UK BMD Cruciate Ligament Disease Survey 2021

Result Summary

Thank you for your interest in this survey. Cruciate ligament problems have always been reported in our breed but there are contrasting opinions on just how much we suffer from this problem. No one can say how widespread a problem they really are, or if there is any pattern or consistent factors attached to them that we may be able to use to investigate and improve the situation.

This survey aimed tottery and shed light not only on each occurrence but firstly, and even more importantly, get at least some idea on just how prevalent Cruciate Ligament problems are among Bernese Mountain Dogs in the UK. Therefore it was vitally important for us to have some understanding of the number of Bernese who have NOT suffered from cruciate problems to set against those who HAVE. Owners were asked to consider ALL their Bernese, not just those affected by Cruciate problems.

  • This survey was an agreed part of the Bernese Breed Health and Conservation Plan (BHCP) instigated by the Kennel Club and approved by our club. This is an investigative survey to seek to ascertain the level of Cruciate Ligament problems in the breed and any obvious relevant information about each incidence.
  • A further purpose was to allow owners and breeders the chance to express any thoughts they have about cruciate problems in Bernese. This is not scientifically derivedĀ  data but looking for any consistencies of opinions from experience of owners. If there were repeated points then this may have given a direction for further investigation.
  • It was open to members and non members of the BMDC of GB, all past and present UK based owners (and breeders) of Bernese Mountain Dogs were invited to contribute.

Some Results

The survey attracted returns covering 592 BMDs and of these 80 had encountered some level of cruciate disease. Of these 52 had surgery, of these around two thirds were females and of these 91% were spayed females. Whilst a very high number the significance of this is debatable however without population reference data to compare it to.

A fuller summary of the survey can be viewed by clicking on the icon.

This was first published in the BMDC of GB magazine in Summer 2022

Steve Green BMD Breed Health CoOrdinator