKatelyn Wake of the Storm ChBelinda von Lehnwaldi of Glanzberg Ch
1988Midland Counties C.S.Pamela Cross SternGlanzberg Playboy of ClenrawForgeman Fancy Free of Mixbury Ch
1986Blackpool & District C.S.Pamela Cross-SternForgeman Footpad ChTarncred Mutzi of Choristma Ch
1987East of England A. S.Pamela Cross-SternDelhurst Dark Eagle ChWays and Means at Meadowpark Ch
1991Three Counties A.S.Pamela Cross-SternCarlacot Fido ChHusheen Ballertrina of Meadowpark
1994Birmingham Dog Show SocietyPamela Cross-SternAbbeycott Alfa StarCarlacot Carefree Kate
1996Bath C.S.Pamela Cross-SternKorinti DukeMillermead Eternal Dream
2010BMDC of GB (B)Pascal HinqueN/AMonalou Perfect Recipe
1996BMDC of GB (D)Paul BaelenBlack Jack at ShadybowerN/A
1983BMDC of GBPercy WhitakerForgeman FootpadTemeraire Penny Black of Crensa
1984Ladies Kennel AssociationPercy WhitakerChoristma Monch of VindissaDagill Solitaire of Rase
1986ManchesterPercy WhitakerForgeman Footpad ChMeadowpark Captivation Ch
1998Scottish Kennel ClubPeter DimentElnside Silent Thunder at Ursine ChInchberry With Love to Macanto
2007Windsor Dog Show SocietyPeter DimentMonalou Lucky Lucan for GlenbrienzBernsteph Betty Barclay to Millermead
2009City of Birmingham C.A.Peter DimentDenfast Cosmopolitan ChSanmarwell Coco
2002BMDC of ScotlandPeter JolleyMonalou Irish SpiritBernemcourt Enchantment Ch & Ir Ch
2004South Wales K.A.Peter JolleyFortonpark Frankie Goes To Meadowpark ChMonalou Prim 'N' Proper at Torralbaz
2006Midland Counties C.S.Peter JolleyHolzern Lord of the Ring at Jaybiem ChMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2012Welsh Kennel ClubPeter JolleyJaybiem Utwo Ch JW ShCMMeadowpark Whispers Breeze Ch
2014BMDC of GB (D)Peter JolleyManisla Ebony Dusk ChN/A
2016Darlington Dog Show SocietyPeter JolleyGuiness Record from Christofland to Fortonpark (Imp Cze)Monalou Fanny Craddock Ch JW
2017BelfastPeter JolleyMeadowpark Secret BlendMatera's Spin That Record for Etterbern
2010Three Counties A.S.Peter JollyJaybiem Innu Endo JWJemma's Winter Jazmine at Liskarn Ch
1990Darlington Dog Show SocietyPeter RadleyDark and Handsome at UrsineBernalpen Welsche
1991ManchesterPeter RadleyKatelyn Wake of The Storm ChCarlacot Heather
1992Working Breeds of ScotlandPeter RadleyDrumman Man O' PeaceMatera's Dizzy Lizzy Ch
1994Southern BMDC (D&B)Peter RadleyFero v. Buetigen of Glanzberg at Bernfold ChBernhaus Sweet Witch
1995Birmingham Dog Show SocietyPeter RadleyViking's Dark Billy Majigs ChMatera's Sweaty Betty
1999ManchesterPeter RadleyNewkasbern DambusterCollansues Honeymoon
2002Paignton & D.F.A.Peter RadleyJaybiem Joe BloggsTickbern Dolly Daydream of Denfast Ch
2005Welsh Kennel ClubPeter RadleyNellsbern Valentino ChTickbern Flipperty Gibbet from Harvestbank
2008Birmingham Dog Show SocietyPeter RadleyMonalou Secret PledgeBernsteph J'Adore Dior JW
2009Three Counties A.S.Peter RadleyHarvestbank Archernar JW ShCMBernsteph Miss Dior Ch JW ShCM
2011East of England A. S.Peter RadleyShirdees Love Me Do at Cullumbern JW ShCMPopsiebern Costa Packet
1994Working Breeds A. of WalesPhil WorrowViking's Dark Billy Majigs ChAlyngarn Amourette
1995Working Breeds of ScotlandPhil WorrowNorfoot KinnielElnside Fatal Attraction
1997WELKSPhil WorrowFernpark Monduic at Oldberne ChHollyanne Arrikarra Santee Ch
2000Darlington Dog Show SocietyPhil WorrowBernfold Star Jupiter ChHolzern Gypsy Magic
2002East of England A. S.Phil WorrowNellsbern LassoDaneberg Kiss and Tell In Parracombe Ch
2004Richmond Dog Show SocietyPhil WorrowFortonpark Frankie Goes To Meadowpark ChWelshbern Bonesig Brenna Ch
2006BMDC of Scotland (B)Phil WorrowN/AMeadowpark Special Lady
2013Darlington Dog Show SocietyR. DoedijinsCollansues Buildin Bridges At Bramikdel JW ChMeadowpark Whispers Breeze Ch
2019City of Birmingham C.A.R. DoedrijnsMatthias vom Durrbachler Wald at WaldershelfJaybiem My My My
1985Welsh Kennel ClubR. HollisDelhurst Dark EagleTarncred Kleine at Timberlog
1992Working Breeds A. of WalesR. VuorinenCarlacot Fido ChCarlacot Flame Ch
2002Windsor Dog Show SocietyR. VuorinenDuntiblae Classic Design of Graburlynn ChMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2013Southern CountiesR. VuorinenMeadowpark Sugar Daddy ChTickbern Miss Chief Ch
2019Southern CountiesRegula BergiMeadowpark High Class ChCullumbern Roman Toga
2009Working & P B of ScotlandRichard HallamEbnet's Mojo Am Can Aust Ir ChKinelarty Star of County Down IrCh
2012Southern BMD ClubRichard HallamCollansues Snow PatrolTickbern Miss Chief Ch
2015BMD Club of Scotland (B)Richard HallamN/AAthersbern Peronelle Blush Ch
2018Birmingham NationalRichard HallamMeadowpark High Class ChFortonpark Chasing Dreams
2009BMDC of GBRichard ShnurKorinti Royal RogueBernsteph Miss Dior Ch JW ShCM
2015Scottish Kennel ClubRobin NewhouseMeadowpark Vertigo ChMeadowpark Just a Dream Ch
2017Welsh Kennel ClubRobin NewhouseKernow Something ChWelshbern Sweet Lady at Judabern
2019Windsor Dog Show SocietyRobin NewhouseFlintas Kalnu Suo At Bernaroso Kernow Rock Legacy
1992ManchesterRobin SearleCarlacot Fido ChLots O'Love from Meadowpark Ch
1998Bournemouth C.A.Robin SearleAnnealdon Emperor ChDaneberg She's Out
2000Working Breeds A. of WalesRobin SearleNewkasbern Dambuster ChAlphanova Shenzi Ch
2002Blackpool & District C.S.Robin SearleMillermead Happy LadNellsbern Lauren
2004Paignton & D.F.A.Robin SearleHolzern Lord of the Ring at JaybiemNellsbern Liaka at Highwell
2007ManchesterRobin SearleNellsbern Valentino Ch*Bernsteph Miss Dior Ch
2009East of England A. S.Robin SearleJaybiem UtwoNellsbern Sabella
2012LKARobin SearleManisla Ebony Dusk ChJaybiem I Kea
2016Welsh Kennel ClubRobin SearleMeadowpark High Class ChMeadowpark Sweetest Thing at Jaybiem
2016Three Counties A.S.Rodney OldhamCollansues Black Magic ChTickbern Naughty But Nice von Richenbern
2018Darlington Dog Show SocietyRodney OldhamWaldershelf Causing KaosAthersbern Peronelle Blush Ch
2016LKARussell JonesJaybiem Mi LordMeadowpark Sweetest Thing at Jaybiem
1987Working Breeds of ScotlandSam PascoeForgeman Footpad ChLots O'Love from Meadowpark Ch
1989Richmond Dog Show SocietySam PascoeMeadowpark LancelotMeadowpark Likely Lady of Margand Ch
1991Border Union A.S.Sam PascoeDrumman Man O' PeaceHusheen Ballertrina of Meadowpark
1993Northern BMDCSam PascoeInchberry Maximillian ChMeadowpark Our Olive
1988Leeds & District C.A.Sandra GatwardForgeman Footpad ChDuntiblae Dark Pleasure
1989Border Union A.S.Sandra GatwardCarlacot Fido ChForgeman Fancy Free of Mixbury Ch
1991East of England A. S.Sandra GatwardParracombe Lunar FireBernalpen Welsche Ch
1992BMDC of ScotlandSandra GatwardDrummann Neat N'sweet At Ursine ChBernalpen Ketje
1994Southern Counties Canine AssociationSandra GatwardFero v. Buetigen of Glanzberg at BernfoldBernhaus Sweet Witch
1995BMDC of GB (B)Sandra GatwardN/ACarlacot Peggy Sue
1997CruftsSandra GatwardAnnealdon EmperorBernfold Dawn Chorus Ch
1999Southern BMDC (B)Sandra GatwardN/ASitzendorf Scrumptious at Duntiblae Ch
2002South Wales K.A.Sandra GatwardHillbank Danny Boy ChGlanzberg Japonica with Jaybiem
2005Scottish Kennel ClubSandra GatwardFortonpark Its Otto ChShirdees Star of Wonder
2008Windsor Dog Show SocietySandra GatwardSargas av MilkcreekClashaidy Designer Genes
2011BMDC of GB (B)Sandra GatwardN/ATickbern Miss Chief Ch
2015Bournemouth C.A.Sandra GatwardShirdees ContinentalVellbern You Japanese Gem Ch
2017BMD Club of ScotlandSarah PeacockeMeadowpark High Class ChMeadowpark Perfect Blend Ch
1991Working Breeds A. of WalesSarah PharoCarlacot Fido ChManadori's Good To Be Alive
1992Border Union A.S.Sarah PharoViking's Dark Billy Majigs ChInchberry Dawn Beauty at Drumbroneth
1993BelfastSarah PharoMeadowpark Early ExodusMeadowpark Early Edition
1996Driffield Agricultural SocietySarah PharoDuntiblae Midnite MorseShadybower What a Lady
2002Bournemouth C.A.Sarah PharoGlamrock Telegram Sam ChMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2008BMD Club of ScotlandSatu Yla MononenFortonpark Frankie Goes To Meadowpark ChMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch JW
2000BMDC of GB (D)Sharon Chestnutt-Smith USAVikings Dark Bilbo Baggins at MajigsN/A
2008Border Union A.S.Sid PollackWelshbern Merl Baillie of ScobernNellsbern Sabella
1994Three Counties A.S.Sid PollockViking's Dark Billy Majigs ChBuganeezee Ben Chonzie
1995Driffield Agricultural SocietySid PollockColiburn Owen at BlumentalStirleyhill Ice Maiden of Scobern
2002Working Breeds A. of WalesSid PollockTangyachates Merry go RoundNellsbern Lauren
2005Working & P Breeds A. of WalesSid PollockNellsbern ValentinoTickbern Flipperty Gibbet from Harvestbank
2006Driffield Agricultural SocietySid PollockHolzern Lord of the Ring at Jaybiem ChNellsbern Vanta
2010WELKSSonya GorboldManisla Ebony DuskJemma's Winter Jazmine at Liskarn
1990National Working Breeds D.S.Sonya GorbouldChoristma EinselmutzTroublesome Lass
1992Three Counties A.S.Sonya GorbouldCarlacot Fido ChBernalpen Welsche Ch
1994Northern BMDCSonya GorbouldFero v. Buetigen of Glanzberg at BernfoldCarlacot Carefree Kate
1995Scottish Kennel ClubSonya GorbouldAnnealdon Dark Dazzler Ch & Ir ChAlyngarn Amourette Ch
1996East of England A. S.Sonya GorbouldFernpark Monduic at Oldberne ChHildrek Jonquil Ch
1999Windsor Dog Show SocietySonya GorbouldCaromarda Sleepwalker ChDaneberg Designer Label
2001BMDC of GB (B)Sonya GorbouldN/AColiburn Ria ofTremywyddfa
2007BMDC of Scotland (D)Sonya GorbouldDenfast DiscoveryN/A
2013WELKSSonya GorbouldPatrick De La Galea at Bernervalley (Imp) Ch & Ir ChJaybiem I Kea
2015Midland Counties C.S.Sonya GorbouldCollansues Black MagicBernsteph Dior Remember Me Ch
2003CruftsSonya Gorbould ToddZorbha van't StokerybosMarkeila Amazing Affair with Duntiblae
1995National Working Breeds D.S.Steve GreenCrystal StarAlyngarn Amourette Ch
1997Windsor Dog Show SocietySteve GreenNorthmeadow Black KnightPia v Nesselacker of Glanzberg Ch
1998City of Birmingham C.A.Steve GreenBlack Jack at Shadybower ChMillermead Eternal Dream Ch & Ir Ch
2001Midland Counties C.S.Steve GreenHillbank Danny Boy ChColiburn Ria ofTremywyddfa
2007BMDC of GB (D)Steve GreenSargas av MilkcreekN/A
2009Driffield Agricultural SocietySteve GreenTorralbaz Dazzleon Days ChBernfold Miss Molly
2011National Working & P B D.S.Steve GreenWardleyhill Beanoble ChMonalou Dutch Affair
2013Leeds & District C.A.Steve GreenLujento Heyhobart with Welshbern ChMeadowpark Whispers Breeze Ch
2016Paignton & D.F.A.Steve GreenMeadowpark High Class ChJaybiem Voodoo at Potterspride
2003East of England A. S.Steve GreenDanmelad Midnight RebelMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
1993Scottish Kennel ClubSteve HallPurleypot BochazAllado Dark 'n' Delicious
1997Driffield Agricultural SocietySteve HallMavanne The Likely LadDaneberg Remember Me
1999Leeds & District C.A.Steve HallNewkasbern Dambuster ChDaneberg Prelude To A Kiss
2004Border Union A.S.Steve HallFortonpark Frankie Goes To Meadowpark ChNellsbern Liaka at Highwell
2006Bath C.S.Steve HallCollansues Mexican Dream ChWardleyhill The Isles Queen
2010Scottish Kennel ClubSteve HallWestmains TopogeegioBernsteph Miss Dior Ch JW ShCM
2013Birmingham NationalSteve HallBernemcourt Fascination Ch/Ir ChTickbern Miss Chief Ch
2015ManchesterSteve HallTjofselinas Z Daimuz at Fortonpark (Imp Swe) Ch JWMeadowpark Perfect Blend Ch
2016Working & P B of ScotlandSteve HallElnside The GrandmasterMeadowpark Living My Dream at Fortonpark Ch
2018Welsh Kennel ClubSteve HallCollansues Secret Bridges ChJaybiem Burli Shassi JW
2006Birmingham Dog Show SocietyStuart MallardFortonpark Its Otto ChEarly Dawn of Feorena
2008Scottish Kennel ClubStuart MallardFeorena Loud n Proud JWMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch JW
2010BelfastStuart MallardBernemcourt Sirocco Ch/Ir/Int ChCarraigbern Miss Alice Ch/ Ir/Int Ch
2017Birmingham NationalStuart MallardMeadowpark High Class ChAthersbern Peronelle Blush
1993National Working Breeds D.S.Sue Curle-LaneDrummann Neat N'sweet At Ursine ChElnside Fatal Attraction
1994Working Breeds of ScotlandSue Curle-LaneDrumadraw ChallengerCollansues Brigitta Ch
1999Border Union A.S.Sue FlanaganBernfold Star Jupiter ChAlphanova Zazu
2002Southern BMDC (D)Sue FlanaganHillbank Danny Boy ChN/A
2003BMDC of GB (D)Sue FlanaganXonel van't PachtofN/A
2005Windsor Dog Show SocietySue FlanaganKernow Special BranchShirdees Star of Wonder Ch
2007Working & P B of ScotlandSue FlanaganKernow Ohso SpecialMonalou Prim 'N' Proper at Torralbaz
2010LKASue FlanaganVellbern Samurai WarlordTidespring Dancing Queen at Forestburn
2012Windsor Dog Show SocietySue FlanaganTangyachates BeachcomberVellbern You Japanese Gem
2014Bournemouth C.A.Sue FlanaganKernow Rock Star ChBernsteph Dior Remember Me
2016BMD Club of Scotland (B)Sue FlanaganN/AMaterabern Disco Diva Ch
2006Scottish Kennel ClubSue GarnerFortonpark Its Otto ChMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2007Southern BMDC (B)Sue GarnerN/AMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch*
2009ManchesterSue GarnerHarvestbank Archernar JW ShCMCarraigbern Miss Alice Ir Ch
2011Windsor Dog Show SocietySue GarnerManisla Ebony Dusk ChBernsteph Chloe
2012Darlington Dog Show SocietySue GarnerCollansues Buildin Bridges At Bramikdel JW ChHarvestbank Chantilly Lace JW ShCM
2014Working & P B of ScotlandSue GarnerKernow Rock Star ChKinelarty Norsk Starstruck
2010Working & P Breeds A. of WalesSue Hewart-ChambersJaybiem In ClementFortonpark Future's Magic Ch
2013Southern BMD ClubSue Hewart-ChambersMeadowpark Sugar Daddy ChMeadowpark Living The Dream Ch
2016South Wales K.A.Sue Hewart-ChambersMeadowpark High Class ChMeadowpark Sweetest Thing at Jaybiem
2010Richmond Dog Show SocietySue Pollock-YuleBernfold Woodiedoit ChShirdees Bobbie Dazzler Ch
2015Border Union A.S.Sue Pollock-YuleMeadowpark Vertigo ChMaterabern Disco Diva Ch
2015Northern BMDCSvante FriskMeadowpark Vertigo ChMeadowpark Just a Dream Ch

The fifth table covers judges whose names begin with

T through to Z


YearShowJudgeDog CCBitch CC
1992Midland Counties C.S.Terry MunroCarlacot Fido ChBernalpen Welsche Ch
1995Windsor Dog Show SocietyTerry MunroViking's Dark Billy Majigs ChHollyanne Arrikarra Santee Ch
1997Birmingham Dog Show SocietyTerry MunroBernfold Star JupiterCollansues Honeymoon
1999Midland Counties C.S.Terry MunroNewkasbern Dambuster ChOakstor's Dark Evening Bloom at Kernow
2001Three Counties A.S.Terry MunroElnside The Legacy at UrsineBernark's Precious Ruby with Bernsteph
2003Working Breeds A. of WalesTerry MunroFortonpark Star GalaxyWindlenell Jade
2005Southern BMDC (D)Terry MunroDynamite van't Beertjes Hof of Glanzberg ChN/A
2007BMDC of Scotland (B)Terry MunroN/AMonalou Nelly Pledge Ch*
2011CruftsTerry MunroBernemcourt Sirocco Ch/IrCh Sh CMBernsteph J'Adore Dior JW ShCM
2015Southern BMD ClubTerry MunroMeadowpark Vertigo ChWaldershelf Happy Hattie Ch
2019Birmingham NationalTerry MunroMeadowpark High Class ChWerlwind's Celtic Dream For Carraigbern
1987Leicester City C.S.Terry ThornSir Stanley from MeadowparkKyleburn Night Song
1988East of England A. S.Terry ThornLacelaw StatesmanLots O'Love from Meadowpark Ch
1990Birmingham Dog Show SocietyTerry ThornTourneil Goshawk at SevernsideCollansues Brigitta
1991Bournemouth C.A.Terry ThornBryniago Vermillion MarsTimberlog Tribute to Kleine
1992Richmond Dog Show SocietyTerry ThornDrummann Neat N'sweet At Ursine ChMoonbach Seranade
1994Scottish Kennel ClubTerry ThornPurleypot Bochaz ChLintock Simply a Lady by Meadowpark
1996City of Birmingham C.A.Terry ThornAnnealdon EmperorNellsbern Elsa
1998ManchesterTerry ThornBlack Jack at Shadybower ChAlphanova Shenzi Ch
1999Scottish Kennel ClubTerry ThornCaromarda Sleepwalker ChDaneberg She's Out
2001Driffield Agricultural SocietyTerry ThornGlanzberg Cellist of GlenbrienzNellsbern Ilsa
2003Southern BMDC (B)Terry ThornN/ADishep Oh Vienna at Kernow Ch
2006Three Counties A.S.Terry ThornNellsbern Valentino ChHalesbern Smartie Pants
1992Northern BMDCThea BouwmanKatelyn Wake of the Storm ChBernalpen Welsche Ch
1981BMDC of GBTom HornerTarncred PuffinFolkdance at Forgeman
1983WELKSTom HornerForgeman FootpadTemeraire Penny Black of Crensa
1984National Working BreedsTom HornerCaprima CenturianForgeman Fancy Free of Mixbury Ch
1985BlackpoolTom HornerForgeman FootpadMixbury Modern Millie of Meadowpark
1988CruftsTom HornerDuntiblae Dark Protector ChLots O'Love from Meadowpark Ch
2015Leeds & District C.A.Tom JohnsonMeadowpark Vertigo ChMeadowpark Just a Dream Ch
2018City of Birmingham C.A.Tom JohnstonMeadowpark High Class ChMeadowpark Special Blend
2014National Working & P B D.S.Tom KellyKernow Rock Star ChVellbern You Japanese Gem
2016Northern BMDCTom KellyMeadowpark Vertigo ChSave Dallas Kiss For Jaybiem
2018Windsor Dog Show SocietyTom KellyGlamrock Graffiti ArtistJaybiem My My My
2009Scottish Kennel ClubTony GraingerTorralbaz Dazzleon DaysJemma's Winter Jazmine at Liskarn
2011BMD Club of Scotland (D)Tony GraingerMonalou What's It All AboutN/A
2007East of England A. S.Tony GrangerCornwellian Galadariel at Pollingford*Monalou Nelly Pledge Ch
2015National Working & P B D.S.Tony GrangerJaybiem Y'Euben Chozen JWMaterabern Disco Diva Ch
1987Welsh Kennel ClubTony HughesCarlacot Fido ChBrick Kiln Matilda Ch
1988Scottish Kennel ClubTony HughesTranscontinental Boy of Clenraw ChDenaca Lady Madonna
1990South Wales K.A.Tony HughesDuntiblae Dark DefenderCarlacot Flame
2003BMDC of Scotland (B)Tricia LewisN/AYndiana Du bois Bernois at Waldershelf Ch
2012Working & P B of ScotlandTrish BarrBernemcourt Fascination Ch/Ir ChTickbern Never Say Never Ch
2015City of Birmingham C.A.Trish BarrKernow Rock Star ChMaterabern Disco Diva Ch
2017Northern BMDCTrish BarrMeadowpark High Class ChAthersbern Peronelle Blush Ch
2019BMDC of GB (B)Trish BarrN/AKernow All My Loving
2013National Working & P B D.S.Trish GoodyearLujento Heyhobart with Welshbern ChMeadowpark Whispers Breeze Ch
2015Blackpool & District C.S.Trish GoodyearGuiness Record from Christofland to Fortonpark (Imp Cze)Meadowpark Breezing On
2017Bournemouth C.A.Trish GoodyearMeadowpark High Class ChFortonpark Chasing Dreams
1977RichmondU. Segerstrom (Swdn)Tarncred PuffinKisumu Belle Fleur of Forgeman
1981City of BirminghamU. Segerstrom (Swdn)Meiklestane Dark AceTemeraire Penny Black of Crensa
2008BMDC of GB (D)Uschi EisnerWardleyhill Beanoble ChN/A
1980City of BirminghamV.C. YatesDuntiblae Dark GeordieKisumu Belle Fleur of Forgeman
1982RichmondV.C. YatesGillro Jack Flash of ManadoriCarlacot Amalia
1984Working Breeds of ScotlandV.C. YatesForgeman Freelance of MeadowparkChoristma Jungmutzi
1985Ladies Kennel AssociationV.C. YatesTranscontinental Boy of ClenrawMixbury Modern Millie of Meadowpark
1998Three Counties A.S.Viginia StennerElnside Silent Thunder at UrsineAnnealdon Early Eclipse Ir Ch
1993South Wales K.A.Virginia StennerBernmast Magic Memories ChCotshill Savannah
1995Scottish Kennel ClubVirginia StennerAlpengeist Black KnightAlyngarn Amourette Ch
1996Bournemouth C.A.Virginia StennerCrystal StarCarlacot Peggy Sue
1999BMDC of GB (B)Virginia StennerN/AAlphanova Shenzi Ch
2007Northern BMDC (B)Virginia StennerN/AShirdees Star of Wonder Ch*
2009Bath C.S.Virginia StennerTorralbaz Dazzleon DaysTorralbaz Posh Persuasion JW
2011Leeds & District C.A.Virginia StennerJaybiem Innu Endo Ch JW ShCMShirdees Bobbie Dazzler Ch
2013BMDC of GB (D)Virginia StennerTangyachates Beachcomber ChN/A
2005BMDC of Scotland (D)Virginia StennerBlu of Dunroban ChN/A
1977SKCW.E FosterMeiklestane Dark AceForgeman Folksong of Tarncred
1981BathW.E. FosterTarncred BullfinchCarlacot Amalia
1986Birmingham Dog Show SocietyW.E. FosterCarlacot Fido ChDuntiblae Dark Rhani
2011BelfastWilly DobbinPatrick De La Galea at Bernervalley (Imp) Ch & Ir ChJemma's Winter Jazmine at Liskarn Ch
2013BMD Club of ScotlandWilly DobbinCollansues Buildin Bridges At Bramikdel JW ChMeadowpark Living The Dream Ch
2015Welsh Kennel ClubWilly DobbinCollansues Secret BridgesMeadowpark Living My Dream at Fortonpark Ch
2018National Working & P B D.S.Willy DobbinMeadowpark High Class ChMeadowpark Picture Perfect
1991Windsor Dog Show SocietyZena Thorn-AndrewsBryniago Vermillion MarsBarlein Auf der Heide
1993Ladies Kennel AssociationZena Thorn-AndrewsViking's Dark Billy Majigs ChKyleburn Night Adventuress of Millermead
1997Bath C.S.Zena Thorn-AndrewsMavanne the Likely LadCarlacot Peggy Sue Ch
1999Blackpool & District C.S.Zena Thorn-AndrewsCaromarda Sleepwalker ChDaneberg Sealed With a Kiss Ch
2003Darlington Dog Show SocietyZena Thorn-AndrewsBranbern Special Knight Aus ChNellsbern Liaka
2007Paignton & D.F.A.Zena Thorn-AndrewsCollansues Mexican Dream ChBernsteph Miss Dior Ch
2009Southern Counties C.A.Zena Thorn-AndrewsBernemcourt Sirocco Ir ChClashaidy Nidelva Flowing of Balahunz