Veteran Bernese

In the past the club produced lists to celebrate the Golden Oldies alive in our breed but unfortunately for various technical and resourcing reasons this list was reluctantly discontinued and we eventually asked for a volunteer to help co-ordinate a new list.

We had a brilliant volunteer step forward to help with this list and were really pleased to have been able to announce the relaunch of the Veterans List in 2021 with the help of club member Debbie O’Toole. We are exceedingly grateful to Debbie for helping with this and can now maintain our Veterans list on the web site and feature it in our publications from time to time.

However capable and willing our volunteer we still totally rely on the co-operation of our members for the upkeep of the list. This is for putting dogs forward for the list in the first place and then providing updates from time to time so the list remains as accurate as possible.

Of course, some say that there is much more to being a good veteran than simply attaining a good age. It is of limited value living for a long time without quality of life and it is true that for a proper all round picture health problems have to be taken into account especially as , just like humans, many conditions, such as orthopaedics, tend to deteriorate with age. However, it is a good start to celebrate the older Bernese on the list so congratulations to all the breeders and owners on this list and hopefully they will inspire more people to contribute details of their dogs.

If you wish to contribute details of your veteran, over 8 years of age, Bernese please use the links below.

If you are a breeder with older dogs around let us have details so that we can acknowledge and publicise the success of your dogs. The more owners that contribute their dog’s details the more meaningful the list will be, so please send in your oldie’s’ (over 8 years) details and help us celebrate them..

Thank you

Go to the Veterans List

Complete an Online Veterans Form

Download & Print a Veteran Submission Form

Any queries email

Also remember that the club magazine usually carries a veterans feature to celebrate our Golden Oldies so why not email to and place a photo and a line about your veteran in the next magazine AS WELL AS contributing your dog to this list.

When the end comes.

Sadly and inevitably, it is a fact that one or two dogs appearing in the live list will not stay on it for lots of years (although some do). This is almost by definition when producing a list of the oldest dogs and is not because they are being celebrated on the list (as some people feel). It is not bad luck to let us all know about your marvellous long living Bernese but a way of celebrating longevity in our much maligned breed.

Sadly, the time will come to say goodbye to your beloved dogs, as they leave for Rainbow Bridge, so please do let Debbie O’Toole know so that the accuracy of the list can be maintained.

Sadly, it has been difficult to check the accuracy of the list of late so from 2024 we do require a new form by 30 November each year to confirm that your dog is still to appear on the list, otherwise we will remove their name. This new notice will act as you giving us permission to publish your dog’s details on the Club website and in the annual Handbook.


Why don’t we only use these lines for breeding?

Unfortunately, it is not as simple as just using dogs with these lines to improve our longevity because dogs with these relatives could still include other dogs with known hereditary diseases in their genetic make up. Also, even if you could know all about all the potential health issues, breeding is about consideration of many more aspects  such as temperament, type, size, conformation, markings, movement etc etc etc.

All that is ever being suggested is to bear longevity and health in mind as one of many considerations when breeding (or puppy buying) and to take just as much pride in breeding long-living, healthy Bernese as breeding show winners and there is absolutely no reason why the two principles have to be mutually exclusive of each other. Many show dogs live long lives and appear well into Veteran classes, so show, health and longevity are not mutually exclusive ideals and we should celebrate Bernese who are healthy and long living just as much as those who have show success.

So that is why the BMDC of GB sends hearty CONGRATULATIONS to the owners and breeders of ALL longer living Bernese and THANKS everyone who has contributed their dog’s details to the list.


Please note the details on the list are reproduced in good faith by the club who cannot be responsible for any errors not properly notified to us. Dogs appearing on the list who do not have their continued ‘existence’ confirmed may well be removed from the list after a short period without specific notice to ensure the credibility of the list. If you are putting a dog onto this list please ensure you keep us up to date with periodic updates, and please be aware of the new protocol given above AND please respond to enquiries if sent.