Hip and Elbow Scores Publishing

The Kennel Club publishes all BVA Hip and Elbow scoring schemes results on a quarterly basis in the Breed Record Supplement hard copy booklet, sometimes referred to as the BRS. This book covers all breeds and also includes all the litter registrations, ownership transfers, imports, exports, name changes, titles won, affixes awarded, breed registration numbers etc etc. This publication can be purchased from the Kennel Club and is sent out to all Breed Clubs so is considered public domain especially when all the individual health and pedigree related information is also freely available to all on the Kennel Club website database via MyKC.

For many years we have been extremely grateful to former committee member Aileen Barnard who has extracted all the Bernese records from each of these publications and they have been published in the club magazine or as a loose sheet. On this page we collate all the hip and elbow records from the last few years as it is helpful to have them all in the same place.

The quarterly reports are referred to below by their year and then number as follows,

Spring – January to March is 1

Summer – April to June is 2

Autumn – July to September is 3

Winter – October to December is 4

So, with thanks to Aileen, please click on the appropriate link to view.

Remember many litters are not registered within the quarterly report they are born in but a later one, (usually, but not always, the next one and litters can actually be registered for up to a year after they are born).