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Any club member of at least three years standing can be proposed for committee by another club member using this form. Committee members can only be appointed by the club’s AGM but they can be co-opted on a temporary basis by the committee and operate as a full committee member pending full ratification at the next AGM. As well as obtaining a proposer the candidate must complete the Questionnaire and it is recommended, but not essential, that anyone standing for committee talks to the Secretary or any existing committee member for information first.

Committee Candidate Questionnaire

Committee Member Proposal Form


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Judging Application Form (All Lists)


 The judges lists are renewed at the start of each year and successful applicants may not appear on the list here until the annual update is posted. Applicants are welcome and the club uses the same approval criteria as the other Breed BMD Clubs which are agreed at Breed Council.



Membership Application

Membership Information Pack

UK Membership Renewal

Non UK Membership Renewal


AGM Annual Points Trophies Form

Form to be completed and submitted to Secretary in advance of AGM to apply for Annual Points Trophies. Results are announced and the Trophies awarded, at the end of the AGM

Garden Party Rescue & Golden Oldies Parade

Form to be brought to the ring if participating in the Veteran’s or Rescue parades at the Garden Party, and we would encourage all Rescue dogs or Veteran Dogs to join in and be recognised. The forms should be available on the day but much easier to complete in advance with more time to think about the information you are giving to be read out live about your dog to the audience.

Champion Plate Application

The club continues to offer a commemorative plate to all Champions belonging to club members. Apply using this form.


Death Survey Form

Please use this form to inform the survey about all Bernese Deaths whether recent or historical. On line submission also available.


Please use this form to let us know about your veteran (8 years +) Bernese
Veterans List Submission Form