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Do you have an older Bernese, aged 8 years or over?
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Some members will remember the Veterans List published in the magazine in previous years which was to support, encourage and highlight the older dogs in our club. Many owners and breeders understandably took great pride in having dogs on this list but unfortunately the list had to be discontinued.

We are really pleased to relaunch this listing for the same important reasons and invite all members who are the owners and breeders of our more senior Bernese to share the good news of their older dogs. Therefore if you are a club member with a Bernese Mountain Dog 8 years of age or over please submit the simple details requested using the form below.

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You are the owner(s) of the above dog and submit the details of this dog to be included in the Veterans list which you understand will be published on the club web site alongside your name(s) and maybe also in the club publications after compiling on a personal computer. You understand that your name(s) as well as your dog’s details, as given above, will be published but your address/phone number/email will not be published.
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