Breed Health and Conservation Plan

This initiative was announced by the Kennel Club approximately early 2017. The idea was basically that each breed would have its own plan laying out a strategy for the improvement of breed health. These plans would be individual and produced in conjunction with the breed.

17 breeds were identified as most at risk and most urgently in need of this and dealt with first but our breed was in the second general wave that followed this.

The health department at the KC conducted a very thorough survey researching masses of information about our breed going back for decades. Some of the older information  was, not to put too fine a point on it, irrelevant or insignificant to the modern Bernese, but much of it was highly appropriate and formed the base of the policy.

This was then sent out for comment to the Breed Health Co-Ordinator for comment and a meeting arranged. Our meeting was in July 2018 and from this the BHCP was formulated by the KC Health department. In the tradition of these types of things there will be a progress report meetings in the future starting in Summer 2019.

The plan was circulated to the Breed Clubs by the Health CoOrdinator in late 2018 and their opinions requested on how to progress some of the recommendations which need the co-operation of the clubs. So, this is still a work in progress as this update is written in early 2019.

Below are links to relevant documents connected to this and the BHCP itself.