Hip and Elbow Scores Publishing

The Kennel Club publishes all BVA Hip and Elbow scoring schemes results on a quarterly basis in the Breed Record Supplement hard copy booklet, usually referred to as the ‘BRS’. This book covers all breeds and also includes all the litter registrations, ownership transfers, imports, exports, name changes, titles won, affixes awarded, breed registration numbers, etc. This publication can be privately purchased from the Kennel Club and is sent out to all Breed Clubs so is considered public domain especially when most of the individual health and pedigree related information is also freely available to all on the Kennel Club website database via MyKC.

For many years we have been extremely grateful to former committee member Aileen Barnard who has extracted all the Bernese records from this publication and they have previously been published in the club magazine or as a loose sheet. On this page we collate all the hip and elbow records from the last few years as it is helpful to have them all in the same place.

The quarterly reports are referred to below by their year and then number as follows,

Spring – January to March is – 1

Summer – April to June is – 2

Autumn – July to September is – 3

Winter – October to December is – 4

For example – 2018 – 3 shows the report for dogs whose scores were registered by the Kennel Cub from the BVA during July, August or September 2018.

Please click on the appropriate link to view the summary for the quarter you are interested in.

It may help any searching you are doing to remember that dogs are typically scored just over a year old but some can be much later. There can then be a delay of several months for the full process to take place.


Missing Scores

It may also be worth pointing out that sires and dams with no scores available cannot simply be presumed to be unscored although this may be the case. They may be overseas registered dogs, especially the sires, or imported dogs born, reared and scored in another country.

Sometimes UK born and reared dogs may be scored in another system for various reasons. During COVID for example the BVA process became months and months in arrears and vets were advised not to undertake any BVA scoring scheme work. In this electronic virtual age some breeders needing to make selection or breeding choices may have chosen to utilise another scheme, most commonly the Australian scheme which is clinically speaking the same scheme.

No overseas scores will register on the KC records so any dogs scored overseas, whether living abroad or here and registered with the KC, will simply show as having no hip or elbow score.