2025 Events

When they are available details will appear here for:

  • All our club events arranged for 2025 
  • Dates of ¬†2025 Championship Shows with CCs for BMDs
    (to follow when available)
  • Dates of significant overseas events in 2025 ¬†involving, or specifically for, the Bernese Mountain Dog.


A Cautionary Note, please be aware all details are given in good faith and the club can accept no responsibility for any amendments, cancellations or honest errors. Anyone visiting any event in this financially and climatically volatile world , including our club events, should always make their own checks before actually travelling. This web site will be updated in the event of any club cancellations or changes and the club’s Social Media would be utilised to inform members and other visitors. The club can accept no responsibility for travel made to a cancelled event and we will only ever reluctantly cancel any event and always give as much notice as possible.