Club Judges List

Club Judging List and Specific BMD Judges Training


Firstly, for quick convenience, you can access the Club’s current Judging List here

Judges List (JDP – Old system being phased out by the Kennel Club)  All Levels (updated May 2024)


To assist use of this list by those selecting judges, it may help to view the list of

All judges’ BMDCGB Judges List. Rev June 2024 CC records

or the

List of all CCs awarded 2020 to date

These are essentially the same lists just ordered differently, one by judges appointments and the other simply a calendar order list of CCs.


To see our developing JEP system list please follow this link


No more C list

Please note that the Club Judges lists no longer includes the traditional C list as it has no value. This is because under the Kennel Club’s Judges Education Programme any (new) judge must meet the requirements of JEP Level 1 before accepting any judging appointment. It  is no longer possible for the club to support completely inexperienced judges. Please contact the BMD Breed Education Coordinator, Emily English  for more information or to confirm the level you have reached.

For more information on the new Levels visit the KC web site  where the four new JEP levels are basically defined as….



Outline of JEP Judging Levels


Requirements to meet Level 1:

  • Minimum of five years proven interest in pedigree dogs
  • Attend a requirements of a dog show judge seminar (but not mandatory to take and pass examination)
  • Attend a conformation and movement seminar
  • Complete a minimum of two full-day stewarding appointments

Eligibility to judge

Up to three classes (four if one is a puppy class) for any breed at limited or open shows.


Requirements to meet Level 2:

First breed:

  • Take and pass requirements of a dog show judge examination. Judges attending an online requirements of a dog show judge seminar may take the exam via The Kennel Club Academy
  • Pass points of a dog assessment
  • Attend a breed appreciation day (BAD) and pass a multiple-choice examination (MCE) for the respective breed
  • View ring stewarding seminar and take online quiz
  • Complete critique writing seminar and take online quiz

Subsequent breeds

  • Attend a breed appreciation day (BAD) and pass a multiple-choice examination (MCE) for each breed. Note: Not mandatory for group judge for breeds in the group that they are not approved at level 4, but attendance strongly recommended

Eligibility to judge

  • Unlimited number of classes for the respective breed at limited, open or championship shows (no CCs)
  • Any variety classes, groups and best in show at limited shows


Requirements to meet Level 3:

  • Undergo minimum of three mentoring sessions with a minimum of 12 months between first and third session
  • Be observed judging a breed club show, breed supported entry show or championship show without CCs once mentoring sessions have been undertaken
  • Complete remaining 10 full-day stewarding appointments (onetime qualification)
  • Have owned/bred a minimum of three dogs when they obtained their first entry in The Kennel Club Stud Book – save for exceptional circumstances (one-time qualification for first breed in which a judge awards CCs)
  • Attended the appropriate sub-group field trial/open gundog working test for first gundog breed or ring procedure at licensed shows (German Shepherd Dog education programme) online exam (one-time qualification)
  • Have achieved the relevant hands-on experience in line with the stated requirements for the relevant breed:


Bernese are categorised in Tier 3 for this section so the stated requirement for Bernese Mountain Dogs is to have examined, hands on, at least 35 dogs.


Requirements to meet Level 4:

  • Attend and passed a breed-specific assessment for the specific breed run by The Kennel Club

Eligibility to judge

  • Award Challenge Certificates in the respective breed
  • Any variety classes, groups and best in show at open and limited shows

Again, there is much more detail via this link to the KC web site  dealing with this subject.


To see the BMD CC judging record of every  judge who has awarded BMD CCs please visit our Judge’s history page in our CC record section


If you wish to apply for the club’s judging lists please download the application form via this link

Judges List Application Form 

If you are a new judge or anyone else applying under the JEP system please complete this form and send it to the Breed Education CoOrdinator with your certificates and evidence

JEP Judging Application Form


Aspiring BMD Judges and Training

If you are an aspiring judge  of BMDs requiring to attend a BAD or any other BMD specific training in order to progress your status, please ensure our BEC is aware of you and your need. The last BAD, arranged jointly on behalf of all BMD Breed Clubs in 2023, had to be cancelled due to lack of support so you will appreciate we need to know when the attendance is likely to make such events viable and worth the effort and cost needed to arrange venue and dogs and handlers to attend. You can use this link to contact our BEC, Emily English