Bernergarde is simply a massive database of information about Bernese all over the world. Based in America and developed by Bernese lovers over there it is a fantastic achievement developed over several decades to the industrial scale it has reached today. For me it can only be viewed as a colossal effort which puts the rest of the Bernese World’s comparatively feeble efforts to shame.

Bernergarde is open to all Bernese in all countries. All owners are invited to contribute the detail of their Bernese to be available for the world to see. By doing this a spirit of open co-operation and information sharing is encouraged. By knowing the health background of all dogs breeders can choose healthier dogs to use on their bitches, buyers can choose healthier lines to buy puppies from, everyone who has any interest can use their computer to look at any registered dog.

Why don’t you click on the links to view, amongst other things, the 2008 Bernergarde Annual which has an excellent history included in its content as well as lots of useful general information about this magnificent enterprise or go straight to Bernergarde itself. There is much information to be found on line and the links below are only a few starting points.

Bernergarde is such an impressive and massive undertaking it is hard to believe it has all been done by volunteers and financed by fundraising and donations. The driving force for all these people is summed up by their slogan “For the love of a Berner” (We have to forgive the American use of Berner here I think!) Of course this effort and achievement is only part of the Bernergarde success. The sheer number of Bernese with their details on the database is the real point of it. Last I heard the database was well on its way to 70,000 Bernese listed and its growth is accelerating.

Once you know all about Bernergarde the most important thing you can do is contribute your BMD’s details. Lots of British dogs are already listed. This is very simple to do on line or you can involve the British data entry facilitators, so why not do it now while you are on line?