KC Litter Records

Kennel Club registered BMD Litters

This is simply a record of registered litters taken from the Kennel Clubs Breed Record Supplement (BRS). These are (normally) published quarterly.

These are compiled and typed out for the club by club member Aileen Barnard and we are extremely grateful to her for undertaking this task for many years.

Just click on each link to see a summary of the Bernese litters registered during that period. The earlier ones shown here have previously been published in the club magazine and earlier ones than these have been published in the magazine going back for decades.

When searching for a specific litter record, remember that litters are not always registered within the quarter they are born, some can be found in the next quarter and occasionally even later than that.

The Kennel Club’s well documented and very public IT difficulties have meant in recent times the publication of the lists has become later and later after the end of the period, now extending to months. It is anticipated our page here should normally be updated within days of the BRS being published.


2021 July to September (BRS not yet published by KC)

2021 April to June

2021 January to March


2020 October to December

2020 July to September

2020 April to June

2020 January to March


2019 October to December

2019 July to September

2019 April to June

2019 January to March


2018 July to December

2018 April to June

2018 January to March


2017 October to December

2017 July to September

2017 April to June


More earlier records will be added in due course