Veteran Bernese

In the past the club has produced lists to celebrate the Golden Oldies alive in our breed but unfortunately for various technical reasons this list was reluctantly discontinued and a few years ago we asked for a volunteer to help co-ordinate a new list.

We now have a brilliant volunteer stepped forward to help with this list and are really pleased to be able to announce relaunching the Veterans List with the help of club member Debbie O’Toole. We are exceedingly grateful to Debbie for offering to help with this and look forward to constructing a successful Veterans section of the site again.

The new list will appear here when we have enough names to make it worth posting so for now please let us know details of all your dogs over 8 years old using the form downloadable from the link below or the online version which should very shortly be available. If you are a breeder with older dogs around let us have details so that we can acknowledge and publicise the success of your dogs. The more owners that contribute their dog’s details the more meaningful the list will be, so please send in your oldie’s’ (over 8 years) details.

Thank you

Complete an Online Veterans Form

Download & Print a Veteran Submission Form

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Sadly and inevitably, it is a fact that one or two dogs appearing in the live list will not stay on it for lots of years (although some did). This is almost by definition when producing a list of the oldest dogs and is not because they are on the list (as some people feel). It is not bad luck to let us all know about your marvellous long living Bernese but a way of celebrating longevity in our much maligned breed. So please send in your older dog details now ands share some good news for the breed.

Unfortunately, it is not as simple as just using dogs with these lines to improve our longevity because dogs with these relatives could still include other dogs with known hereditary diseases in their genetic make up. Also, even if you could know all about all the potential health issues breeding is about consideration of many more things  such as temperament, type, size, conformation, markings, movement etc etc etc. All that is being suggested is to bear longevity and health in mind as a consideration when breeding (or puppy buying) and to take just as much pride in breeding long-living, healthy Bernese as breeding show winners and there is absolutely no reason why the two can’t go together. Many show dogs live long lives and appear well into Veteran classes so show and health are not mutually exclusive ideals as some people claim.

So that is why the BMDC of GB sends hearty CONGRATULATIONS to the owners and breeders of all longer living Bernese, whatever their role in life.